We choose a vacuum cleaner "Samsung" with an aquafilter

We choose a vacuum cleaner "Samsung" with an aquafilter

samsung with aquafilter

Vacuum cleaners have firmly entered our life, turning tedious and long cleaning into a simple and easy occupation. They are made by many companies. On which company to stop?

Firm Samsung conquers the market

The firm "Samsung" entered the market in 1969 andquickly gained the attention of fans from all over the world. Quality and reliability is famous for its home appliances. Samsung vacuum cleaners are an excellent example of modern home equipment. They are reliable and convenient to use at the same time as an affordable price.

What is the difference?

Vacuum cleaners have different designs, functions,power and, of course, prices. When choosing, pay attention to the suction power, which directly affects the quality of cleaning. The required power is calculated, taking into account the dimensions of the room and the amount of dust in it. Cleaning, which is carried out with the help of this household appliance, can be dry and wet.

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

Depending on the design, they are divided into 3 groups:

  • with a dust collector;
  • with aquafilter;
  • cyclonic.

Vacuum cleaners with dust collect dust and dirt inpaper (disposable) or tissue (reusable) bag. They are obsolete because they let microparticles of dust into the air, but are still popular.

aqua vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner "Samsung" with an aquafilter is characterized byhigh quality air purification, as it detains almost 100% of the dust falling inside. This quality is possible due to the availability of a special cleaning system. It passes a polluted airflow through a reservoir containing water. It is water that detains dust and debris. Purified air comes back into the environment and creates a sense of freshness. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner "Samsung" with an aquafilter clears not only the surface, but also the air space. In addition, it moisturizes and aromatizes the air in the room. Also, a vacuum cleaner "Samsung" with an aquafilter is equipped with a turbo brush, which helps to remove from carpets special impurities, including animal wool. Another advantage is an aqua vacuum cleaner -

household appliances vacuum cleaners
constant suction power regardless ofdegree of filling of the container, in contrast to the vacuum cleaner with a dust collector. The disadvantages of such a variety are high cost, large size and weight. Water filters in vacuum cleaners with alfa filter can be separator and hookah (bubbling).

In the separator type only water is used withoutporous filters. With the help of a powerful whirlpool, all the garbage is captured. After harvesting, the water is drained. Due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner does not have porous filters, they do not require washing and drying. But this vacuum cleaner is very expensive.

A hookah type vacuum cleaner costs a lot less, butIts disadvantage is that after each cleaning, it is necessary to wash out and dry the porous filters so that the bacteria do not multiply. In addition, filters require frequent replacement.

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner "Samsung" - an ideal variantfor domestic use. He spirally twists the polluted air in a special plastic reservoir. This ensures the removal of dust on the walls of the vessel and the exit from the vacuum cleaner of clean air.

Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning

If you need not only to collect dust, but also to carry out wet cleaning, then it is better to buy a washing vacuum cleaner. It sprays water, and then sucks wet dust and debris into the dust bin.

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