Suicidal thoughts and depression

Suicidal depression is called a disorderThe psyche, which develops as a result of a prolonged stressful state. This breaks the calm balance. This may be the result of some tragic event. In this case, a person feels depressed, looks at everything with pessimism. He is no longer pleased by the joyful events, no positive emotions are manifested. Feeling a sense of hopelessness, and suffering mentally, a person begins to talk about how useless life is.

suicidal thoughts what to do

Signs of a depressive state

This is a common disease of the body, so depression can manifest itself in everyone's own way:

  1. A person can refuse to eat, badsleep, do not experience attraction to the opposite sex. In addition, virtually exhausted from physical or mental stress, experience aching pain in the heart muscle or stomach. All this can be attributed to physiological signs.
  2. In the emotional plan, everything is also not smooth: A person eats longing, he experiences despair, suffers from this. Internal tension and manifestation of anxiety are noted. Such people often seek privacy, avoid communication. Their self-esteem sharply decreases, they are in a depressed and passive state, while they often start drinking alcohol or are addicted to psychotropic substances.
  3. There are changes in the mind. Thinking abruptly slows down, reasoning becomes grim, a person does not see a way out of the current situation, which leads to suicidal thoughts.
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Before deciding how to deal with suicidalthoughts, you need to seek qualified help. When referring to specialists, a diagnosis is made - a depressive condition if there are at least several of the listed symptoms for half a month. Very often this disease is difficult to recognize, because a person behaves selfishly or has a difficult nature. However, one should know that depression must be treated, otherwise, it can develop into a suicidal state.

There is no condemnation!

Basically, people do not hurry up for help,experiencing a mental disorder, because they fear that they will be condemned by others. Most often, this condition tends to be associated with the emergence of life's difficulties, which must necessarily disappear with time. Especially this includes suicidal thoughts in adolescents. This is the reason for the impossibility of early diagnosis of the disease.

suicidal thoughts in adolescents

Who is affected by this problem?

The most common problem encounteredthose who live in big cities. Because of the poor environmental conditions and complexities in life, the system of nerves is suppressed. The presence of thoughts about suicide takes place in the one who has a neurosis of a state of intrusive character. If proper treatment is absent, then this develops into a chronic stage, because suicidal thoughts begin to occur in children from an early age.

Of course, they do not die from depression, but this prolonged state can lead to suicide.

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What could be the cause?

Suicide is a form of behavior in whichman is able to destroy himself. This can be a consequence of increased irritability, an unwillingness to communicate, a decrease in social activity. After this, there is a stage in which a person begins to plan how to commit suicide. The behavior of the suicidal plan is divided into several groups, on which the causes of suicidal thoughts depend.

  1. Genuine acts of suicidal tendencies.In this case, a person comes to the idea that he is not needed by anyone, and life is worthless at all. There are a number of changes in the behavioral and mental processes, if a person really decides to commit suicide. Thought carefully with a plan, all the details are thought through. In this case, the person chooses the most effective and effective method.
  2. The behavior of the suicidal type is demonstrative.Most often, a person does not want to really commit suicide. Most often it comes to the threats of this action. Maybe try to create an incident, just knowing that they will save him. This is a sign that a person needs attention or help to solve a problem.
  3. Suicidal behavior of camouflage type.If the form is hidden, then no explicit attempts are made. Realizing that suicide is not the right thing to do, a person without realizing himself starts to put himself in danger. For example, it takes part in military conflicts or goes to the mountains, in general, does everything that leads to suicide. This type of disease is the most dangerous and practically does not give in to treatment.
  4. Behavior of the affective state.If a person can not control himself in any situation, a state of affect may occur, and certain negative thoughts arise, which most often cause suicide.

In time, the support provided by relatives and friends will help to save a person who has suicidal thoughts from an incorrect act.

suicidal thoughts in children

Can I cope with depression on my own?

What to do with suicidal thoughts?Basically, coping with depression alone is problematic. As medical practice shows, there are different cases when suicide occurred due to a depressed state. More vulnerable to this risk are single people who do not have a family and children. Also, suicides are inclined to those who suffer from an incurable disease.

Vigilance should be exercised if it becomesit is obvious that the course of man's thoughts is increasingly directed towards suicide. Also it is worth paying attention if the person has become more closed and taciturn. It is necessary to talk more often with him, to repeat about your love, about the meaninglessness of death. If the patient still thinks that suicide is the best solution, becomes obtrusive, then you should seek help from a psychiatrist.

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Carrying out of treatment

Each patient suffers in his own way, respectivelyand treatment is selected individually. Most often, these are medicines and psychotherapeutic effects. To improve the patient's condition, a number of tranquilizers and neuroleptics are prescribed.

Those who do not know how to get rid of suicidalthoughts, you can conduct a special treatment. The therapeutic methods include, first of all, the conversation part, in which conversations with a person are conducted. This has a positive effect, the person calms down and tries to understand his own experiences, which prevents the recurrence of suicide. If there is a need, then close and native are involved in the conversations, a good result is achieved by group therapy.

The best solution to the suicidal problem isthe diagnosis of this condition. A person is provided with psychological support, and he will be able to use this knowledge in future to solve problems that invariably appear on the life path.

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For relatives and friends such a person's conditionbecomes a real test. In many respects the outcome of the disease will depend on them. When exacerbating, it is important to be there to give any support. It is especially important to support a person who is morally close, it is more often necessary to talk about one's love, that he feels that he is needed here, in this world, and did not seek to change to another.

Suicidal syndrome is increasingly exposednumber of persons. Perhaps this is due to the unstable situation in society and global problems. Whatever it was, it is important that a person suffering from an obsessive condition be helped. For this, close people are needed.

If you feel that a person starts somehowto withdraw, close in itself, constantly think about death, do not leave it in such a state. First and foremost, he needs help, and if you can not manage on your own, then ask for help from specialists who will be able to cope with this problem. There are many clinics that deal with problem states of people. The sooner you notice the problem, the faster the treatment will be, and the result will be that a person will stop thinking about suicide and begin to live fully.

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