Electrogrill with removable panels: a description of the best, advice on choosing

Products cooked on the grill, by rightare considered one of the most delicious. Modern appliances allow you to enjoy useful and fragrant dishes without getting out of the apartment. An electric grill for a house with removable panels is a device that allows to cook them in minutes. Below is a rating of electric grills, which will help determine the choice of a specific model.

electric grill with removable panels


A brand of world fame that deals withproduction of dishes and kitchen appliances. The company was established in 1956, immediately after the French engineer invented and launched a non-stick frying pan. The dishes suited the consumers, and two years later the company took the leading position in the French market. At the same time, the brand was overbought by Groupe SEB, which has been engaged in the manufacture of kitchen appliances for many years.

inexpensive electric grill with removable panels


Manufacturing companyclimatic equipment, audio and video equipment, small home appliances. Initially, the brand appeared in Austria, but it is considered Russian. The main production of the company is located in China, about 5% - in Turkey. The goods are sold in Russia and CIS countries.

electric grill with removable panels reviews


A brand registered in the Netherlands in 1981year. The company's activities are divided into three main areas: consumer production, production of goods for health and household appliances. In the pharmaceutical market, the company also has a good position.

electric grill for home with removable panels

Model selection parameters

The rating of the most popular models was created based on reviews on the electric grill with removable panels left by consumers. The following technical parameters were taken into account:

  • Dimensions and weight of equipment.
  • Power.
  • Design.
  • The material from which the body is made.
  • Speed ​​of heating panels.
  • Functionality.
  • The cost.

Electric grills are divided into two main categories: with fixed and removable panels. Below are the best models of electrogrills with removable panels.

Tefal GC306012

Electrogel contact type with non-stickcoating allows you to quickly prepare different dishes - from meat to baking. The frying surface is made of high quality materials and quickly warms up, which ensures an optimal level of roasting. Removable electrograve panels can be installed in three different positions - oven, grill and barbecue, three temperature modes are also available: meat, vegetables and hot sandwiches. The panels are easily removed from the electric grill for cleaning. Heating to the maximum temperature occurs very quickly.

Advantages of electric grills with removable panels:

  • A variety of temperature modes and the possibility of using the device in several positions.
  • The ability to store the grill in an upright position thanks to a special stand on the back end.
  • Removable frying panels.
  • Fast meat roasting.


  • Washing the corrugated frying panels is difficult because they are washed by hand - the Teflon coating is damaged in the dishwasher.

gfgril electric grill with removable panels

Steba FG 95

Inexpensive electrogrove with removable panels, onwhich, thanks to the thickness of the metal, you can fry various products without adding oil. There are 5 power modes available. Up to the maximum temperature, the panels heat up very quickly, so cooking meat takes only a few minutes. Built-in timer allows you to control the time of roasting dishes. The case of the device is made of high-quality steel, and a pleasant design allows you to fit the electrogra into the interior of any kitchen. Frying plates are removed, one of them - smooth, two - with a corrugated surface. Well cleared.

Advantages of electric grills with removable panels:

  • A sufficiently high level of power - 1800 Watts.
  • You can fry the products without adding oil.
  • Fast preparation of dishes.
  • Built-in timer.
  • 5 power modes.


  • Uneven heating of the panels when installing the grill on an uneven surface.

electric grill with removable panels gf 130 plate free


The table grill is compact in size, equippedgreat non-stick coating. The device is made in a laconic design and easy to operate. Fat is collected in a separate container, equipped with small grooves. Get a crisp on meat or vegetables, thanks to the corrugated frying surface. Built-in timer allows you to monitor the time of roasting, and a convenient temperature controller - to adjust the temperature.

The advantages of the model:

  • The possibility of closing the top cover parallel to the bottom thanks to the hinges.
  • Made of metal housing.
  • High power.
  • Low cost.
  • Removable plates with non-stick coating.


  • Unusual design.
  • It is difficult to find a replacement for the plates.

electric grill with removable panels gf 130 plate free reviews

Philips HD 6360/20

Functional electrograil allows you to preparedifferent dishes. Removable plates of the device on one side are corrugated, on the other - even. The temperature range is from 70 to 230 degrees, the grill capacity is 2000 watts. You can cook any food - from meat to vegetables. The electric grill has a small tray for spices and herbs, the flavor of which, thanks to Taste Infusion technology, impregnates the products being prepared. Removable plates are washed both manually and in a dishwasher.

The advantages of the model:

  • High power.
  • Special container for spices and herbs.
  • Fat flows into the pan thanks to the sloping body.
  • Several temperature regimes.
  • Easy cleaning of plates.
  • You can fry foods without adding oil.


  • It burns and overdoes thick pieces of meat.
  • Undeveloped mode of the smokehouse.

electric grill with removable panels how to choose

Electric grill GF 130 Plate Free with removable panels

Food cooked on the grill useshuge popularity due to the fact that it retains all its nutritional properties. The electric grill GFGril with detachable panels allows you to cook barbecue not only in the open air or in the oven, but also in the ordinary kitchen.

The power of the device is 1800 watts.Excess fat, formed during cooking, is collected in a special pan. The built-in controller allows you to control the heating temperature of the panels. Lattices are removable, working surfaces are covered with non-stick coating. The device design allows you to prepare pieces of different thicknesses. The body of the electrograve is made of high-quality steel. The top panel is an independent element. Also, as evidenced by the electrogrove with removable panels GF 130 Plate Free reviews, in the kit there is a recipe book.

The advantages of the model:

  • Cooking products without adding oil.
  • Removing excess fat in a special container.
  • Shooting plates of large thickness.
  • For cooking seafood and vegetables, the electric grill can be decomposed into 180about.
  • The case is made of stainless steel.
  • The non-stick surface of the panels is easy to clean.
  • The kit includes an instruction manual, a recipe book and a tray for collecting fat.

electric grill with removable panels gf 130 plate free

How to choose an electric grill with removable panels?

When choosing an electric grinder, the main parameter,which is necessary to pay attention, is the power of the device. Depending on the model, it can vary from 0.7 kW to 2.2 kW. Strictly speaking, the speed of preparation of dishes depends on this characteristic.

The best option is a two-sided grill thatgreatly simplifies and speeds up the cooking process. It is desirable to take into account the possibility of adjusting the height of the working surface: with the maximum lifting of the top panel, you can prepare whole vegetables or large pieces of meat. If the rear feet of the electric grill are adjusted in height, the appliance can be tilted so that the fat that forms during cooking is drained into a special container.

Materials of working surfaces and housing

Most electrogrills have a metallicbody with non-stick surfaces, which greatly simplifies and facilitates the care of them and allows you not to add oil during cooking. This feature of household appliances is unimportantly important for those who prefer to eat dietary dishes.

Enamel coating of working surfacesElectrogrill, despite its advantages, does not differ in a long period of operation, so it is not worth buying such models: it is better to limit oneself to a classic non-stick coating.

The case of cheap models of electrogrills is made of high-quality plastic, but all of them have a heat-resistant coating.

Additional functions

  • Special indicators, greatly simplifying the cooking process, increase the cost of electric grills. Despite their effectiveness, there is no special need for such an additional function.
  • Grills with electronic control allow you to adjust the heating temperature of the working surfaces and convection speed.
  • Automatic shutdown and timer.
  • The function of maintaining the set temperature for the set time to store the cooked food warm.
  • Delayed start function. It is convenient for those cases when it is necessary to turn on the electric grill for a certain time.
  • Handles with thermal insulation, protecting from burns.

Advantages of household electrogrills

  • The ability to prepare various dishes without adding oil and fat.
  • The wide functionality of the device - the electric grill can not only fry, but also stew, defrost, warm food.
  • Save time. Some grill models allow the simultaneous installation of several containers on the working surfaces, which significantly reduces cooking time.
  • No unpleasant odors. This function is relevant for those houses in which the kitchen is combined with a residential area.

Disadvantages of electric grills

  • There is no function for cooking vegetables for a couple.
  • Functionality of electrograil is not enough to replace other household appliances.
  • High power consumption. For this reason, it is more profitable to purchase desktop models of electrogrills.
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