Car audio receiver JVC

Music on the road is for sure a good mood,the opportunity to feel comfortable. To ensure that the interior of your car is filled with high-quality sound, it's enough to get acquainted with the models of audio equipment that stores offer. Your attention can be attracted to car audio JVC, which have a good quality performance and a lot of nice extra features.

JVC was founded in 1926, itwas engaged in the production of various household appliances. But the company is not limited to this, it also produces car audio. The quality of the electronics produced by it was recognized as a reference. At all stages of production, the products of this company are tested. At a price produced by the company JVC receivers are very affordable. The cheaper models differ from the expensive ones only by the number of additional functions, while the reproduction quality of both is equally good.

JVC Receivers

radio-cassette player JVC

Modern audio devices producedknown firm, equipped with a digital tuner, can play CD and MP3. There is the possibility of watching the video, for which a DVD player is built into the recorder. You can control the functions of the radio with the help of the remote control. It supports JPEG, WMA formats. In addition to playing discs, the JVC can listen to the radio, for which it has a tuner with support for VHF, CB and FM bands. Radio stations can be searched in automatic mode. Their setting is possible on eighteen dedicated channels. The radio tuner has the function of programming radio programs at certain times.

car radio JVC

Modern models of audio devices are equipped withmulti-color motorized display. Its format is 16: 9, and the diagonal is seven inches. More expensive devices have a liquid crystal touch screen with a diagonal of 17.8 cm. There are radio recorders equipped with USB-connectors, which is convenient, for example, to listen to music from a flash card. The memory of the device can be increased with the help of memory cards MMC, SD. Of the additional features that the JVC has, you can mention the possibility of adjusting the angle of its panel and the brightness of the backlight. The device can play video and audio files from media such as DVD-R, CD-R, VCD, DVD-RW, CD-RW.

Models that have a display supportwork with iPod and iPhone, you can connect them through the USB port through the adapter KS-U30. There are devices that support Bluetooth. This feature allows you to make phone calls without hands and organizes a speakerphone when you connect the phone. At the same time, information about the call arrives on the monitor of the radio tape recorder. Its interface has an output to the subwoofer. Amplifiers, which are equipped with a JVC radio, work on FETs.

All models have an equalizer that makes it easycarry out tincture and store it in the device's memory. The recorder can play video and audio files in parallel. The device has two digital-to-analog converters (twenty-four and twelve-bit), a 7-band equalizer. Due to this, the JVC recorder gives an excellent opportunity to enjoy high-quality sounding of your favorite tunes or radio programs. The products of the well-known company provide high definition and purity of sound reproduction.

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