Footballer Vyacheslav Karavaev. Professional growth of Vyacheslav Karavayev

What if the young talented football player inRussia wants to grow as a professional, with such fierce competition? Take, for example, Vyacheslav Karavaev. The athlete showed one of the ways. But it is suitable for those who are willing to work hard on themselves. Why should you pay attention to this pupil of CSKA school? What are the goals for the future player?


1995 year of birth, native Muscovite, KaravaevVyacheslav Sergeyevich was given by his parents to the CSKA football club at the age of six. The player debuted for the main army team only in 2013. Played on the field in that season in just four games, going for a replacement. This shows what kind of competition there is among the players in the defense of CSKA.

Soberly assessing their prospects in the club for thismoment and wanting to progress, Vyacheslav tells the coach about the desire to play in the European team. Just at this moment this opportunity is given, as the defender leaves the Czech club "Dukla". The coach is sympathetic to Vyacheslav's request. Karavaev next season of 2013/14 protects the colors of "Dukla" on loan. It is the basis of this strong mid-league of the Czech Republic's highest league of 29 championship games.

Next season the guy again plays in the Czech Republic onrights of rent, but already in the club "Jablonec", which also takes the place next to the table with "Dukla". 29 games at the base this time are crowned with two goals by Vyacheslav Karavaev.

At the same time he was always invited to the youth and youth teams, for which he played several dozen matches.

 Karavaev Vyacheslav Sergeevich

Returning from the lease in 2016 with the desire to play at the heart of CSKA, the defender understands that at the moment it will be very difficult for him to compete. There comes an offer from the Prague "Sparta".

Why did the choice fall on Sparta and the Czech Republic?

When asked about this in an interview with Vyacheslav,Karavaev replied that, first of all, it is important to play at a high level for progression. In the Czech Republic, young players are entrusted, releasing playing substitutes for 17, 18 years. Vyacheslav also feels the confidence of the coach to himself - since the transition to "Sparta" in August 2016 he played all 90 minutes in all 22 matches, including 7 matches in the European League. This is a very big plus for the player, as you gain invaluable experience of playing at a high level.

In general, the level of football in the Czech Republic is quite high,although it is not comparable with the Russian Premier League, but it is higher than the level of the FNL. One feature of the Czech championship: almost no legionnaires, especially expensive. High results are achieved through diligent training, the attitude towards which is very serious.

Prague "Sparta", existing under different names since 1883, is very similar to CSKA:

  • also originally conceived as an army club;
  • the same huge support from the fans;
  • long and glorious traditions.

Sparta is a well-known club in Europe

It is worth mentioning that "Sparta" is an absolutethe champion in the number of trophies won among the Czech teams: 21 times became the champion of Czechoslovakia, 12 - the champion of the Czech Republic, won the Cup of his country 28 times, 2 times - the Super Bowl. In the Champions League reached the third place.

Now, after a half of the season played, the Prague team is confidently 3rd in the standings. Almost constantly takes part in the drawing of the League of Europe.

Speaking in the European League this season with a newcoach David Golubek, "Sparta" came from the first place in a difficult group, beating the home of "Inter" (Milan) and English "Southampton", and Israeli "Hapoel" won in both matches. In this tournament, Karavaev scored one assists.

Vyacheslav Karavaev

Goals and way of achieving

From an interview with Vyacheslav (Karavaev gave it to Radio Prague), we learn about his goals for the future, starting with the next:

  • go as far as possible with the Prague team in the European League;
  • win the championship of the Czech Republic;
  • play in the top team of Europe, in Germany, Spain or Italy;
  • win the Champions League.

Thanks to diligence, conscientious attitude tohis work, than he earned the confidence of the coaching staff and fans, Vyacheslav may well hope for success, which we all sincerely wish him. As Vyacheslav himself said, for him now the priority is not money (by the way, the price of the transfer was more than 1 million euros), but the opportunity to show oneself in a favorable light so that scouts of the top clubs of Europe pay attention to it.

Defender aimed at the attack

Let's look at the performance of the player for halfthis season. Pupil of CSKA Moscow (Moscow) played 13 games in the championship, 9 - in cups (all for 90 minutes), scored 2 goals, gave 8 assists. Quite good statistics for the defender, is not it?

Now Vyacheslav plays at the position of the rightdefender in "Sparta", number 4. He has good speed, the desire to connect to the attack. But most importantly, the desire to learn the European approach to the game, a serious attitude to training, without which not to succeed.

FC CSKA Moscow

Interestingly, the authoritative print edition of the Czech Republic iSport called Karavaev the most successful acquisition of the Czech Republic in the summer of 2016. And it's true, the progress of a football player is very difficult not to notice.

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