Country Club "Enviable": fishing (paid) in the suburbs

Fishery base "Enviable" (paid fishingMoscow and Moscow region) is in great demand among lovers of "quiet" hunting. From the capital to get to the country club not for long, the way is simple. The base has a large parking lot, so you can come on private cars. Many Muscovites and residents of the region do so. They come on holiday days and rest comfortably with a fishing rod at the fishing base.

Location of the "Enviable"

Many lovers sit with fishing rods attracted to the "enviable" fishing. Address: Russia, Moscow region, Leninsky district,the village of Izmailovo. The fishing base is located next to the village, one and a half kilometers from the 29th km of the Moscow Ring Road. You can get to the country club by car, ordering a transfer or walking.

enviable fishing

Description of terrain and base

To have a good rest, it's best to go to"Enviable." Fishing in this place is paid, which guarantees catch and comfortable conditions for visitors. On the banks of the pond there are many arbours. Therefore, you can come to rest with your family. The area is very picturesque, with clean air and water.

On the territory of the country club there is a restaurant.The menu in it is quite diverse. But you can also order your own catch. For the convenience of visitors there is a children's room, summer verandas and a contact zoo. Fishermen can use houses for two, a smokehouse, advice of instructors and rent of inventory.

Description of the pond

For those who like to sit with their own fishing rodpond offers a country club "Enviable". Fishing is conducted only in one pond, the area of ​​which is about 1 hectare, which is optimal for stocking. The depth of the pond is up to five meters. You can fish in summer and winter. The bottom of the pond is very clean, sands-sandy.

paid fishing enviable

The forest in some places comes closeto the shores. There are sandy areas. The fish is launched into the pond specially. The number of individuals is strictly controlled at a certain level. In the pond there are many varieties of fish. The catch rate is 2.2 to 8 kg. It has its own for each type of fish. The spinning is excellent:

  • pike;
  • som;
  • trout;
  • whitefish;
  • perch.

In addition to these, you can catch:

  • beluga;
  • crucian carp (it, unlike other fish, is caught free of charge);
  • carver;
  • carp;
  • sturgeon;
  • line;
  • carp;
  • white cupid.

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How to catch a lot of fish?

Many are attracted by the "Enviable" base.Fishing is open 24 hours a day. The club does not close even in the coldest of frosts. To improve the bite special activators are used. The pheromones contained in them attract fish and stimulate its appetite. To catch more fish, you need to be able to properly select gear. Good goes fishing for bottom fishing rods. This technique is mainly used for carp, sturgeon, carp and catfish.

List of base services

Recently, more and more popularityacquires paid fishing. "Enviable" is a suburban base offering excellent conditions for such a holiday. Fishing is carried out under the permit. For each species of fish there are norms of catch. Everything that is caught above it is bought out separately.

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On the basis of rent gear, arbors andtents. You can buy live fish. Or you can order the preparation of the living creatures caught by your own hands in the restaurant. On the territory of the country club there is a smokehouse that can be used. For catching there are official hours - from six in the morning to eight in the evening.

Cost of vouchers and catch

Cost of fishing and services of the club "Enviable"depends on the time and level of the ordered service. The price of one day of rest is 2,500 rubles. On holidays and weekends the cost of the tour is 3 000 rubles. The price of fish is determined by its type. The most expensive is the beluga. One kilogram will cost 2,000 rubles. Then comes the sturgeon. The cost of 1 kilogram of this species is 1 100 rubles. The cheapest are carp, carp and white cupid.

All the catch must fit into the cost of the voucher.If the fish is caught more, then when you leave the base for it you will need to pay extra. Smoking and cleaning of fish, if they are committed by the employees of the base, are paid services. Totally it will cost 300 rubles per 1 kilogram. On the basis you can buy ready-made smoked products. Their cost varies from 470-2 200 rubles.

the cost of fishing and club services is enviable

How to get to the "Enviable"?

Country club "Enviable", fishing in whichattracts not only amateurs, but also professionals, is located in the Moscow region, in the village of Izmailovo. It is located in the south of Moscow. If you get to the fishing base by car, you need to turn off the outer side of the Moscow Ring Road on the thirtieth kilometer. Are guided by the pointer to Bulatnikovo. This is the west of Biryulyovo.

After the turn, about three hundredmeters. There will be a crossroads with a billboard. From there you need to turn right. Further, two more turns in the same direction follow. Landmark - Trinity Temple. Just behind him is a pond. The road from MKAD is one and a half kilometers. But this distance by car passes in minutes. If you walk, it will take a little longer.

Country club "Enviable": fishing, reviews about it from visitors

The fishing base "Enviable" is among the ten mostvisited in the suburbs. Lovers of fishing praise this pond. Many prefer to travel to the "Enviable" only in the winter. They argue that during this period fishing in the pond is the most attractive. There are also regular customers who do not miss a single winter season.

enviable paid fishing in Moscow and the Moscow region

Most often, fishermen observe abundance of fish and itsa rich palette of varieties. It will satisfy even the most demanding inquiries. In addition, there is almost no fry in the pond. All individuals are adults, large and sometimes reach more than five kilograms. Fishermen celebrate and landscaped territory. For family people this is another plus. While wives with children are walking or having fun, fishermen are happy to fish.

Visitors are happy that the catch can then not bejust take it home, but also ask to cook at a local restaurant. A distinctive feature of the base is a smokehouse in which you can process caught fish. Or to get ready. Thanks to gazebos, in the summer you can hide in them from the heat or rain, and in winter - from the wind and snow.

Catch volumes are always high. And the cost of permits quickly pays off. The adult fish of all varieties is constantly being launched into the reservoir. Some visitors prefer to combine the process of fishing with the preparation of shish kebabs. Clients note the care of the club's management, which installed the barbecues.

For regular customers, a profitablesentence. Fishermen, often on the base, can be given a 10% discount. Many visitors note the acceptable cost of vouchers and trips. And due to the density of fish in the lake, catching is possible at any time of the year and does not depend on weather conditions.

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