"International" kambek. What is the invincibility of the spirit?

Literally translated from English comeback -"return". To date, this concept is widely included in the vocabulary of Russian adolescents and is often used in slang or sports topics. Thus, we can say about campback that such a definition is understandable and applicable in the environment of modern youth.

The concept of "campback" in sport

In general, the word "campback" is used in commandsports, when one of the clubs in the course of the game quite far behind the opponent and at the same time in the final of the meeting is the winner. Commenting on such matches, they often use the epithets "incredible cambeck" or "amazing self-giving and the ability to fight to the end."

what does the callback mean
Such meetings, when the hopelessly losing team eventually breaks the victory, give a positive attitude to the players, and the following games can be effective against the background of this rise.

The use of the word "casbek" in everyday life

What does "kambek" mean in everyday life, you canunderstand from the conversations of today's youth. They use this definition when they want to say about the return of someone or something. It is worth noting that, in general, English words and expressions are firmly entrenched in the lexicon of adolescents and have become more used.

The best footballbacks in modern history

Match between Germany and Sweden in the qualifying roundWorld Cup 2014, which took place on October 16, 2012 and ended in a draw with a score of 4: 4, contained an amazing Swedish cambeck. The Germans were calm and measured in the score four goals after the first half and assumed without too much hassle to bring the matter to victory. The Swedes, in turn, tried to reverse the course of the meeting and to score at least a goal of prestige. As a result, the last goal was scored in the added time in the 93rd minute, and Sweden achieved a draw.

campback in football
Final of the most prestigious football tournament - LeagueChampions - in 2005 had an exciting scenario. Kambek in football at such a high level - a rare phenomenon. Then the Italian "Milan" in the game with the English "Liverpool", it would seem, made a good reserve for the victory and after only the first forty-five minutes led in the account three goals, but the English for that and are considered the ancestors of football, because they try to use everything for victory . "Liverpool" compares the score and as a result of the penalty shootout wins a valuable trophy.

In 2004 in the final of the FA Cup there are twomasterful club "Manchester City" and "Tottenham". This game was generous with goals and contained an exceptional beauty in the backcourse. What is football for English fans - you do not need to say, they are the most ardent fans in the world. On that day, fans in the city of Manchester rejoiced until the morning, because their club pulled out the match, losing three goals in the course of the meeting.

camback what is

In the distant 2001 London "Tottenham" alsostayed in the city of Manchester and held a match in the English Championship with the local "Manchester United". The master team of the hosts before the game and could not imagine that they will concede three goals for a break. Unchanged Sir Alex Ferguson, even in the first half of the meeting, released Slusher to somehow change the course of the meeting, but the teams went to the break with a score of 0: 3 in favor of the guests. During the pause, Ferguson found the right words, and Beckham's two quick passes, along with his broadcasts, led to an incredible comeback. What is happening in the stands of "Old Trafford" - it is impossible to convey in words. Eventually, "United" spent a beautiful second half and deservedly won with a score of 5: 3.

Camback in hockey

In view of the specifics of the game of ice hockey, whengoals occur more than in football, more often there is a comeback. What is the return to the game of the hockey team after a few missed goals, fans know firsthand. In each season of the National Hockey League in America or in the Continental Hockey League, we happen to like kambeks many times.

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