Instruction: how to disable on the "iPhone" T9

In 1999, a programmer from the company TegicCommunications Cliff Kashler came up with the function of auto-match words on the keyboard in accordance with what the user enters. This option is called T9 and is now widely distributed around the world. T9 is an abbreviation of the English phrase "Text on 9 buttons" (Text on 9 keys).

T9 is on smartphones of any platform. Moreover, it is active even on tablets. In particular, users of the "iPhone" actively use this function.

Nevertheless, like everything else in the world, T9 has positive and negative qualities.

how on the iPhone disable t9

Pros and Cons of T9

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of this option is help with typing. Especially it was convenient when all 9 letters of the alphabet were located on the 9 keys of the phone.

Although it can not be denied that even now - in the era of touch smartphones - T9 helps to print texts and type messages faster.

But often the function suggests the wrong words. In addition, its panel takes up space on the dial-up screen. For these two reasons, many users believe that this is not the most useful option, and are interested in how to disable T9 on the "iPhone".

In fact, it's not difficult at all.

how to disable t9 on iphone 5

How to disable T9 on the "iPhone"?

It should be noted that for the deactivation of this function no special programs are required. Now you can go to the heart of the matter: how to disable the T9 on the "iPhone"?

To do this, go to the "Settings" section andfind there the column "Basic". In this tab, you need to find the "Keyboard" line. In the section "All keyboards" there will be a lot of inscriptions with switched or switched off toggle switches. If after the word "Autocorrection" there is a green toggle switch, then T9 is active. To deactivate it, you need to turn off the toggle switch.

Now you know how to disable the T9 on the "iPhone". It turned out to be really not that difficult at all.

If you are interested in how to disable T9 on "iPhone 5", then do not create a new query about this, because it is done in a similar manner to that described above.

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