Marcello Lippi - a great tactician or raspiareny loser?

Italian coaching school of the end of the XX-th - the beginningXXI is not very rich with super-known coaches, who would achieve high results outside the domestic championship. Although for the sake of fairness it is worth noting that both the Italian team and the clubs "Skuadro Azuri" have long been not among the top-grandees of European football, and in fact once it was all quite different ...

Italian national team

italian football player

Italian football has never lagged behind in Europe,and in the world too. Already in the second in the account mundiale footballers from the Apennines won gold medals and universal recognition. At the next championship, after 4 years, they were able to repeat their great achievement, but already playing in a fairy-tale country - France. After that, the achievements of the national team was followed by a certain calm and until 1968 the Italians won nothing. Perhaps this is due to the large losses that they had to incur in connection with the protracted Second World War. This year they managed to take gold at the European Championships, where in the finals they beat a very strong team of Yugoslavia. Then followed the "silver" at the World Cup in Mexico and "gold" in Spain. Since 1990, the Italian team has not achieved anything, until 2004 ... Since then, it was headed by Marcello Lippi, putting the first stone in the modern history of Italian football.

Marcello's playing career

During his career as a football player, all the skepticsalready were overwhelmed by the play of this central defender, who for 10 years enchanted in "Sampdoria", being her captain. Already in the days of his playing career in Lippi, the makings of a leader that leads others behind him were visible, as he had more than 270 matches for his team for all these years. After "Sampdoria" the Italian footballer obviously began to "dry up" and finished his last matches in the modest clubs "Pustoyeze" and "Lucchese". For the national team of Italy, he did not sue to play, and most likely, this is the only omission, which he can regret.

Coaching career of Marcello Lippi

Marcello Lippi

Having finished career as a professional football player,the Italian immediately took up coaching work, starting to train the youth squad of his favorite team - "Sampdoria". Later he began to climb the career ladder higher and higher, until he reached the goals, which he probably long dreamed of. He received an offer from a fairly serious club from Naples. In "Napoli" Marcello Lippi worked exactly one season and immediately after that went to a more serious project, "Juventus". It was here that the Italian specialist was able to reveal his potential. With this club he worked for 5 years and despite the fact that all the stars of the "Old Lady" left, he found an approach to the youth, built the tactics of his new team on the 4-2-3-1 scheme and introduced the football "fashion" to this arrangement . During these years, Marcello Lippi managed to win 3 Italian championships, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, the Intercontinental Cup, to become the best coach of that time. He was just carried in Turin, but after losing to the championship with a score of 4-2 the coach resigned. Then followed a clear decline ... Unsuccessful year in the "Internationale" with conflicts, after which he was dismissed from the post of head coach. In 2001, he again returned to Juventus and stayed there for another 3 years, winning 2 more championships in Italy.

Peak coaching career Lippi

Italy national football team

The year 2004 considers the whole football Italy to be a turning point.After protracted failures on the part of their favorites, Marcello Lippi was invited to the post of head coach of the "Skuadro Azuri". Although his first match, the Italian national football team under the guidance of an Italian specialist and lost, which led to a lot of criticism, after the team successfully qualified for the 2006 mundial, which was held in Germany. The entire World Cup was dictated by the Italians, and in the final match they were faced with a really difficult test - the French team with players like Zidane, Abidal, Trezeguet and others (a match with Zidane's scandalous blow). With this test, Lippi coped and from the time he refused to renew the contract with the federation of football in Italy, his considerable coaching achievements have ended.

Unsuccessful work in Italy for qualifying for the 2010 World Cup and a modest job in the Chinese club of Gangzhou ... Obviously, this specialist did not dream about this 10 years ago ...

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