How to transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon: popular ways

Everyone has heard that MegaFon has such aa service that allows you to send money from one number to another. But many may not know how to do it. But this function can be very useful, especially when you or your friend ran out of funds on the balance, but you need to call urgently. And this article, we'll figure out how to transfer money from Megafon to MegaFon. Three main methods that the directly represented operator presents will be disassembled. In addition, we will tell you how to transfer money from MTS to MegaFon.

Translation with USSD-request

The first in line is the service"Mobile translation". It is implemented using a USSD-request, which is quite convenient. Let's look at how to transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon with her.

how to transfer money from a megaphone to a megaphone

As mentioned above, you will need to send a USSD request. It looks like this: * 133 * the amount that will be sent * the recipient's number.

After that, press the call key. To make it more clear, let's look at everything in an example. Let's say you decided to transfer to the number 89264358955 the amount of 500 rubles. To do this, dial * 133 * 500 * 89264358955 # and press the call.

After you do this, you will receive SMS with a confirmation. It will also contain instructions on what to do next. When you fulfill all the conditions, the transfer will take place.

This was the first way how to transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon, but not the last. There are two more in the queue, so we immediately move on.

Translation via SMS

Now let's talk about how to listmoney from "Megaphone" not only on "Megaphone", but also numbers of other operators. The service from the company called "Money Transfer" will help us in this. This operation is performed using SMS-request. This method may seem much simpler for many.

how to transfer money from a megaphone

First, start creating an SMS message. In the text field, enter the number to which you send the money, and then, through the space, the amount of sending. All this is due to send to the number 8900. In order to be more clearly, it is worthwhile to give an example. The following text should appear in the text field: "9264358955 500". Note that the data is indicated by a space.

Translation through the site of "MegaFon"

There is another answer to the question of howtransfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon. The service is implemented directly through the site and is the simplest of all presented. Therefore, if you have a computer connected to the Internet at hand, it is recommended that you use it.

Go to the site On the main page, select "To another phone." Before you open the necessary page. There will be a form to fill. It's pretty simple. Initially enter the amount you want to send, then the number of the recipient, and then - your number.

Now you need to confirm that you are not a robot andclick on "Translate". You will be transferred to a page where you will enter the information you entered. If everything is accurate, then click "Translate". Your message should now have a message with your instructions for confirmation. Follow it, follow all the steps - and the money will go to the user.

Translation from "MTS" to "MegaFon"

Now let's figure out how to transfer money from MTS to MegaFon. This is done very simply, through the site of "MTS". This method is very similar to the third, presented in this article. So, let's get started.

per megaphone to transfer money

You need to login https: // Now follow the instructions:

  1. In the left menu, select "Mobile phone".
  2. Now, on the operator selection page, select "MegaFon".
  3. It is necessary to fill out the form. Specify the number of the recipient, the amount of the transfer and do not forget to mark the item "From the account of the mobile phone of MTS".
  4. Click "Next".
  5. Enter your office.
  6. Confirm the operation that was started.

After that, you can check your account, it must be withdrawn from the amount equivalent to the one you specified in the transfer, plus a commission.

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