Charging "frog" - an indispensable assistant

It often happens that on the road, in the carthe phone is exhausted and the normal charger is not suitable. In this case, there is a specially developed tool - charging the "frog". It is suitable for most mobile phone batteries, digital cameras, smartphones and others. At the same time, the battery is charged on the device without the connection of a mobile phone or camera.

Device Description

charging the frog

Charging the "frog" is a design,as a rule, equipped with a power switch in the range 110 - 220 W. The charging process is controlled by a microchip that ensures safe and reliable operation of the device, protects it from overheating, and when the batteries are fully charged, the device is automatically disconnected. This device is universal, it is suitable for almost all mobile devices. The charging time is 1.5 - 4 hours. The small dimensions of the device allow it to be stored in a glove box. When storing, you can assemble the folding forks.


frog for charging batteries

Charging the "frog" is easy to use, and iffollow the instructions, then there will be no problems with using this device. Virtually all instruments of this type, regardless of the manufacturer, recommendations for use are reduced to the following points:

  • bend the clips over the part of the body made of plastic;
  • install the battery in the AMU in such a way that the electrodes are set to a predetermined angle at which they are brought into contact with the contact group of the battery;
  • in the case of the correct connection of the elements of the instrument with the battery, the indicator on the LCD panel, indicating the level of the current state of the battery, lights up;
  • Connect the device to an outlet.

Device Advantages

universal charging frog

The main advantage of this deviceis universality. This is achieved by a special design, which has a "frog" for charging the batteries. As a rule, for different mobile devices and cameras, the batteries have contacts in various places, for example, from the side or from above. On the same device, it is possible to arrange a battery of any type. In addition, manufacturers are constantly improving their products, and the introduction of innovation in the form of a USB-connector greatly expanded the capabilities of the device, allowing you to charge the battery without removing it from your phone or other device. Universal charging "frog" is indispensable if the mobile phone or camera has a connector on the charger, hiking and traveling, and when there are two batteries.

How to choose a charger


charger frog
to choose a qualitative device, it is necessary to follow simple rules.

  1. Buy goods better in specialized places - electrical shops or shopping centers.
  2. At purchase it is necessary to check up, how the device works, to be convinced, that all details the whole and new.
  3. The instruction must be accompanied by an instruction (if necessary, with a translation).
  4. The consultant is obliged to provide a warranty card for the purchase.

It is better to purchase such a device as charging"frog", from major manufacturers of well-known brands, for example, Sony. Such devices have proven themselves as reliable and durable devices for charging.

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