UZM-51M: connection diagram, reviews and instructions

To protect electrical equipment from sudden surgesvoltage device is applied relay type UZM-51M. The presented modification consists of a modulator and contacts. In this case, the relay is used for high conductivity. The expander in the model is installed with contact resistors.

Connect the device to the network for one, two and three phases. The threshold voltage level can be adjusted. The sensitivity index depends on the current overload.

Relay uzm 51m

Reviews about the model

UZM-51M reviews from experts in the mainget good. First of all, they note the high conductivity of the current. It is also important to note that the model is able to work with impulse capacitors. Resistors in the model burn out quite rarely. For the BO series, it fits perfectly. The threshold voltage of the model is adjustable without problems.

UZM-51M also receives positive reviews forpossibility of connecting zener diodes. However, it's important to consider the shortcomings of the modification. First of all, experts note large dimensions. In this case, the fuse is only used at 200 V. Converters in the circuit of this model can not be replaced.

Device for protection UZM-51M: connection instruction

The standard connection scheme assumesuse of a triode. This element is often installed with impulse capacitors. A rectifier is used to control the pore voltage. If you look at the flaps with through-contacts, the thyristor is used for high conductivity. Before connecting the modification, the maximum resistance in the circuit is checked. It is also important to note that controllers with an overlay are prohibited.

uzm 51m instructions

Connection to a single-phase network

At УЗМ-51М connection to a single-phase circuitthrough wire contacts. In this case, the thyristor can be used at 200 V. First of all, it is important to note that the filters are installed behind the plate. If you believe the experts, then the rectifier is put in the last place.

To improve the stability of the voltage appliedcontactors. These elements can be used either operational or impulse type. For the solution of problems with magnetic oscillations pass filters are used. For the BO series, they are used with a grid winding. The inverter can be mounted on three contacts. In this case, the maximum resistance should not exceed 30 ohms. The output voltage on the relay is an average of 230 V.

Two-phase network

The model UZM-51M connection to a two-phase circuitoccurs in several ways. First of all, experts recommend using a commutating converter. It is sold, as a rule, with one adapter. The transceiver for connection is selected by the beam type. Most often, the filters are installed behind the trigger. Dinister for voltage stabilization is needed with low conductivity. For a two-phase circuit, the output voltage should not exceed 230 V.

It is also important to note that before connectingcheck the resistance. The specified parameter must not exceed 35 ohms. At sharp jumps of pressure experts recommend to put динисторы. These devices are generally used as a broadband type. If we consider a circuit with a double converter, then for normal operation of the device a controller is required.

device узма 51м

Connection to a three-phase circuit

To three-phase circuit UZM-51M (the scheme is shown below)Connect it is possible only through a damper. The element is produced in two-channel and three-channel type. If we consider the first variant, the capacitors are of the conductor type. A total of three transceivers are required for the connection. Stabilizers are most often used with an overlay. In some cases, a thyristor is installed.

If we consider the connection scheme withthree-wire damper, then the capacitors are used open type. It is also important to note that a comparator is required to install the model. The conductivity indicator for it must be 4.6 microns. The maximum resistance of the relay UZM-51M can withstand 50 ohms. Before connecting the device, the sensitivity of the modulator is checked.

51m connection diagram

Shields for 220 V

To the shield for 200 V device UZM-51M can beconnect via an expansion type transceiver. These elements are sold for 3 and 5 A. In this case, the conductivity of the current depends on the capacitors. If we consider modifications with walk-through models, then the trigger is set to analog type. It is also important to note that capacitors of low frequency type are suitable for shielding at 220 V. In this case, magnetic interference can be controlled by a wave stabilizer.

Shields for 250 V

In order to protect electrical equipment on the shield 250 Voften installed UZM-51M. The device connection scheme assumes the use of a comparator. However, it is important to note that capacitors are only used with a low capacity. In this case, the wired-type triggers are very rarely set. To solve problems with magnetic interference, filters of various types are used.

The trigger in this case is allowed to installdigital or analog type. If you look at the shields of the VO series, then it is more appropriate to use varistors. These devices can only work with analog triggers. In this case, the maximum resistance is 55 ohms. It is also important to note that network congestion averages 3.5 A. If we consider circuits with digital triggers, then damping is used to improve current conductivity. These elements are installed behind the transceivers.

uhm 51m reviews

Connection to the switchboard for 300 V

To the shield for 300 V device UZM-51M can beconnect through a loop trigger. However, it is important to note that in this case the impulse capacitors are prohibited. First of all, this is caused by a significant decrease in the conductivity of the current. Directly on the relay is a large load. In some cases, the rectifier burns out.

To solve the problem, onlylinear capacitors. In this case, the maximum resistance in the circuit does not exceed 60 ohms. It is also important to note that the overload factor is 5 A. To protect the trigger, insulators are used. In some cases tetrodes are installed. These elements are suitable for the BO series. Comparators are only able to work with thyristors. In some models, contactors are replaced by kenotrons.

Connection via magnetic trigger

Connect device via magnetic triggerquite simply. However, it is important to note that it can only be used in a single-phase circuit. Varistors are allowed to take only a through type. In this case, expanders are installed behind the filters. The converter is suitable with an output voltage of 200 V. Transceivers can be installed with and without stabilizers. Directly controllers are used with low current conductivity.

If we consider impulse modifications, thenthe maximum resistance does not exceed 30 ohms. In this case, the network overload parameter is at the level of 4 A. If we consider the conductor modifications, the maximum resistance is 45 Ohm. On average, the overload factor is 6 A.

uzm 51m connection

Using wired triggers

Through the wired trigger device UZM-51M can beconnect to the BO series. For this, the dinistor is used with the controller. The transceiver may only be installed in an expansion type. To combat magnetic interference, a stabilizer is used. Many experts recommend installing only conductor capacitors. In this case, three resistors are required. The lining for them is installed without filters.

uzm 51m circuit

Diode trigger circuit

Using a diode trigger device USM-51Mcan be connected to a 200 and 300 V circuit. If we consider the first option, the capacitors are used with the stabilizer. Directly thyristor is selected impulse type. To increase the current conductivity, a triode is needed. In some cases, the trigger is installed behind the stabilizer.

If we consider 300 V circuits, thencapacitors are taken single-pole type. The output controller is installed behind the trigger. To combat magnetic interference, tetrodes are used. A total of three comparators are required for the circuit. In this case, the maximum resistance fluctuates around 50 ohms. It is also important to note that the current conductivity does not exceed 4.5 microns.

Connection to the shield ЩО-II-1А-25

Protection device of this type to the dashboardcan be connected via wired triggers. However, it is important to consider that the varistor for the network is selected with low conductivity. Problems with a sharp drop in frequency are solved by filters. The contactors of the models are of unidirectional type. You can also see modifications with two-way analogs.

In this case, the comparator is used withoutfilters. Particular attention should be paid to the controller. This element is responsible for the conductivity of the relay. To minimize the heat loss, many experts recommend it to install the operating type.

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