Nokia 8850 Review. Features and Specifications

In 1999, the company "Nokia" was releasedthe next representative of the business class is the model 8850. The device stands out with an elegant and expensive appearance. A solid device is interesting not only for its design, but also for its functionality.


Nokia 8850

Striking the Nokia 8850 in the first placematerial of the case. The phone is completely made of thin and light metal with a small plastic insert above the antenna. Despite the material of the case, the device weighs only 91 grams. This is slightly larger than the models made of plastic.

On the front side of the Nokia 8850 are the elementscontrols, buttons, a microphone, a display, a speaker and a logo. It should be noted the location of the keys. The answer and end buttons, selection and control buttons are not closed by the pull-out panel. The user can call, open the phone book and work with the device without opening the slider. However, for dialing sms and numbers, you still have to open the panel.

On the left side the manufacturer placeda bit of a fallen metallic volume control. The button was not very successful. When talking to increase the volume level is problematic, you have to remove the device from the ear. Below the regulator is the infrared port. A power button and a hole for the belt were placed on top of the device.

Working with the device

Hidden behind the slider buttons turned out not sosuccessful. The keys are made of metal, but they are rather narrow. Pressing the buttons is not very convenient, which is especially noticeable in games and SMS. The slider serves for another purpose: by opening or closing it, you can accept or reject the call. This solution is especially convenient in the dark.

The back panel of the device is removable.However, there is a trick here. In order to get to the battery and the SIM jack, you need to press the inconspicuous button on the right side of the Nokia 8850. Behind the panel is the battery and the place for the SIM card. Remove or install the SIM, without getting the battery, it is impossible.


The device works in two modes: GSM 1800 and 900.Supports SMS device and transfer graphic images. Among other devices, the Nokia 8850 is distinguished by its high volume as a conversational one, and there is the main dynamics there.

The device perfectly catches a signal, problems withcommunication should not arise. The only drawback - when speaking is a very inconvenient location of the microphone. This is noticeable if you answer the call with the receive key without opening the slider. The microphone is too far away, the interlocutor does not hear the conversation.

To receive data in the device, there is an infrared port and a TTML browser for Internet use. Equipped with a fax machine, capable of supporting up to 9600 baud.


Nokia 8850 Review

The user will not be particularly surprised by the monochrome screenNokia 8850. The overview of the display is highlighted only by an unusual bluish backlight, which emphasizes the appearance of the device. Five lines of text are placed on the screen. Work with the display comfortably due to powerful and at the same time soft backlight.


Nokia 8850 how to distinguish a fake

The device can store up to 250 numbers and morethe same number is placed on the SIM card. The number of saved calls is also limited. The device stores only the last ten received, unpleasant and dialed numbers. A little better with the organizer device. The calendar is designed for 50 entries.


The manufacturer allocated for the needs of the 8850 battery withcapacity of 750 maH. Given the small functionality and monochrome screen, autonomy is high. The phone can operate for about 150 hours in a passive mode. Active use will "plant" the battery much faster, in just three days.


Nokia 8850 photos

Most owners at a glanceliked the Nokia 8850. The photo of the device found in the network, interested in design and unusual. Strict and at the same time elegant appearance became the key to the popularity of the device.

Users preferred the 8850 because of its strength. Thin metal withstands falling and almost does not suffer from scratches. For active people, 8850 is a real find.


A significant problem for buyers of steelcopies of Nokia 8850. How to distinguish a fake - that's what interests many users. The great popularity of the model has created a lot of imitators, so you should be careful. Choosing 8850, you should pay attention to the country of the manufacturer, protective film, body material, small elements and, of course, the working platform.

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