Proper skiing - a guarantee of no injuries

The technique of skiing is not particularly difficultscience, so you can master it in a relatively short time. The main task for a beginner is to get rid of various complexes as soon as possible, even on the slope, even professionals can fall and fall, no one is an exception. In addition, the mountains come just for positive emotions, as well as for the thrill, so whether to pay attention to small failures, which all the more can happen with everyone, not just with newcomers. That's why starting skiing is a pleasure.


So, if you already have the necessary equipmentand skis, then do not rush and immediately climb the track for beginners, to test their own strength. Skiing does not suffer haste, it will be superfluous. To start, you need a warm-up before starting, if you want your body to be an obedient helper for you when you descend. It is important to do a little workout for the muscles of the hands and feet, so that they do not seem wooden. Also, it is necessary to stretch the muscles of the thighs and shins slightly, to do several exercises for the joints of the hands and feet. After that, the body will listen to you much better. To begin with, it's better to try skis on a shallow slope or on a plain, then you can try to get off the hill and learn how to successfully fall.

Yes, that's right, before learning how to ride,it is important to learn how to fall right, this is a guarantee of no injuries. The most important thing in the fall is a timely stop of uncontrolled movement down the slope.

Technics of skiing
Therefore, if skiing is completedthe feeling that you are about to fall, it's best to land on your own. Such a way of falling is the safest. Most importantly, the muscles are in a relaxed state. If they are in tension, then they will not be able to go far, and if they have already fallen, then it is better to go down the slope with their heads up, so it will be safer. A little later you can start to stop your movement, do not despair, if you can not do it right away. The more you have to fall, the faster you will be able to master how to perform all the actions correctly, and skiing will become for you a small test of hardness.

Then you need to learn the right one for the skierrack. The shoulder, knee and foot should be on the same vertical line, but if the body is displaced, then it is likely to fall or be injured. In order not to make a mistake, you can imagine that you have a cactus on your heel and you can not sit on it. The legs should be in a semi-bent position, but the entire post does not move back, and the elbows lightly touch the body. This position should be remembered and from time to time practiced even at home to keep your hands in the right position.

Figure skating

When the basics are mastered by you in perfection,you can try to ride your own way, developing your own technique of movements. By the way, it is worth noting that one of the most beautiful and almost forgotten techniques is figure skating. The principle here is the same as when riding onskates, the difference is only in equipment and terrain. Beautiful and smooth movements, pirouettes in the air are so mesmerizing that it seems as if under your feet are not snow and skis, but a smooth floor surface in the dance hall. Such a dance on the snow cover requires a long preparation and honing of the skill, however, everything begins with a small one.

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