Beeline: "All for 150". Description of the tariff plan

Tariff plans with included volume of servicesThey are very popular among mobile operators' customers. To make a lump sum on the account and for a whole month not to think about additional payments is a really attractive offer. However, all tariff plans have their own characteristics, which can not be ignored. Moreover, you should get acquainted with them in advance. After all, many important moments are hidden under the notorious "asterisks", implying unnecessary waste.

Beeline all for 150

One of the tariff plansa lot of subscribers (and they are quite satisfied with its conditions), is a TA from Beeline - "All for 150". What is hidden under this intriguing name? What exactly will the subscriber get by replenishing the balance for a hundred and fifty rubles a month? This will be discussed in this article.

Description of TP from "Beeline" "All for 150"

What the operator "Beeline" offers to its subscribersfor a hundred and fifty rubles a month? First of all, these are unlimited calls to numbers of people who also use SIM cards from this provider. At the same time, we are talking about communication within our own area. Calls are indeed unlimited, without any restrictions. At the same time, communication with subscribers of other regions of the company "Beeline" is also carried out on quite favorable and interesting conditions.

Bills all for 150

A package containing 100minutes. Within this limit, you can communicate for free with your friends and colleagues, relatives and friends. Once the set volume is exhausted on the "Beeline" number ("All for 150" tariff), all further calls (until the end of the day) will be charged. The cost of a minute of communication will be 5 rubles. It is a lot of it or a little - to judge only to subscribers. For comparison, I want to clarify that when calling inter-city numbers of other operators are charged 10 rubles per minute of conversation. When calling to the numbers of other cellular operators within their region, the cost of a minute will be 1 ruble.

the Internet

It also offers its customers a package ofcompany «Beeline» «All for 150». The subscription fee (150 rubles per month) includes Internet traffic. A 1 Gb package is provided for the entire billing period (per month). For someone, such a quantity can show insignificant. In this case, you can activate additional options ("Highway", etc.).

Beeline 150 rubles a month

It is also possible to use auto-prolongationspeed. By the way, this service is connected by default on the tariff plan from "Beeline" (150 rubles a month). This means that as soon as you spend 1000 megabytes (during the billing period) a package with an additional 200 MB for 20 rubles will be connected. The number of such connections is not limited. Thus, if you do not follow the traffic, you can spend a substantial amount. Disable auto-prolongation by dialing the number 067 471 7780. To check the traffic balance - 06745.

It is also important to understand that if you disableauto-prolonging the speed and exhausting the limit on the TP, a speed limit of 64 Kb / sec will be set. For the normal use of the Internet, this is not enough. However, if you wait until the end of the month, you can reuse the traffic provided by the TP (1000 MB).

tariffs beeline 150 month

Sending messages to the TP

The cost of one text message withinof its region - 50 kopecks (to numbers "Beeline" and any others). Sending an inter city will cost 2.95 rubles. to the numbers of all subscribers). Multimedia messages - 6.60 rubles.

Features of TP

Its features have all the tariffs. Beeline (150 months) is no exception. I would like to highlight the following parameters:

  • When switching to TP, 50 rubles will be written off. One-time payment is charged from all subscribers when the tariff plan is changed.
  • On the account at the time of changing the TP must be at least 100 rubles. Otherwise, the charge will not be charged. By the way, this amount will not disappear from the account, it's just necessary to have it.
  • The daily fee is 5 rubles. For a month the amount is 150 rubles.
  • The service "Auto-speeding" is connected to all customers who have switched to this TP or bought a new SIM card.
  • In order to optimize the TP and make itmore advantageous when calling to numbers of mobile operators and landlines in your region, you can connect the option for 50 rubles. According to its conditions, 100 minutes will be given every day for calls to any numbers, except for "Beeline".

Beeline all for 150

Activation of TP

To switch to the tariff plan from "Beeline" "All for150 "it is necessary to dial the following combination from the number - 0674 00 100. First you need to replenish the account, so that the balance was at least 150 rubles. Change of TP can also be carried out through the user's personal cabinet. You can go to it by visiting the main site of the mobile operator. You must select the Change Rate command. After that, a list of available TPs is displayed.

Please note that this tariff plan maybe available for connection only in some areas of the country. Thus, you can specify the ability to go to it on the site (if it is not listed in the list, then the transition is impossible) or through the contact center.

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