Beeline, "All for 300" tariff: reviews, description, connection

Today we have to learn about profitableoffer from the company "Beeline" - the tariff "All for 300". Reviews about it are of interest to many users. Is this tariff plan good? What opportunities does it offer to its customers? How does disconnection and connection occur? About all this and not only read further!

Beeline fare all for 300 reviews

Short description

Tariff plans of mobile operators put manysubscribers in an awkward position. There are many proposals, but it is necessary to choose only one of them. What does Beeline offer its customers? Tariff "All for 300"! Feedback about this offer is mostly positive.

And all this is due to the fact that the tariff plan allowscommunicate with the help of a mobile phone with virtually no restrictions and only 300 rubles a month. You get 300 free minutes of conversation, 100 SMS messages and 2 GB of Internet traffic. What else did the tariff plan "All for 300" (Beeline) prepare for its subscribers?

After exhausting these opportunitiesthe services will be charged. The exact prices must be known in your region. But you can approximately equal the cost of calls and messages, which operates in Moscow.

how to disable the tariff for all 300 beeline


You are interested in the proposal "All for 300"(Beeline)? How do I connect it to my mobile device? There are several ways to solve the problem. You can choose any reception at your discretion.

The first way to purchase "All for 300" - purchasea new SIM card. With it you will receive a new phone number. The simplest and, as the clients assure, is an effective method of changing the tariff plan. Especially if you want to connect yourself a new phone number.

What if the replacement is not required? Is it possible to buy something else "All for 300" (Beeline)? How to connect the offer to your mobile? Customers who are not yet Beeline subscribers are offered a change of operator service with a number saving. When connecting, please indicate that you would like to charge yourself a "All for 300" tariff.

But the customers of this mobile operator canUse for connection number 0674 000 301. The transition is absolutely free. You will only be required to pay 300 rubles for the first month of using the tariff plan.

More opportunities with the "Beeline"

For what do customers love the proposedcompany "Beeline" tariff "All for 300"? Clients' feedback indicates that this is the best offer for fans of active communication. It has already been said that you will receive 300 free minutes of talk per month. "In offset" are the dialogues inside your home region and throughout Russia. But you can call free of charge only on landline numbers, and also on numbers "Билайна". And this pleases many. Real unlimited communication! It is indicated that when making calls to other mobile operators in Russia from you, regardless of the number of remaining free minutes, write off 3 rubles per minute. And if you are talking inside the home region, then 1.6 rubles.

all for 300 beeline how to connect

SMS messages are also sent free of charge. But here, as the subscribers note, one thing will have to be taken into account. All SMS are not charged only within your home region. Sending a message for it costs 3 rubles, and an international letter costs 5.5 rubles. Customers are satisfied, because many 100 free SMS messages are more than enough for comfortable communication almost without any restrictions!

Unlimited Internet

What else does the mobile operator offer?Beeline? Tariff "All for 300": the Internet here, according to customers, is very good. The proposed free traffic is enough for most modern people. 2 GB of Internet is enough for social networking and information retrieval. However, if you download a lot of pictures and photos, the World Wide Web will cost you a little.

2 GB of Internet traffic is given for both roaming andfor the home network. As soon as this limit is exhausted, the service "Auto-speeding" is automatically activated. It allows you to use small traffic packets (70 MB each), but requires a subscription fee. It is not too big - only 20 rubles.

Also for comfortable use of the Internetusers recommend finding an additional tariff for the World Wide Web. Then after 2 GB of free traffic, Internet connection will be charged according to the offer you have chosen. Honestly, many people are happy with this decision.

bile fare all for 300 internet

It is noted that the tariff plan "All for 300"perfect for watching videos on the Internet from your mobile phone. For a tablet, this is not the best offer, but the cellular phone works with this tariff just fine. You can almost completely forget about what spending on the Internet!

Useful Numbers

For this proposal, there are severaluseful numbers. They will help you to find out information about the remaining free minutes / messages, and also to refuse some automatically connected features. "Beeline" (the "All for 300" tariff) reviews get positive. And for the simple management of some functions, including.

"Auto-speeding" is a service thatActivated after exceeding Internet traffic of 2 GB. Disconnection occurs by calling to the number 067 471 77 80 or by using the USSD-request * 115 * 230 #.

How to check the remaining SMS, minutes and traffic? To do this, you can use a simple query * 102 #.

Cancellation of the service

How to disable the "All for 300" tariff?Beeline offers just one solution to the problem. This is a complete change in the tariff plan. Only in this way will you be able to cancel the previously connected offer on your mobile device.

First, you can change the tariff by using a USSD-request. Usually it is recognized on the official website of "Beeline". You just need to pick up the tariff plan, and then dial the transition team.

the tariff plan is all for 300 beeline

Secondly, if you are thinking how to disabletariff "All for 300", "Beeline" allows to make a substitution by means of a call to the operator. Use number 0611. Dial it, and then call the operator. Tell us what you want to connect the tariff to your mobile device.

In the end, as customers say, produceYou can disable the "All for 300" offer by purchasing a new SIM card. Pre-select a new tariff for yourself. You can buy "simka" on the official website of "Beeline" (in the online store) or in any office of the operator.

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