Jinga Basco XS1 - overview and specifications of the phone

In 2015 a line of budget smartphones added to the Chinese phone Jinga Basco XS1. However, do not get frustrated ahead of time. Although earlier the opinion about these manufacturers was, say, not the best, but now much has changed, since Chinese companies have a lot of experience in assembling various equipment.

jinga basco xs1

So, what do we have? The phone's operating system is based on Android 4.4, the usual classic case, there is a voice dialing control. Feature of the device in the slots for two SIM cards: one - standard, the other - micro.

Although the brand Jinga is known not to everyone, but already there isfew reviews about these devices. Buyers believe that the device is fully justified. Jinga Basco XS1 may be of interest to anyone who is looking for a medium-sized model for work and everyday use with all the modern features at an affordable price.

Let's talk about design, dimensions and controls

The screen diagonal smartphone - 4 inches. Its dimensions can be attributed to the middle category: 126 x 67 mm. The thickness of the Jinga Basco XS1 is acceptable - just under 10 mm. The capacitive touchscreen is equipped with an auto-rotate function. He has a drawback - in the sun it will be difficult to consider the information. There is a brightness adjustment, you can use it to improve the quality in the light.

phone jinga basco xs1

The battery is small in size. This is his plus, because basically the weight of such a phone depends often on the battery. The capacity of the device is 1450 mAh. Such parameters are considered inadequate, but if you do not sit in social networks for days or listen to music endlessly, then the phone will be fully charged for 1-2 days.

As for the case, it is made of plastic. The Jinga Basco XS1 smartphone is available in several colors: there are yellow, black and white. The device is convenient to hold in the hand, it does not slip.

Let's see the multimedia capabilities of the smartphone

The camera here is not quite good, becauseresolution is only 2 megapixels. But there is a LED flash and autofocus. There is a front camera, however, only on 0,3 Мрх. Therefore, we can say that it is here only for a tick. Standard communication - GSM 900/1800/1900, also the smartphone is equipped with 3G format. The Jinga Basco XS1 has built-in Wi-Fi, reviews about its work are still positive. Satellite navigation (GPS) is also available, there were no complaints on her work. Also there is an A-GPS system.

jinga basco xs1 specifications

The connection to the PC is via USB. To Bluetooth, there were no complaints, its version is 3.0. The smartphone has a built-in FM radio, but it requires a headset, which acts as an antenna. The model has a very convenient and standard 3.5 mm connector for the modern device for the input of headphones (this is important for the younger generation, since you can choose any device for design and quality). Audio is played back in MP3 format.

Jinga Basco XS1: performance specifications

Inexpensive phone for performanceshows good results. It is built on the basis of MediaTek MT 6572 M. This is a dual-core processor, whose frequency is 1300 MHz. There's only 512 MB of RAM, but it's pretty good for such a device. There is a slot for the built-in memory, you can use a 4 GB card.

So, let's sum up. The phone in its price range is quite interesting. To the quality of communication, there were no complaints, the device is working properly, has a fairly loud speaker.

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