Phone Fly 4416 - features

Models of mobile phones Fly lessare distributed than other competitors, but they also have many advantages. The only drawback of this model range can be called only a quiet conversational speaker. However, this is relevant only for those users who are forced to conduct regular telephone conversations in noisy places.

It is worth noting that the new model - phone Fly4416 - no longer has the above-mentioned shortcoming. It seems that the developers took into account the numerous user reviews. On the features of the above-mentioned model it is worthwhile to dwell separately.

fly 4416

What is this phone?

At once it is necessary to dwell on the fact that Fly4416 is not suitable for those who expect high-power smartphones and many additional functions from the smartphone. Its technical characteristics are rather mediocre - it is not equipped with either high-quality graphics or built-in additional applications. With this phone, you can only do the following:

  • make calls and make telephone calls;
  • send SMS messages;
  • take photos;
  • Use it as a device to access the Internet;
  • listen to music;
  • Play in small and low-resource games;
  • with the help of the service Shazam find a certain song.

phone fly 4416

Thus, the Fly 4416 is suitable forusers who do not fundamentally have the number of pixels on the screen and in the camera, and also do not need a high speed Internet connection. In other words, this is an excellent gadget of low price category, coping with the basic functions of a modern phone. With smartphones of high and even average price category, it can not compete.

For its cost, which is less than 5,000 rubles, it copes well with its basic functions. What are its features?

fly iq 4416

Fly 4416 specifications

The processor MediaTek MT6572 is dual-core with a frequency of 1.3 GHz.

512 MB of RAM.

4 GB internal memory, with the possibility of its expansion.

The possibility of using two SIM cards (both standard and micro).

Display 4,5 "IPS 854 × 480.

Battery capacity of 1650 mAh.

Two cameras - the main 5 Mp and the front 0.3 Mp.

Operating system "Android" version 4.2.2.

To whom is this phone recommended?

Fly IQ 4416 has a quite attractive exteriorThe type and size, which allows one to use it with one hand. In addition, the sensor is very responsive and fast, and the screen colors are quite bright. The speakers work very well and loudly, as already mentioned above. The slowdown of the smartphone is possible only if you start something from the Internet. During the download, other applications open at this time may noticeably hover.

In other words, the Fly 4416 is a device forthose who need only basic functions. In this case, they work without any drawbacks. This phone is perfect for younger students and users who need a phone only for communication. Moreover, often people buy expensive devices using only a small part of their functionality. Maybe it's better to reconsider your views?

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