Smartphone Nokia X2 Dual Sim: reviews and features

A year ago it was believed that the combination of servicesMicrosoft and the operating system "Android" is impossible, but at the moment we can see the second generation of smartphones based on the Nokia X Platform. A distinctive feature of such mobile devices was the lack of functionality in the services of Google and Play. The operating system "Android" added the graphic shell of the manufacturer. Unlike Windows Phone, the presented smartphone has the ability to download a huge number of applications "Android", their range compares favorably with other similar models. In the communicator Nokia X2 Dual Sim, the review of which we offer you, there is a more powerful hardware base and an updated operating system in comparison with the first smartphones of this line.

Delivery Overview

nokia x2 dual sim reviews

Talking about Nokia X2 Dual Sim reviewsusers will do us an invaluable service, as they will help achieve objectivity. The packing box is made of high-quality and dense cardboard, you can be sure of the safety of its contents. It features an image of the smartphone, its name, the manufacturer's logo and information about the mobile device and the location of the company. The box is quite presentable and bright, it can immediately attract attention. The information sheet contains the name of the smartphone, its configuration, main technical characteristics and possible color options (for example, Nokia x2 Dual Sim Green). The packing box extends to the side, after which we have access to the communicator and all related accessories. In the kit with the smartphone is a network adapter, a stereo headset, warranty card and user manual. By the way, an important point about the Nokia X2 Dual Sim: reviews of many users call it a bit strange lack of a USB cable and memory card, which will have to be purchased separately.


nokia x2 dual sim review
Like all Nokia mobile devices, the sidethe walls are welded to the back cover and form a kind of rectangular box into which the device is placed and snapped for its greater strength, durability, guaranteed absence of gaps and creaks. Smartphone Nokia X2 Dual Sim is easily removed from the box if you need to change the SIM, battery or memory card. The design of the mobile device is very similar to the advertised Lumia, it is very recognizable and familiar to almost all users of the communicators of this manufacturer. Distinctive features of the smartphone are bright colors and minimalistic rectangular shape. The manufacturer offers a model in several versions - green, black or bright orange. It can be noted that the smartphone has become even more angular on the side faces, and on the back cover the roundness has completely disappeared. Compared to other glossy mobile devices Nokia X2 looks more advantageous, which contributes to a two-layer bright color coating. The usual plastic top is supplemented with a layer of transparent polycarbonate. This solution reliably protects the smartphone from the appearance of scratch-resistant scratches, and also gives the appearance of the device a beautiful depth effect. The instructions for dismantling the rear cover are located in the user manual. No complications with this process you should not arise, you can even do without improvised means. Under the back cover is a removable battery, memory card slots and two SIMs.

Nokia X2 Dual Sim: reviews on the display

smartphone nokia x2 dual sim
The screen has a protective and oleophobic layer, thisminimizes fingerprints during use. Also the device has an anti-reflective coating, so that light sources do not distract from work on the smartphone. The side panels and glass are separated by a special plastic thin insert, now it does not protrude from the edges of the case and when placed on the hard surface of the smartphone, the screen down should be very careful not to damage the display. On the top panel is a speaker, a connector for a USB cable and a stereo headset. On the right side there is a volume key and a button for turning on and locking the mobile device. The smartphone is made very high quality, when pressing on the screen, the color divorces do not appear, and when rotated nothing bends, and the geometry of the device remains unchanged.


nokia x2 dual sim android
Nokia X2 Dual Sim - Android-smartphone, whichonly one multimedia speaker is integrated, when the mobile device is placed on the front side, the sound can be played muffled. The device is quite loud, but the negative side is the complete absence of low frequencies. The speaker is mainly designed for listening to music, games and movie viewing.


The front camera of the mobile device hasresolution 0.3 MP, and the main - 5 megapixels. There is optics with diaphragm, sensor, digital four-time zoom, automatic focusing and LED flash. You can get good pictures both during the day and at night. If shooting is in a dark room or at night, be sure to turn on the flash. The video quality is not impressive, the bad results are saved even when setting the settings to the maximum and with increasing or decreasing the screen resolution.


nokia x2 dual sim green
Nokia to create their own noveltiescompletely worked past mistakes, improved the operating system, increased the performance of the smartphone and slightly changed the controls, while retaining the bright youth design of the mobile device. For its price, the model turned out to be quite successful, criticism of the rigidity of the design, the quality of its assembly, color rendering, navigator operation, wireless interfaces, the speed of launching applications for all time did not arise. It should be said that the Nokia X2 Dual Sim reviews are currently mostly positive.

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