Rear view camera for cars with a monitor: overview, description, types and reviews

Correctly selected camera set with rearThe review will ensure the possibility of safe movement in the most difficult conditions. The driver gets full visibility in the "blind" areas, using video from the installed camera. Such systems are not cheap, but the support they provide, according to many users, justifies the investment. Especially appreciated are rear-view cameras for cars with a monitor installed separately. This configuration provides the most comfortable observation without losing the basic control of the car.

rear view camera for cars with a monitor

General information about the system

A typical kit includesvideo camera, monitor, controller and a set of cables for connecting individual components of the system. This is the minimum content, but there are also extended packages, which can include a navigation module, distance sensors and other auxiliary components. Standard rear-view cameras for cars with a monitor are connected via the wires mentioned. During the installation, the user must organize a power line from the cigarette lighter or battery pack, connect the control unit and the video camera, and connect a monitor to the infrastructure created. But there are also models with a wireless connection principle. Such devices are connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This option is convenient in that it does not require complex activities related to laying cable lines.

Main characteristics

car rear view camera monitor

Monitor and video camera are evaluated according to differentparameters. The main characteristic of the screen is the size. Today, formats ranging from 4 to 7 inches are common. That is, on average, it is 12-13 cm in the diagonal. But far from always beneficial are rear-view cameras for cars, monitors of which have a large format. Usually the display is placed on the central panel along with other electronic devices, so a massive design can become a serious distraction. According to the transmission signal standards, most monitors support NTSC and PAL analog systems. And the type of matrix in modern models is represented by TFT-LCD devices.

As for the camera, it is characterized byFirst of all, the angle of view and resolution. The first parameter is usually about 170 °. If this value is less, then the coverage of dangerous areas will be reduced. But the increase in visibility has its drawbacks, among which is a decrease in the quality of the picture. In terms of resolution, it is also necessary to adhere to the optimal balance. The middle segment basically represents rear-view cameras for cars with a monitor that support 720x576 format. For video equipment from other directions, this value has long been outdated, but it is important not to forget the limitations of the monitor itself, which will not allow full disclosure of high-quality HD-format.

Types of devices

rear view camera for car monitors

Again, the division can be divided into twocomponents - monitor and camera. In the case of the monitor, separate full-size models and miniature displays are selected, which are integrated into the mirror with the rear view. The second option is gaining popularity today, since it practically does not take up space on the central panel, but at the same time gives the driver the opportunity to easily track what is happening on the back side. The cameras themselves are divided by the installation method. For example, the most convenient in terms of installation - standard devices. Such kits are either initially integrated into the car's design, or they are later installed in the intended place. Another kind is embedded models. They are universal in terms of installation, but during the installation they require a serious reworking of the installation site. The license plate and bumper are the main elements in which car rear view cameras are fixed. The review of the sets presented below will allow us to draw conclusions about specific market proposals.

ParkCity Product Reviews

car rear view camera overview

One of the leaders in the automotive marketElectronics, which offers miniature cameras and monitors individually. In particular, many users are well aware of the budget combination of the PC-2203 video camera and the small display PC-GT3001. The 3.5-inch monitor provides a modest resolution of 320x240, but this is enough for a high-quality reflection of the transmitted information. Mark and other positive properties that have rear-view cameras and monitors from ParkCity. For example, the camera format is oriented to mounting in small mortise holes. This means that the device can be installed by the type of parking sensors in the bumper of any car.

Reviews about model AVIS

Another major manufacturer of monitors andcamcorders for cars. In this case, a more technological solution is considered - the AVS0415BM kit. The main advantage of this set is the monitor. Owners, for example, point to the proprietary option of automatically darkening the screen. The equipment regulates the reflection coefficient and brightness in such a way that the risk of blindness from the rear of the walking machine is excluded. There are also expanded opportunities for high-quality interface between the monitor and the camera. To do this, you can use the CVBS input, which also connects GPS, TV and DVD devices. Also under the brand AVIS special rear-view cameras are produced for cars with a monitor of different brands. The main characteristics of the components remain standard, but the external design parameters are adjusted according to the installation requirements for a specific vehicle.

Reviews of the model PLV-PC-03 from Pleervox

Rear View Cameras and Monitors

Inexpensive, but very attractive offerfor the ordinary motorist. The basic characteristics of the model are medium - NTSC transmission format, resolution 656x492, viewing angle - 170 °, etc. Interest to this set is due to the protective qualities of the equipment. The camera is marked with the protection category IP67. In practice, this means a confident counteraction to water, mechanical stress, clogging, etc. The owners also point out for another moment. Typically, the monitor of the car's rear view camera is equipped with brackets, allowing you to change the viewing angle. But in this case, the mounting hardware of the camcorder gives such an opportunity. In addition, the device contains elements of infrared illumination, which eliminates the problem of operating the camera in a problematic lighting situation.

What to consider when choosing?

Select a rear view camera with a monitor on the car

To the direct functions of such cameras as a whole claimsLittle. Even budget Chinese sets adequately cope with the tasks of broadcasting pictures on the screen in the cabin. Much more important are the ergonomics and reliability of equipment. Experienced drivers, in particular, recommend paying attention to the equipment with durable fasteners and materials for making the camera body. It is desirable to maximize the presence of metal parts - especially in parts adjacent to the fixing infrastructure. It is necessary to initially evaluate the quality of the wiring, which will connect the monitor and rear view camera for the car within the onboard network. Preference should be given to kits including wiring gaskets, extension cords, insulating pipes and other accessories aimed at improving the reliability of the equipment.


monitor and car rear view camera

In assessing this or that set will not be superfluousconsider and personal requirements. The fact is that the assistants of this kind are not resorted to by beginners, but by experienced motorists who quickly orient themselves in the information provided through the monitor, without forgetting what is happening ahead. Therefore, the choice of a rear-view camera with a monitor on the car should be made and with the expectation of the established style of management. The main thing in this respect is to determine the location of the monitor. Usually the driver gets used to pay attention to one direction. It is desirable that in this case it coincides with the rearview mirror, since this is the most familiar and comfortable zone for tracking by the driver.

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