Characteristics of personality. characterization of the concept of personality and its characteristics.

Characteristics of personality - a concept in psychology,over which many researchers fought. Until now, there is no clear definition of this concept and its meaning for man. What is personality? What is the personality of a person? Is it possible that she is completely absent? All these questions were asked by numerous researchers in the field of psychology. Personality is such a multifaceted, unknown, incomprehensible phenomenon that it is very difficult to give it a certain characteristic.

Often, psychologists are faced with a problemThe impossibility of an unambiguous and concrete answer to the question of what is personality? Some researchers in this field believe that personality is all those qualities that distinguish one individual from another. However, can all qualities be attributed to those that characterize the person? Perhaps, they should be attributed only to certain ones? The answer to this question has not yet been found.

Characteristics of personality, as a psychologicalconcept, was first considered by Sigmund Freud. In fact, Freud discovered this concept and its characteristics for the world. Prior to this, the personality was viewed from a more physiological position, as part of the individual.

So, what is the description of a person's characterization according to Freud?

Freud distinguishes three structures in the personality: Super-I, IT, I.

It is an elementary structure based onsexual desire. It is that which is inherent in every person, namely the desire to multiply and receive pleasure from it. The main purpose of the existence of It is pleasure and the prolongation of the family. Opposite It is the superego, which is an expression of moral values ​​and human norms. If It is a natural structure of the personality, then the Super-I, rather, acquired psychological characteristics. However, without the existence of these two concepts, the emergence of the third, namely the concept of I, is impossible. I am the consensus of Ono and Superego, which allows us to create the concept of personality in its entire beauty. Characteristics of the person according to Freud is the interaction of the three concepts that make up a single whole.

Also of interest are the views of the Soviet researcherLeontief, who first singled out three connecting concepts for characterizing a person: an individual, a personality and, of course, an individuality. These concepts go exactly in this sequence, creating a single consensus and interaction in order to achieve the desired. What does the individual strive for? He wants to acquire a set of moral values ​​and norms that will make him a person. What does the personality strive for? To self-improvement and self-knowledge, which will allow it to become an individual. This is the characteristic of the personality according to Leontyev.

Also in modern psychology has receivedthe notion of "characterization of the perpetrator". Forensic psychologists and psychologists have long thought about why some people tend to crime and commit unlawful acts. The attention of researchers was especially drawn to the youth and childhood of the criminal. According to psychologists, it is in childhood that the foundations for refracting the standard development of the personality and turning it into a criminal personality are concealed. Then follows the development of the criminal essence in man. Researchers came to the conclusion that if a person improperly develops during childhood and adolescence, it is almost 100% likely to lead to a criminal future. Most often, a criminal person is subjected to violence or regular beatings from parents and peers. This causes a characteristic psychological reaction, which leads to a change in the corresponding psychological characteristics.

In any case, the characterization of the personality is a complex ambiguous concept, which should be studied in depth and thoroughly.

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