How to call the operator "Life" in Ukraine and in Belarus in various ways?

This short review willin detail not only described how to call the operator "Life" in Belarus and Ukraine, but also listed their number bases, coverage and communication standards in which the services are provided by this operator.

how to call the operator

Operator Help

Before calling the operator "Life"we will give a short reference to it. In Ukraine this operator appeared in 2004. Provided mobile services based on its own GSM network, that is 2G. Initially, the owners were 2 companies: the Turkish mobile operator Turkcell and the Ukrainian holding SCM. In 2015 the shareholder composition changed due to the fact that Turkcell bought out the share of SCM. Also this year, the operator received a license to provide communication services in 3G format. Now there is an active deployment of this mobile network across Ukraine. In early 2016, on the initiative of the managing Turkish company, a re-trading of the operator was carried out, which is now called Lifecell. In Belarus, the brand "Life" appeared in 2008. 80% of its shares belong to Turkcell, 20% - to the government of Belarus.

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Subscriber base and numbers

The operator of cellular communication "Life", or, as hisnow already called, Lifecell, in Ukraine serves more than 10 million subscribers and by this indicator ranks third in the country. Most of them use the GSM network. The number of the operator "Life", like any other in Ukraine, starts with the code +380. In the rest, he has three groups of telephone codes that follow the international code of the country. This is 63, 73 and 93. At the end there is a seven-digit subscriber number. Theoretically, "Life" can serve 30 million subscribers. Now, as noted earlier, this figure is just over 10 million. That is, the subscriber capacity is only used by 30 percent. The number of the operator "Life" in Belarus begins with the code +375. Then follows the 25 - code of the mobile operator. At the end, just like in Ukraine, there is a seven-digit subscriber number.

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Coverage and communication standards

At the moment, the mobile operator "Life" onUkraine provides coverage of the territory where 98% of the country's population live. As noted earlier, the operator provides services based on dual-band coverage - GSM and 3G. In the latter case, the standard is provided only in large cities and nearby settlements. In the same way as in Ukraine, the mobile operator "Life" in Belarus provides communication services in 2 standards - GSM and 3G. The number of subscribers - more than 1.6 million people, and this is the third largest operator in the country. Theoretically, the number base of the operator +37525 allows to serve 10 million subscribers. That is, according to this indicator, "Life" uses only slightly more than 16 percent of its capabilities. GSM coverage in Belarus covers more than 90 percent of the territory. And 3G is present only in large settlements and is in the stage of active development.

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Support Phones in Ukraine

The procedure for dialing into the customer support centerthe operator "Life" constantly changes. The phone of the support center operator for all time of its existence has not changed - it's 5433 for phones that are registered in this mobile network. If you do not have a mobile device connected to the Life network, you can use this number - 0800205433. All these numbers are free and operate only within the country. If you are abroad, you need to use a different number - 0635433111, but, unlike the previous two numbers, in this case the call will be charged. And its cost will depend on the region where you are and the tariff plan of your room. After dialing any of the above numbers it will be necessary to choose the menu language at the first connection: 1 - Ukrainian, 2 - Russian, after which you will enter the main voice menu. If this is not the first connection, then there is no need to choose a language, and you will immediately hear the main menu items. Next, listen to the answering machine and select item 5 immediately, and in it - sub-item 6. After that, the connection with the free operator will be established. This is the answer to the question of how to call the operator "Life" in Ukraine at the moment. But the voice menu is regularly updated, and significant changes are made to it. Therefore, it is recommended to listen carefully to the answering machine and follow its instructions.

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Subscriber Support Center in Belarus

In Belarus, a free operator "Life" can be called by two short numbers: 909 or 920. In the end, do not forget that you need to press the call button without fail. These numbers are only valid within the network. That is, you can contact the customer support center only on mobile devices connected to the cellular network "Life". If you do not have such a device (it was stolen, for example, or the phone went down), you can use +375259090909 or +375172959999. The first of them is a special number inside the Life network, the second is a direct city number in Minsk. The same numbers can also be used for calls from abroad when roaming. But both of these numbers are paid. In the rest, we listen to the answering machine, follow its instructions and go out to communicate with the operator.

how to call the operator

Let's sum up the results

In this small survey material,only described how to get through to the operator "Life" in Belarus and Ukraine in the country or while roaming, but also indicated the numbers of the operator in these countries. The number of subscribers served and the percentage coverage in each country are given. Also indicated are the types of mobile standards on the basis of which the mobile networks of this mobile operator operate.

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