Massage the stomach for weight loss at home. Types of massage. Technique of execution

A flat tummy tuck is the dream of every girl. Unfortunately, even the owners of pretty well-proportioned figures can not always boast of such beauty.

massage belly slimming at home
After all, the female organism is prone to delayfat in the abdomen and sides. Often even very strict diets do not help to correct the situation. In this case, it is worth thinking about such a rather effective and accessible method, like a belly massage for losing weight at home. Of course, it's more effective to surrender to the specialists of the beauty salon, but if for any reason this is not possible, then doing self-massage is a great time and money saving.

Features and techniques of performing belly massage

The stomach is a rather delicate zone, andTo massage it it is necessary whenever possible accurately to work on fatty adjournment, instead of on internal bodies. Massage of the belly for weight loss at home is performed quite intensively to activate blood flow, and oxygen burns subcutaneous fat, and the skin is tightened, becoming elastic. One more principle: all movements are circular and executed clockwise. Massage is done on an empty stomach, but one hour before the procedure it is recommended to drink water, at least 1 liter.

massage belly slimming reviews
Honey massage for slimming belly

For this type of massage it is necessary to warm up onsteam bath 3-5 spoons of good honey and dilute it with essential oils (citrus, cypress, cedar, limetovym, rosemary), just 2-3 drops of each. The mixture is applied to the abdomen and rubbed in circular motions, first with the palms, then with the fist. When honey becomes less liquid and changes the shade, you need to do patting manipulations. Between the palm and the skin there will be a vacuum, which leads to elimination of toxins and burning of fats.

Vacuum massage for weight loss

Reviews about this form of massage are only positive. It is able to activate the outflow of lymph, remove the slag, tighten the skin and burn fat. Moreover, the "side effect" will also be a reduction or complete disappearance of cellulite. This massage is carried out with the help of vacuum cans or special massagers necessarily using oil.

honey massage for slimming belly
The principle of its implementation is quite simple: with the help of vacuum, a part of the skin is tightened inside the jar or nozzle, which are circulated clockwise along the surface of the abdomen in a circular motion.

Plucked massage belly slimming

At home, you can perform a pluckedmassage. It is done in the supine position, so that the stomach and skin on it are relaxed. This area is rubbed with oil or cream with anti-cellulite effect and, grabbing the skin with your fingers, begin to roll and tingle it. So you need to walk a few times in the problem area until the skin becomes red and hot. This condition indicates that the blood flow is activated.

A complex approach

Massage abdomen for weight loss at homewill be more effective if you also apply wraps in parallel. The mixture for this procedure includes many components that can be mixed all at once or in part: honey, coffee, sea salt, blue clay, essential oils with anti-cellulite effect, red pepper, mustard, cinnamon, kelp, and many others. The mixture is applied evenly to problem areas, which are covered with food film and warm clothes. Remember, the key to success is the systematic implementation of procedures, for example, wraps - at least 12 times, and massage - at least 15.

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