How to tie a sea knot? Varieties and useful information

Everyone knows that the sea knot is one of thethe strongest knots. But not everyone knows what kinds of these ligaments exist, and there are not a few of them. To learn how to tie a sea knot, you should consider all its types.

how to tie a sea knot
A dummy node is necessary at the moment when it followslift the load, and the lines are not available at hand. To create this bundle, you will need a cable - steel or vegetable. The principle of the node is as follows: when the end of the ovary receives a load, it is pressed against the hook, namely, to the inner neck. The loop, which is tightened around the back, fixes both ends. It should be understood that the root end of the node must pass over the running gear. In addition, the running end of the rope must be attached to the root end. It is necessary that at the most crucial moment he does not come off. By the way, it is possible to lift the bag without a cable, using a similar unit. The button is thus made so that the neck of the bag is wrapped around the hook once.

The cat's paw is used whenSlings are attached to the hook so that there is no excess slack. How to tie a sea knot of this species? The loop of the sling should be placed on top of both ends, thus obtaining two not very large loops. Each loop should be twisted at the same time. The number of twists will depend on how much you need to reduce the sling. Then loops must be put on the hook.

node of the sea
A barrel knot is needed to raise full andOpen barrels in a strictly vertical position. In the middle of the cable, you need to tie a small bundle. Half-loops need to be spread apart so that they sweep the barrel in the middle. One part of the loop must be passed through the bottom of the load, and those ends that remain free, should be connected by a straight knot. If one end remains vacant, then it should be secured with a chat unit.

A pile knot is necessary for breaking through somestrands of the cable, for leveling the eyelets and for performing a variety of works with the canvas. How to tie a sea knot of a pivot type? Such a node does not represent any complexity. It is only necessary to understand that he must tightly clasp the object.
In addition, the object must be pulled out from such a node very easily. With the help of such an ovary it is possible to fasten mooring lines to the palms, and also to attach special rope fences and build bridges.

Sea Node Scheme
Node peg (in other words, "lamb leg"),got its name, due to the external similarity with the eponymous part of the animal. Used in the event that you need to reduce the length of the cable for a while. In addition, if the strength of the rope is doubtful, then this sea knot can be applied. The scheme of its creation is not too difficult to understand. But some points should still be taken into account. For example, do not forget that this ovary acquires its strength only when the load is lifted. In other cases, he can unleash.

Varieties of ovaries are still very many.If there is a desire to learn about how to tie a sea knot, you should carefully approach the study of each species. The strength of the loop will be doubtful. Perhaps it is worth exploring in practice, what is a marine node?

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