How to create an account in Skype

Sooner or later, almost every modernthe user ponders how to create an account in Skype. This procedure is mandatory for those who plan to work with the mentioned messenger. Without a separate profile, you can not communicate through the application. Therefore, today we will learn all the features of registration in Skype.

create a Skype account

Briefly about registration

Create an account in Skype can be absolutelyis free. Each user has the right to do so. And, as practice shows, a person can have several accounts. The main thing is that the questionnaires be registered on different e-mails.

To register an account with Skype, you will need:

  1. Go to the Skype homepage.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the arrow next to "Login."
  3. Select "Register".
  4. Fill out the form and confirm the operation.

The process takes only a few minutes. After the done actions registration in Skype will be considered completed. You can download the program and enter it under your login and password. Next, consider the key points of creating a profile in Skype.

Required fields

Usually the process under study does not raise any questions. Despite this, users do not know what exactly to write in those or other fields when registering.

create a new account on skype

Create a new account in "Skype" will be possible only if the data is filled with mandatory sections. They are marked with *. Usually they are:

  • Username;
  • last name;
  • login;
  • password;
  • e-mail, which will be used during registration.

Recent changes have led to the fact that now the procedure for creating a profile in Skype has changed slightly. Now, without fail, a person must enter:

  • phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Nick;
  • password to login.

After that you can continue to fill in the questionnaire. Namely - to start entering data about the user.

Optional Information

To create an account in Skype, it's enoughlisted information. But in order for users to quickly find a person in the database of the program, it is recommended to fill out a questionnaire. Usually such data is needed not necessarily, they will be displayed in the person's profile.

register an account on skype

Personal data usually indicate the following:

  • city ​​and country of residence;
  • floor;
  • date of birth;
  • the language spoken by the person.

In this case, often during registration, the country and language must be specified without fail. Otherwise, the operation can not be completed. The fields are filled in Russian.

Block "Using Skype"

Creating an account in Skype meansuse of the program for various purposes. This will have to inform the application developers. When registering in the system, a person will see a separate "Using Skype" block. It consists of one question: "For what purposes is the use of the program planned?"

Reply here:

  • Personal use - for normal communication.
  • Commercial use - when using "Skype" for work purposes.

With the help of this block, Microsoft triesunderstand in what direction they should work with respect to the development of the application. Experts note that if there are difficulties with the choice of the answer, it is better to click on "Personal use".

the confirmation

Now it's clear how to create a new account in"Skype". In addition to these features, the user will have to choose a nice login and come up with a password to enter. These components can consist not only of English letters, but also of numbers. Often there are problems with logins - they are not so easy to come up with, because Skype has a lot of users. And the use of the same nicks is not allowed.

The final step in the entire operation is the confirmation of registration. Usually, in order to create an account in Skype, you need to enter a verification code in a special field. It's written in a patch.

creating a Skype account

Nevertheless, recently at registrationA profile in Skype requires a mobile phone number. In this case, the confirmation code will come in the SMS message. After entering the secret combination, you can click on the "I agree with the terms" button. Without this step, you can not complete the procedure for creating a questionnaire.


Once the listed operations areexecuted, the user will be redirected to the final page. Here he will be able to see the correctness of filling out the questionnaire, as well as data on the use of the profile for the last 30 days.

This window helps you manage some settings for Skype. Usually it is simply closed and starts to work directly with the program.

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