Legendary Swedish hockey player Mats Sundin: biography and sports career

Mats Sundin, whose biography is presented inthis article, is a famous Swedish hockey player who played in the position of the central striker. He became a three-time world champion and holder of the gold medal of the 2006 Olympics. Included in the IIHF Hall of Fame.


Sundin Mats Johan was born in February 1971year in the small town of Bromma, located in close proximity to Stockholm. Initially, the future NHL star was engaged in bandy - hockey with the ball, but subsequently moved to the more popular form of this sport.

mats sundine biography

Already from adolescence, experts predictedto him a brilliant sports career. At that time Mats Sundin played for "Djurgården", in which he passed from the junior to the adult team. With its relatively large dimensions, the center forward possessed excellent speed and technique.

In 1989, Sundin was drafted for the NHL, where he was selected for the first time in the history of Swedish and European hockey under the first number by the Canadian club Quebec Nordics.

However, the 19-year-old striker remained for one more season in "Djurgården". This year he became the champion of Sweden, excellently showing up in the playoff series.

Traveling across the ocean

Since the autumn of 1990 Mats Sundin - hockey player "Quebec Nordics". Despite the "unlucky" 13th number, the Swedish central striker quickly took root in the NHL.

In the first season he played in 80 fights, in which he scored 23 goals and gave 36 assists. With these indicators, he became the second most effective player in his team.

Over the next three seasons, the Swedish striker, nicknamed Suddenly among the fans, became one of the leaders of Quebec Nordics. In 224 matches, Sundin scored 275 (103 + 172) points.

Going to the "Toronto Maple Leafs"

In 1994, one of the most titledhockey clubs of the NHL "Toronto Maple Leafs" as a result of a large exchange got himself a young Swedish striker, who was destined to soon become one of the legends of the team. Since the regular NHL draw was shortened because of the lockout, Mats Sundin played 47 fights in the "Maple Leaf", where he scored 47 (23 + 24) balls.

mats sun dance hockey player

The next season Swedish hockey player started in the rolevice-captain of the team. In the regular season, Sundin played 76 games, scored 33 goals and made 50 assists. Such indicators allowed him for the first time to take part in the All-Star Game of the NHL.

After leaving in 1997 from the team of her captain Doug Gilmour "Toronto Maple Leafs" began to bring to the game Sundin. He became the first captain of the European club for many years.

Over the next 11 years, "Captain Capture" wasan unchallenged leader in his performance team. He never scored less than 70 points for 10 regular NHL drawings. In 2006, Sundin Mats became the first Swede to score 500 goals, and a year later he set the bombardier record of "Maple Leaf", having scored 400 times for them.

mats of sundines

Due to its excellent performance,Swedish striker eight times became a member of the Match of all NHL stars. Four times he was awarded "Viking Evord" - the award to the best player from Sweden. In 2002 and 2004 he was included in the symbolic team of all NHL stars. In 2008, "Captain Capture" for his leadership qualities became the winner of the Mercier prize.

Change of command and completion of career

When the action of the contract with the "Toronto Maple Leafs"ended in 2008, Mats Sundin doubted whether he should continue his career. After a brief reflection, the 37-year-old legendary hockey player signed a one-year contract with the Vancouver Canucks. In its structure the Swedish veteran has lead 41 duel, has thrown 9 washers and has given 19 productive transfers.

In February 2009, he played in Toronto againsthis former team. In this game, "Vancouver Canucks" won in the shootout series, and the winning throw was made by the Swedish player. In September 2009, Mats Sundin finished his playing career.

In 2012, the legend of Swedish hockey took the post of adviser on sports issues in the coaching staff of his team. At the World Cup 2013 he joined the coaching staff of the national team.

National team appearances

Since 1988 Mats Sundin regularlyInitially, he was summoned to the junior and later to the youth team of Sweden. In 1990, he made his debut in the main team of the country at the World Championships, where he became a silver medalist.

A year later, Sweden wins the world championship.Sundin played in all ten fights, scored 7 goals and made 5 assists. In total, as part of his team, Mats won seven medals in world championships, three of which were gold medals. Since 1996, he has become the unchanged captain of the "Tre krunur."

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At the 2006 Olympics in Turin Mats Sundin with the thirdtried to win a medal, and immediately gold. In eight games played at the Games he scored three goals and five assisted his teammates. In the final game against Finland, his magnificent pass to Niklas Lindstrom decided the outcome of the match and the fate of the gold medals.

After the victorious Olympics Mats Sundin said goodbye to the national team of Sweden, which he returned to after several years, but already as an assistant coach.

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