Home Cinema SONY: reviews of the owners, specifications and models

Everyone who has ever tried on his ownchoose a device, faced with difficulties. If you want to buy equipment in the house, then you will somehow have to study at least basic characteristics, so that when choosing to be guided not only by the price, but also by technical parameters. Otherwise you will have to go to the forum and write angry reviews about Sony's home theater because you chose not quite what you wanted.

Subject of the review

So, as you already understood, today we will talk abouthome theaters. First you need to make a brief overview of what kind of device it is, who buys it and what it's needed for. DC is equipment that is not in every house. There are two reasons: one is simply not necessary, the other is too expensive.

home theater sony reviews

The main advantage of home theaterstheir high-quality sound transmission is considered. And the sound means both audio and video signals. At the same time, all this happens at home, which does not always have a positive effect on the sound quality. The manufacturer must take this into account and apply several other technologies, different from those that are applicable to equipment in cinemas.


If you have ever seen a home theater,you understand that this is not just a device, but a whole complex. This includes a number of important and necessary elements that improve the sound. For example, a signal source, amplifier or receiver, a speaker system, an impressive bundle of cables and a display device are standard. The latter refers to optional elements and is more often represented by a TV.

The signal source can be ordinaryVCR, although, as the reviews on Sony home theaters show, modern complexes are equipped with fashionable players or players. Sometimes they can be replaced by a personal computer.

The amplifier is an obligatory element that eitherotherwise it will be in any DC. From the name it is clear that the device is needed to amplify and correct weak signals. They pass through the links of the system to acoustics or a display device.

An acoustic system in DC is called a column. They can be different, as well as their number. Maybe just a couple of pieces, and there are some that need to be placed around the perimeter of the room. Everything depends on the cost and configuration.

home theater sony dav dz650 reviews

One of the important parts of the complex is considered to bedisplay device. As already mentioned, they can have a TV. And you can even try to connect to the old model. But there is a possibility that due to the development of the DC there may not be the right interfaces for the connection. If the user is serious about creating a quality home system, then it is better to purchase a liquid crystal screen along with it.


So that after buying a Sony home theaterreviews were not bad, everyone who decided to buy, should study the parameters by which the equipment is selected. It should be understood that one of the main characteristics of the DC is the quality of sound reproduction. It is associated with the area of ​​the room and the acoustic capabilities of the room.

This point is worth considering and understanding. If you first choose a home theater, then, most likely, you will have problems with a qualitative definition of this parameter. Therefore, it is usually necessary to consult a seller or a specialist who would calculate the required capacity relative to the area of ​​the room.


Consider the products of Sony. The corporation has been on the market since 1946. During this time, I was able to capture a huge segment and leadership in several directions at once. So, branded phones, TVs, photographic equipment are known. No less popular were the films with the support of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The corporation specializes in the production of home andprofessional electronics, a lot of investment in gaming consoles. There are not so many reviews of Sony home theaters as about other products of the company. But they were able to take their place as well-sounding and high-quality equipment.

home theater sony bdv e6100 reviews

The DC market from this corporation is more than sufficient.There are also cheap models, there are also very expensive ones. They differ in appearance, bundling and characteristics. Some can have a total power of only 300 watts, while others work with 1000 watts and more.

Sony DAV-DZ650

Let's start the review with one of the popular models,which does not apply to the budget, although it is placed in an accessible line. This model of home theater can easily fit in a small apartment, it does not need large areas. In the kit there are 5 speakers, they are connected to one subwoofer for Sony home theater. Reviews all the acoustics got good, as, by the way, and the prefix, which also goes in the kit.

Acoustics is represented by three different typescolumns. Four pieces are frontal. Columns are like candles more than a meter high. That is, they can be put on the floor and on the shelf. They are considered square - 26 centimeters. It can not be said that they stand confidently on the surface. If there are young children at home, then you have to think about how to attach them better.

There are rear speakers, they are small - in heightonly 20 cm. Despite their small size, they sound as good as long acoustics. There is a central column. It is recumbent, at a length of 25 cm. Despite the most compact size, it is also inferior in sound to the speakers in the kit.

reviews home theater sony tz 150

The main unit is multimediaconsole. Difficulties can arise when installing the entire complex. The speakers are wired, and therefore you need to be careful when connecting and think through the process. Remember that the wires will be all over the room.

Home Theater Sony DAV-DZ650 reviewsPositive has collected thanks to its quality. And it's not just about the materials on which no one has economized. The sound is more about quality. This system has become not just musical, but also entertaining. She does not need a TV. You can connect via a console to a regular flash drive or use disks.

The maximum resolution of the picture is 1080p. The player plays many formats, among which there are popular ones: MPEG4, MP3, JPEG. The sound is processed through the Dolby Pro Logic decoder.

The total power of all the speakers in the 1000 W model.The subwoofer delivers up to 165 watts. Users note that the device works particularly well in closed small rooms. Then you can feel the bass, the high frequencies, and the small details that are pleasant to audiophiles. You can set the sound so that you get the impression that you are in a movie theater.

Sony BDV-E6100

This model is similar to the previous one.Despite the fact that the speakers are made of plastic, there is no problem with physical damage. Five columns are available. Four floor, similar to candles, but this time more stable. The fifth is a recumbent column that performs the function of the central column.

The subwoofer is slightly smaller than in the previous oneoption. There is also a multimedia console. Also works as a TV, and without it, playing the role of a turntable. The whole kit weighs more than 20 kilograms.

home theater sony dav dz820kw reviews

Reviews home theater Sony BDV-E6100 receivedgood. Praised by the buyers and the fact that you can connect a USB flash drive, listening to music. A great sound gives out the radio. It is possible to play from discs. As practice shows, it is better to connect to such a system than old TV models. More modern devices much better realize the acoustic complex.

As in the previous model, the total power1000 watts. Basses and high frequencies are audible. For an apartment power is enough. And so, that, most likely, it is necessary to switch off acoustics after 10 pm, as it will disturb neighbors.

Sony DAV-DZ840M

Very beautiful and memorable model.The kit looks expensive. Only five columns. Two of them on thin legs, not strongly resistant, it is better to place directly near the TV. The second pair will be perfectly positioned in the corners of the room. These columns are larger, taller and more massive. There is also a central acoustics. This is a recumbent little column that looks like a portable one. The kit also includes a large subwoofer and a multimedia console.

This home theater Sony DAV-DZ840M reviewsreceived positive. It is caused by the fact that the model supports a large number of useful technologies that improve the sound. There is digital cinematographic automatic calibration. It adjusts the optimum sound to the location of the acoustics.

subwoofer for home cinema sony reviews

There is a HD TV connection and an improvementDVD resolution up to Full HD. The model plays and records audio through the USB interface. Audio input optical, and therefore the sound is even more voluminous and realistic. There is a digital amplifier and a built-in radio tuner.

Sony DAV-TZ150

Compact home theater.It consists of five columns. There are two large tall ones, up to 60 cm, as well as a pair of small ones, up to 16 cm in height. Also a small central unit of acoustics. The subwoofer is massive, but relatively small compared to previous models. Weighs only 3 kilograms.

The output power of this DC is up to 300W.Reviews home theater Sony TZ 150 received mixed. Those who did not finish reading the specifications received an average sound equipment. It can not be said that this sound will not be enough for the average user, but here it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room. The multimedia player works with all modern technologies of sound and playback.

home theater sony dav dz840m reviews


Finding the right Sony home theater is easy.You need to clearly understand what is important to you and what options are available for your premises. Models are different, for every taste and color. Home theater Sony DAV-DZ820KW reviews collected positive due to its small price - up to 22 thousand rubles. There is this DK and an HDMI connector, a karaoke function. Used a lot of technology to improve the sound. Negative feedback only touched on the "clean" work of the subwoofer and the uncomfortable remote.

But the reviews about Sony's home theaterBDV-N9200WW are less common, because the model is very expensive. It costs 50 thousand rubles. At the same time, users note stylish appearance, sound quality and convenient multimedia console. This high cost is also due to the fact that the model operates via a wireless interface. Therefore, in the kit an additional box, responsible for this. The total power is 1200 watts.

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