Camera Sony Alpha A5000: reviews, examples of photos. Sony Alpha A5000 Kit: reviews

In pursuit of high image quality, manypotential buyers prefer to switch from compact cameras to mirror devices, initially agreeing with the inconvenience of using cumbersome digital technology. But there is also an intermediate version that can satisfy many users - a system camera.

Sony Alpha A5000

In this article, the reader will get to know a veryAn interesting product - the camera Sony Alpha A5000. It is positioned in the niche of high-quality digital devices without mirrors and is designed for creativity. Review, owner feedback and photographers' recommendations will allow you to get more information about the novelty.

Interesting symbiosis

All buyers know that the digital marketdevices is unlimited - you can choose a camera for almost any requirement. Here only many users are sure that compact devices are of poor quality. The camera with replaceable optics Sony Alpha A5000 destroys all stereotypes and myths about the size of digital equipment and the quality of its shooting. Examples of photos are proof of this.

camera with replaceable optics Sony Alpha A5000

Compact camera typical for usersdimensions is equipped with a semiprofessional matrix APS-C and a lens change function, as it is implemented in SLR cameras. Naturally, there is all the necessary functionality for the convenience of camera control and a set of proprietary Sony technologies that simplifies the operation process.

Guarantor of unrivaled quality

The main component in a digital camerais the matrix, which is responsible for the quality of photographs. The standard APS-C with a physical size of 23.5x16.5 mm is known to all novice photographers who have long been looking towards semi-professional SLR cameras. The second by value in the camera is considered to be the lens - it is it that transmits the image to the matrix and provides the light necessary for the image recognition. Naturally, for each type of shooting there is a certain lens: for the room is high-speed, for the street - rangefinder, and so on.

Sony Alpha A5000 camera, sample photos of whichcan be found in the media, equipped in addition and a 20-megapixel sensor. Many buyers for some reason only notice this figure, not realizing that the quality of photos they provide completely different components. As practice shows, with a decent matrix and a classy lens you can create high-quality photos and on six megapixels.

First meeting

Standard packaging with a camera inside is unlikelywhether will surprise the owner. Yes, the kit includes a lens, charger, battery, several interface cables and a huge instruction for the Sony Alpha A5000 Kit. Customer reviews are more concerned with build quality and appearance. The camera really looks great - compact, light and remotely reminiscent of professional equipment. It is clear that this lens turns the camera into a kind of mirror.

Sony Alpha A5000 sample photos

As for the build quality, then find fault with herethere is nothing to which the Japanese created a real masterpiece. At first, it seems that the body of the device is cast from plastic, and only with a detailed study reveals thin seams in the joints of elements made of plastic and metal. To prevent damage to the camera body during transportation, it is recommended to purchase a protective cover, the benefit of the market for such goods is overcrowded.

Management of photography

The Sony Alpha A5000 is equipped with a cameraa rotary LCD screen that not only plays the role of a control panel, but also replaces the viewfinder that is not in the camera. True, with the display of photos, and even exposure, the display has obvious problems. All the fault - low-quality TN + Film-matrix, which is equipped with a screen. The resolution of 640x480 pixels per inch, terrible viewing angles, weak contrast cause negative emotions for many owners, judging by their feedback. Even the function "Sunny weather" does not solve the problem with the color reproduction of the display.

camera Sony Alpha A5000 reviews

As for the program part and the menu itselfmanagement, then the technology of Sony did a great job. The control panel is divided into categories, each of which has its own set of specific settings. It is quite convenient to use all newcomers.

Select exposure and work with the subject

Without a hardware viewfinder, of course, it's difficult, butthe negative is able to eliminate the functional responsible for the automatic focusing in the Sony Alpha A5000. Firstly, there is a backlight for autofocus. It is bright and perfectly copes with the task (at least in the testing process the automatic focus never missed). The built-in function for determining faces also has the right to exist, it adapts perfectly even in a dark room. But manual focusing has a number of inconveniences, but if you learn how to control the focus, you can create very beautiful pictures.

Exposure metering is standard (spot,multi-zone and close to the center). It is possible to set the shutter speed and aperture manually, as well as the functionality for automatic adjustment of the exposure, as it is implemented in SLR cameras. Pleases owner and exposure bracketing - several frames per second with different settings really save time for many photographers. Confuses only the upper threshold of exposure: 30-1 / 4000 s (this is clearly not enough for shooting the starry sky).

Functionality of the device

With the types of memory cards, the manufacturer accurately hitto all of his fans who bought a Sony Alpha A5000 camera. The owner's feedback details the support of all existing formats with which the products of the Japanese giant worked: SD, SDHC, Memory Stick (DUO, PRO). As for image formats, everything is implemented here, as in the mirror device: RAW and JPEG. However, in the decoded form, when shooting photos on twenty megapixels, the camera noticeably slows down - for 1-2 seconds.

camera system Sony Alpha A5000

With interfaces, too, full order:USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi - a standard set of modern cameras. Confuses only the connector for wired remote control. Was it really difficult to make the DW wireless?

Camera for video shooting

Many experts believe that the Sony deviceAlpha A5000 is positioned in the market by the manufacturer as a video camera. The fact is that unlike similar cameras (including mirror technology), too much functionality is created to control the process of video shooting. The maximum video resolution is 1920x1080 dots per inch. The device is capable of shooting at 60 frames per second (this is in FullHD format).

Sony Alpha A5000 kit reviews

At the hardware level, codecs are supported.264 and MPEG4. Also interesting is the menu for managing video, because it is identical to the photo parameters: iris control, shutter speed, ISO. During the shooting, the settings can be changed, as well as controlling the focus and using the optical zoom. And all this complements the recording of stereo sound.


System unit Sony Alpha A5000 will have tosoul to all users, however, fans of compact cameras still have to get used to the dimensions of the product, because it does not differ from the elements of mirror devices. As for the quality of the survey, even here the device will surprise even the most demanding buyer, the examples of the photo in the review are proof of that. There are questions only to the quality of the liquid crystal display, which does not correspond to such an interesting camera. In general, the system device has the right to become a true companion to a beginner photographer.

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