Vaders for fishing: how to choose? Advantages and selection criteria

Fishing, no doubt, is fascinatingoccupation. Day spent on the shore of the reservoir, will bring along with the catch a lot of positive emotions. To the clothes put forward special requirements. It should protect the fisherman from cold and moisture. To be able to enter the water, were invented vaders for fishing. How to choose the best copy for yourself, there are several recommendations. Taking them into account, you can choose a really good, high-class version of this clothing.

general characteristics

Vaders in English means "bootsfor the swamp. " It was on their basis that modern wadding suits were developed. Modern varieties of clothes for fishing are characterized by ease. They do not pass water and keep the heat inside. Therefore, the fisherman is very comfortable to spend time on the shore of the reservoir.

Vaders for fishing how to choose

To ensure maximum protection fromblotting, leg suits tightly connected with waterproof boots. The first such clothes were used by European lovers of fishing. Initially, it was intended for chemical protection of people. However, soon there were specialized waders for fishing. How to choose this equipment, know the wise fishermen. Their advice will help you choose the best variety.

Fishermen are not subjected to severe supercooling during the entire fishing. This equipment allows you to put warm clothes underneath. They remain dry throughout the fishing.

Advantages of waders

A huge number of positive qualitieshave waders for fishing. How to choose (photo costume is presented below) the best option, experts will prompt. They argue that the varieties of this clothing have a number of positive qualities.

Vaders for fishing how to choose virtues

If the shoes are not made of rubber or PVC, and fromquality material, this equipment is able to "breathe". This is extremely important at high physical exertion. Otherwise, the body will sweat, an unpleasant smell appears.

A wide range of sizes and anatomical cutallow you to choose the most suitable for the type of figure wanderer. Stockings are sewn with the difference between the left and right legs. If the lover stumbles and falls into the water (where the depth will not be too large), he will be able to stand up and stay dry.

The main advantage of such suits is the expansion of opportunities for the angler. He can avoid fatigue, hypothermia. This allows you to reach particularly difficult places for catching.


In the manufacture of wetsuits, threebasic types of materials. These are the three main areas that have their own distinctive features. Fishermen ask the question of how to buy vaders for fishing, how to choose? The merits of this garment (pictured below) make it popular among lovers of fishing in the cold period. The material from which the wadding suit is made can be made of PVC, neoprene or membrane type.

Vaders for fishing how to choose a size

In the first case, the fabric includes severallayers of polymer, as well as lavsan (nylon) cord. This allows you to perform additional reinforcement on the canvas. Polyurethane, which is added to the overall picture, makes the fabric elastic. This material has good water-repellent properties.

Relatively new in this area is thematerial neoprene. It is foamed chloroprene rubber (rubber). Such a suit is not only waterproof, but also resistant to temperature changes. The fisherman in it is comfortable in any weather.

When developing the membrane material beforescientists set the task of removing evaporation from the human skin to the external environment, but not to let moisture out of it inside the suit. The result was really impressive. This clothing allows you to actively move, while not sweating.

How to choose the material?

Material is the first parameter to whichThe fisherman should pay attention. What are the conditions for waders for fishing, how to choose? The criteria are as follows. It all depends on the type of fishing, the season and the mobility of the fisherman.

Vaders for fishing

If during fishing it is not planned to commitlong transitions (especially in the warm season), a suit made of polyvinyl chloride is suitable. When extreme heat or hypothermia, he can not protect his owner from discomfort.

If the fisherman has been in the cold for a long timewater, does not move much in the cold season on the shore of the reservoir, it is more suitable for a Neoprene goat. He does not let the cold into the suit. However, in warm weather or with an active method of fishing this material will cause inconvenience. With the fisherman, seven sweats will come down if he starts moving quickly.

Membrane vaders are able to "breathe". Therefore, for any type of fishing, they are preferable. They can be worn both in cold and warm weather.

Is it worth buying waders?

There are conflicting opinions whether it is worthto buy waders for fishing. How to choose the material was discussed above. For each condition suits its own type of wanderer. However, it is necessary to take into account a number of other factors.

Vaders for fishing

In favor of the fact that such a costume is still worthto purchase, says a number of its characteristics. In addition to protecting against ingress of moisture inside, it is characterized by high strength and durability. The suit has integrated footwear. Repairability of the product is good. Its cost is rather low.

However, it should be borne in mind that the wanderer still hasa number of features. His stuff is pretty tough and heavy. Over time, holes appear in the material, rubbing. Integrated shoes make drying quite difficult.

But all these shortcomings fade against the backdrop of the advantages of the wanderer.

Browse popular models

Today, many different manufacturersoffer waders for fishing. How to choose (the review of models requires special attention) is the right kind, expert advice will help. The most inexpensive products are made of PVC. Their cost is in the range of 2000-4000 rubles. Neoprene varieties have a higher price of 4000-12000 rub. Suit of a membrane fabric will cost 8000-15000 rubles.

Vaders for fishing

If you plan a short outing on the pond,you can buy cheap varieties of products. But with a long stay in cold conditions, active river crossings, we should give preference to a more expensive but really comfortable membrane suit.

Vaders from such a tissue today enjoy a specialpopularity. These models are Snowbee Prestige (Great Britain), Shimano Biocraft (Japan), Aquaz (South Korea), Vision Gillie (Finland), Simms Gore-Tex XCR (USA).

This is today not only popular, but also high-quality examples of wanderers.

What should I look for?

In the process of choosing a costume, you should drawattention to a number of its characteristics. Experts give advice on what to look for when choosing waders for fishing. How to choose a size, variety, cut, should be considered in more detail.

Vaders for fishing

In a quality product, the fisherman will be comfortable.The cut must be made in such a way that the person is really comfortable. The size should be slightly larger to be able to wear warm clothes. However, it should not be too spacious. This will significantly shorten the service life.

It is worth buying waders, in which the shoes are made in the form of shoes. It is more convenient to walk in them. Height zabrodnikov associated with operating conditions. It depends on the preferences of the fisherman.

The properties of the fabric by such parameters as waterproofness and draining of moisture from the suit are indicated in the passport. They should also pay attention when buying.

Operation of a suit

Many fishermen ask how to find the mostreliable waders for fishing, how to choose? The review of models, as well as the main issues in the purchase allows you to choose the right variety. However, the suit should be properly operated.

After fishing, dirt and sand are washed away from it.Further it is required to dry it well. They do not erase them more than twice a year in warm water. Minor punctures, cuts are eliminated immediately (use a special glue). Store the product in an upright position, hanging it by the straps.

Clothes for buckwheat

To improve the comfort of being on a fishing trip,it is necessary to choose the right clothes under the waders for fishing. How to choose such things, experts advise. It will be right to wear underneath underwear (in the cold period). If it is winter fishing, you can put on under the fleece trousers. Socks should be of an anatomical shape. They are made of wool or lycra.

Having become acquainted with all the subtleties of choice andexploitation, everyone can choose the best waders for fishing. How to choose the right model, a variety, expert advice will help. Fishing at the same time will be the most comfortable and productive.

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