Zenit-TTL: description, technical characteristics

The Zenit-TTL camera is designed foramateur shooting for color and black and white photographic film. This device has an optometric semi-automatic device with the function of measuring light, which passes through the lens (this is the TTL system), the self-timer, and also the synchronization mechanism intended for operation by a flash lamp. "Zenith-TTL" allows the use of interchangeable lenses, which have a connecting thread M24x1 and a working distance of 45.5 mm.

Zenith TTL

The camera is used for the following types of special shooting:

- Reproduction works, in which extension rings are used;

- shooting small items close-up, with very small distances (this type is called "macro");

- with the use of a microscope (this type is called "microshooting"), etc.

"Zenith-TTL" has a number of advantages:

1. The metrological semiautomatic device of the TTL system ensures the installation of the necessary exposure when shooting with standard and interchangeable lenses, light filters, packing lenses, extension rings.

2. The presence of a permanent sight in the Zenit-TTL camera allows continuous monitoring of the subject of photography before and after exposure.

3. The luminous lens is equipped with a "jumping diaphragm" mechanism, which automatically closes when the shutter releases (this mode is indicated by the letter "A"). There is also a manual control mode (this mode is indicated by the letter "M").

4. The fully open aperture function in the Zenith-TTL camera provides the maximum possible brightness of the image, which can be viewed in the viewfinder. This is very important at the time of the sighting, as well as focusing.

5. The latter is carried out on the matted surface and on a micro-raster.

6. The system of fast film charging, the function of the operative setting of the exposure, rewinding, which is performed with a fixed shutter release sleeve, all this significantly reduces the time required for the preparatory operations when photographing the Zenit-TTL apparatus.

Zenith TTL instruction

The instruction contains the following list of technical characteristics:

1. The format of the frame is 24x36 mm.

2. Recommended film - perforated 35 mm.

3. Its length is 1.65 m. The number of frames is 36.

4. Shutter speed - from 1/30 to 1/500 s, "B" and long.

5. Full-time lens of the camera - "Helios-44M":
- the focal length is 58 mm;
- Diaphragm scale - from 2 to 16;
- distance scale - from 0.55 m to "∞";
- maximum relative opening - 1: 2;
- the power supply of the exposure meter is carried out by one element of RC-53.

6. The sensitivity range of the films used is from 16 to 500 units. GOST.

7. The landing thread of the lens is M42 × 1.

8. The thread of the light filter is M52 × 0.75.

9. Thread of the socket under the tripod - 1/4 ".

10. The linear field of the viewfinder image is 20 × 28 mm.

11. Overall dimensions are 138 × 100 × 93 mm.

12. The weight of the camera is 1.01 kg.

zenith camera
According to the instruction, charging and dischargingThe camera must be produced in low light, avoiding direct sunlight. It is not recommended to rotate the shutter speed dial between the adjacent "500" and "B" notations and the sensitivity setting disc in the non-digitized interval. It is forbidden to rotate the shutter-release button without any need. This leads to the deactivation of the mechanism. The valve must always be fully closed (preferably with two or three small turns of the lever). This excludes the skipping of frames on the film during exposure. It is forbidden to leave the device with a cocked shutter for a long time, as this can lead to a deterioration in the work of the latter. When shooting in frosty weather, it is not recommended to leave the unit outdoors. It is necessary to wear it, for example, under the outer clothing, taking it out only for the time of work.

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