DEX-P99RS Pioneer: review, reviews, photos

It's no secret that the quality sound incar depends on many factors. First, we need qualitative dynamics. Secondly, it would be nice to use an amplifier (without it audiophiles in any way). And third, we need a high-quality "head" (car stereo). Modern manufacturers of music players for cars are now in full swing with each other and are trying to win the attention of potential buyers all sorts of unusual "chips." And only Pioneer takes naked quality. And in this they have no equal. Their radio DEX-P99RS Pioneer is recognized as the best in the class of Hi-End. And there are many reasons for this. We'll look at them, but first we'll look at the history of the company a little.

A little about the company

Pioneer was founded in 1938 andshe was then engaged in the repair of radios. But the years went by, the business grew stronger, and soon the producer became the "father" of such players as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and others. The company produced LCD displays, TVs, loudspeakers, equipment for DJs, automotive electronics. But at the beginning of the two thousandth company management sold all the "side" branches of the business and concentrated exclusively on the production of automotive electronics and car speakers. It was during these years that the first model of the head unit from the DEX-P99RS Pioneer line was released.

dex p99rs pioneer

Today the company is the world's leadingmanufacturer of automotive electronics. Among the products you can name head units, AV-receivers for the car, subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, LCD screens for cars, navigation systems and much more. Thus, the brand "Pioneer" can be considered a favorite manufacturer of motorists. At the same time their radio DEX-P99RS Pioneer is traditionally considered the most desirable product among motorists. Why did it happen so? This is what we will try to understand.

Contents of delivery

The Pioneer DEX-P99RS is supplied ina box of white color, made from recycled cardboard. The box is briefly informed that inside is the product from the Pioneer. Also written is the model of the device. Inside you can find the radio itself, remote control, warranty card, instruction manual in different languages ​​(including the correct Russian) and a set of screws for mounting the car radio. Such a set is standard in the world of automotive devices, even for Hi-End class devices. So there is absolutely nothing to be surprised at.

pioneer dex p99rs reviews

The Pioneer DEX-P99RS is supplied inquite a voluminous box. The radio tape recorder itself is packed in a bag with pimples. But the removable front panel is in an elegant and durable plastic case. It is absolutely necessary, since you will have to shoot this very panel quite often. This is done so that at night in the car they do not break the window, flattered by the expensive car radio. This is our country, nothing can be done about it. This completes the overview of the delivery kit. Let's move on to the appearance.

Appearance and design

The exterior of the Pioneer DEX-P99RS, whose reviewhere presented, immediately indicates that we have a premium-class device. Minimalistic design, high-quality front panel materials, perfect combination of components - these are all attributes of a quality product. On the front panel there are control elements that look very dignified. On the sides are control knobs made in retro style (like volume controls on old amplifiers). In the middle is conveniently located high-quality LED-display, which will display all the necessary information.

cassette recorder pioneer dex p99rs

At the bottom of the panel are some buttonscontrols and a connector for connecting an external audio device. Pioneer DEX-P99RS looks exactly like it should be a quality, status device. Maybe that's why this "head" is so popular among motorists. But let's move on to the technical characteristics of the device. They will help determine whether it is worth buying such an expensive car radio.


So, let's move on to the mean figures. DEX-P99RS Pioneer has several separate audio processors, which are designed to handle sound from various audio sources. The recorder supports CDs (WMA, MP3), plays music from iPads or iPhones when connected via USB, and also plays through an external audio device when connected via an analog connector on the front panel of the Pioneer DEX-P99RS. Photos are attached. But that's not all.

pioneer dex p99rs review

The radio tape recorder has several channels (high,mid, low and subwoofer), but each of these channels has two filters, which allows for better sound. What can I say? In the company Pioneer always knew how to do quality things. A distinctive feature of this car radio is that it perfectly shows itself even when working with a fairly budgetary speaker system. This in nature has not happened. No wonder this head unit deserved the status of the best. However, we proceed to the next part of our review.

Remote control

It's almost a masterpiece. With it, you can fully control the car stereo DEX-P99RS Pioneer. It contains almost all the elements and commands that you may need. That's only manage the unloading of the disk will not work. There are no buttons for ejecting a CD on the remote. Yes, this is not so important. The main thing is that the console can be easily installed on the steering wheel of the car, which automatically turns the latter into a multimedia steering wheel.

car stereo pioneer dex p99rs

Using the remote control, you canselect songs, control the equalizer, search for radio stations, change the volume level, control the playback of music and program the order of works. Many remote controllers from other manufacturers are not available and half of what the remote control from Pioneer can. It is possible that in this way the company tried to warm up the interest in the product and improve the ergonomics of the car radio.

Sound quality

Head Unit DEX-P99RS Pioneer providesunrealistically sound sound. But in order to hear it you need to fulfill several requirements. First, you should listen to music only from licensed CDs. Only on them can you find acceptable quality. Alternatively, you can use uncompressed WAV, flooded with iPhone or Aipad. Secondly, you need to supply your car with a high-quality speaker system. Hope that the standard car speakers will be able to give out the widest range of the sound path (even with such a radio) - pure madness. Thirdly, it would be nice to use an amplifier in tandem with a car stereo. Although the latter is not necessary. Only in this way will you achieve a quality sound.

pioneer dex p99rs photo

Positive owners feedback

Those who dared to buy a car receiverof such a level (for such and such money), leave many laudatory comments about her work. What is known about the real characteristics of the Pioneer DEX-P99RS? Reviews of this tape recorder are purely positive. Car enthusiasts are simply delighted with the sound quality and speed of the radio. Many note a very informative display and an exceptionally convenient remote control. Even though it is equipped with wires. And some disclosed the full potential of the radio, by connecting the CD receiver to it using a wireless connection. And this also warms the soul for many people. In general, almost everyone who bought this car receiver can not be proud of this acquisition. However, there are those who remained unhappy.

pioneer dex p99rs

Negative owners feedback

The most frequent complaint from users on thisthe head unit is a high price. Yes, it is high. But on the other hand, all devices of premium class, corresponding to the level of Hi-End are decent. Other complaints include the fact that the radio tape recorder does not know how to work with uncompressed formats FLAC, APE, WavPack and others. This remark is sensible. For music in these formats is distinguished by high quality of sound. It's unclear why the manufacturers decided to abandon these formats. But these are all the details on the background of a chic sound and excellent functionality. Therefore, complaints about such minor flaws can not even be considered.


Head Unit Pioneer DEX-P99RS refers tohigh-end audio devices Hi-End level and can provide exceptionally high-quality sound in the car. The radio tape recorder has many advantages that make its purchase profitable, even despite the high cost. But good devices should cost so much. However, the use of this car radio without an appropriate speaker system is highly discouraged. In this case, it is better to look for something simpler. Or purchase more and more speakers. Only after that it will be possible to enjoy high-quality sound.

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