Pilates for weight loss - reviews are positive!

To date, Pilates for weight loss, reviewswhich is full of delight, is one of the most popular and popular types of fitness. At first glance, it may seem that the movements and exercises in it are simple enough to accomplish, but I myself personally encountered difficulties when I first visited the fitness club. I got so much sweat that I could not imagine earlier that static exercises, performed at a slow pace, can consume so much energy and energy. But after a couple of classes, I already experienced the pleasure that I got a lot.

Pilates allows you to restore the body afterinjuries and illnesses. Designed by a sports specialist and named for his surname, this type of fitness was originally intended to restore the health of soldiers, but eventually became a form of gymnastics. It can be practiced by people who have problems with joints, posture and even during the rehabilitation period after spinal injuries.

Many young mothers choose pilates forlosing weight. Comments of women engaged in this type of fitness are full of admiration, they note that they have not only improved their figure, but their posture and attitude in general. This is understandable, because in a beautiful, healthy body - a cheerful, healthy mind. Pilates for weight loss is the study of deep and small muscles, but the main attention is paid to the deep muscles of the press and back, which significantly strengthens the spine and makes the waist thinner. This type of fitness has no contraindications, since all exercises are performed in a smooth, slow pace, without jerks and heavy stress. As a result of occupations pilates strengthens the heart muscle, improves metabolism, the work of the nervous and respiratory system. There is a general strengthening of the body, the gait becomes beautiful, the coordination of movements improves, and the posture envy the people around.

So be sure to try Pilates forlosing weight! The reviews that have mastered this program of health-improving gymnastics are impressive. Losing weight is promoted by many types of fitness and sports, but only Pilates activates all points of the body in which energy is concentrated. Women who practice pilates for weight loss, the reviews leave positive and even enthusiastic. Doing regular, you can significantly build up, as well as discover hidden abilities, about which previously there was no thought.

Beautiful and graceful Pilates. For weight loss exercises are performed smoothly, with a constantly drawn belly and a special breathing. In just one hour of training, enough calories are burned and all muscles are worked through, and as a result, the figure is improved quite quickly. The main thing is not to feel sorry for yourself and do everything right, as explained by a professional instructor. But even if you do not have the opportunity to attend a fitness center, you can do Pilates at home. Now on the Internet you can find a lot of video lessons with detailed step-by-step instructions. Again, when practicing, both in the fitness club and at home, concentration on your movements is important. In class, it is important to feel which muscles work. It is enough to study three times a week, and a beautiful posture and figure will please you in a couple of months.

Exercise for the waist - lying on the back, handsSpread in the sides, legs bend at the knees. On the breath slowly lower both feet to the right, then to the left, and so 10 times. For the flexibility of the spine, you can perform the exercise "kitty": standing on all fours, placing emphasis on the hands and knees. Inhale - a round back bending upwards like a cat that is angry, exhaling - we bend the lower back down, relaxing.

Even for those who engage in other sportsIt is useful to allocate every day for Pilates 10 minutes. For weight loss, and just to maintain muscle tone, this is the ideal form of fitness. After aerobic exercise and strength exercises, stress is relieved by static. In general, these classes are very useful and enjoyable. And to be in harmony with yourself is real happiness! I felt this to the full, doing Pilates!

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