"Prohibition of content," MTS. How to disable the "Content Ban" service (MTS)

The "ban on content" (MTS) is one of the most importantand the right services. Having connected such an option, subscribers will be able to protect themselves from intrusive advertising, uninteresting information and fraudulent mailings. The article describes in detail the features of the service, its connection and disconnection.

Prohibition of content mts

general information

Many MTS subscribers complain that money fromtheir mobile accounts disappear in an unknown direction. Blame for all the paid mailings, which a person accidentally or knowingly signed. Spam, advertising messages and links to fraudulent sites - with all this, every second user of cellular communication is facing.

MTS offers its subscribersAdditional options for protecting against unnecessary information and paid mailings. For example, you can set a ban on receiving SMS from short numbers. But it is best to use the service "Prohibition of content" (MTS). It will solve several problems at once.

The essence of this service is to restrict accessto information and entertainment services by the operator. What will it give? Thanks to such measures, the user will no longer be able to spend money left and right on his mobile MTS account. "Prohibition of content" is a very convenient and useful service. If earlier on several times a day you received SMS on the phone, then setting this option will allow you to forget about it for a long time.

Preventing sms content mts

The "Content Ban" (MTS) service is providedis free. We hasten to reassure those who actively use credit cards and electronic purses. Your phone will receive SMS from banking institutions and payment systems. If this causes any problems, we recommend that you contact the operator immediately.

Connection of the service "Ban SMS content" (MTS)

Do you want to protect yourself from paid mailings and advertising messages? Then activate the service right now. You can do this in one of the ways described below:

  1. Call the operator by dialing 0890.
  2. Visit the sales office of MTS. Specialists will help you deal with unnecessary mailings and connection of the "Content Ban". All this is done for free. You only need to show your passport and name the phone number.
  3. Contact technical support. To do this, you need to go to the official site of the company, select the appropriate item and make an electronic application for connecting the "Content Ban".

If you received an unwanted ad promotional message, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Report to the operator by dialing 0890.
  2. Forward SMS text to: [email protected]
  3. Forward the received message to 6333.
    Service ban content mts

Fraud through mailings

With each year mobile services are only being improved, there is a rapid development of the market. But along with this, the number of cases of telephone fraud also increases.

Attackers use a variety of schemeswriting off money from accounts of gullible subscribers. They massively send SMS on behalf of MTS. If you are notified about changing the tariff plan, blocking a number or a major winnings, then such a message should be very cautious. In no case do not send a reply SMS to a short number and do not follow the links. To protect yourself from scammers, connect the "Prohibition of Content" (MTS).

How to disable the service ban content mts

How to get rid of unnecessary mailings

Most subscribers do not understand why theyphone messages come of an advertising nature. The situation is aggravated by the fact that such mailings are not only obtrusive, but also paid. Your task is to save your money. You just need to disable mailing. Do not know how this is done? Now we will tell about everything.

Methods for disabling mailings on MTS:

Using the Internet Assistant service

First you have to visit the official websiteoperator to create an account. After passing a simple registration procedure, you will be able to use the functions of "personal cabinet". Having an account on this resource, you can track all the operations on your mobile phone. To disable unnecessary mailings, you must do the following: dial * 111 * 25 # and send a request. A special form for entering a login (your 10-digit number without a figure-eight) and a received password should appear on the screen.

Getting detailed instructions

Here is useful "Mobile Assistant". On the telephone keypad dial 111 and make a call. Carefully listen to the instructions of the voice menu, and then perform all the points.

Sending SMS

You still do not understand how to properly useservice "Mobile Assistant"? Without it, you can do without. The easiest way to get rid of MTS newsletters is to send SMS to number 111. In the message, specify the combination of digits 2119 or 21190.

Personal visit

This option is suitable for those who havefree time. Going to the nearest MTS communication office, take your passport with you. Employees of the company will listen to you attentively, and then they will ask you to write an application for disabling reception of SMS messages. As you can see, nothing is complicated in this.

How to turn off the service "Prohibition of content" (MTS)

Protection from spam, intrusive advertising anduninteresting information - it's all great. But sometimes there are situations in which the subscriber wants to deactivate previously connected functions. How can he cancel the "Prohibition of content"?

MTS content ban

Method number 1 - through the program "Internet Assistant."Log in to the "personal cabinet". Find the "My Account" item and click on it. After that, the "Services" tab will open. It remains to select the desired option (in this case, "Content prohibition") and disable it.

Method number 2 - contact the operator. You can call 0890 or send an email to: [email protected]

P.S: You should understand that after disabling this service, spam and advertising will come back to your number. Any careless actions will lead to loss of money and nervous breakdown.


Now you know what the option is"Prohibition of content" (MTS). You have the opportunity to assess in practice all its advantages. Following the instructions in the article, you can easily connect / disconnect the service.

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