Phobia is an unreasonable fear

Every person is afraid of something or someone. In principle, this is normal - only those who are not aware of danger and risks are afraid of nothing. But there are usual fears, but there are phobias, and they are quite different from each other. And if you get rid of fear in principle, you can, but do not need, then the phobia is worth treating.

phobia is

Everyone knows that there are no phenomena withoutreasons. Everything happens not in itself, but is conditioned by certain prerequisites. There, and any human emotions, ecstasy, joy and even fear are caused by something. That's why you can not get rid of anything without first finding out the reasons. This method works also with respect to fears: before you fight with them, you need to honestly admit what causes them. However, this is easy to do at first glance.

What is the difference between phobia and fear? Fear is a normal, normal reaction of the body to an extreme or simply life-threatening situation. The self-preservation instinct is working, which simply does not work without it.

Absolutely healthy and normal are consideredthe fears that the nature itself laid in man, because they are conditioned, first of all, by the instinct of survival, self-protection and self-preservation. This, for example, fear of heights, deep water, fires, snakes and other dangerous reptiles. Therefore, one should not struggle with such fears, unless, of course, the profession of a high-altar, a fireman or a submariner is a dream of a lifetime.

how to treat phobias

However, sometimes fears turn into phobias, and thisalready a serious reason to see a doctor. A phobia is a fear that can not be explained. It is not just unsupported and groundless, it is not required for survival, besides it is useless. A phobia is a fear of something, most often completely innocuous, or multiple multiplication of danger.

For example, fear is when, out of fearbuzzing insects people will never go to the apiary, do not climb into the hive to the bees and go around the tenth road of fruit trays over which the wasps spin in the summer. And here a phobia is because of fear to meet with dangerous insects to sit bezvylazno houses and even windows to not open. And then suddenly something will fly by.

Phobia - this feeling is extremely unpleasant, completelyan exciting consciousness and not allowing a person to adequately look at things, to think rationally and logically. Experiences take possession of the mind, and a person can do something stupid and even dangerous.

For example, a rather stupid phobia is a phobiabald, the so-called peladophobia. It sounds funny, and there are people who really suffer from it. Or, on the contrary, are tormented by pogonofobii - fear of bearded. Yes, nonsense and only, but nonsense is real. Many people know the reason for their phobias. To others it is not known, and then it is worth turning to a psychologist.

Phobia is a stable, permanent andirrational fear accompanied by anxiety, palpitations, sweating, dry mouth or choking, trembling, and even pain in the chest. Companions of phobia can be nausea, bad feelings in the abdomen, dizziness and even fainting, as well as a sense of unreality of objects and one's own personality. Phobias can cause loss of control over themselves, down to complete madness, chills or, on the contrary, fever, numbness or tingling in the body.

get rid of fear

The most common phobias aresocial phobia (fear of publicity, someone else's attention, fear of mistakes in people, humiliation and embarrassment) and agoraphobia (fear of getting into a situation where there are no people nearby who can help in the event of an unforeseen situation). The rest of the phobias are called isolated and they give off a lot of species. This is, for example, the fear of cats, spiders, mites, dares, dogs, horror from height, water, depth or thunder with lightning, fear of darkness, fire, sea, rain, closed space, something strange, crowds, critics and more set of others.

As can be seen even from this short list, the meaningin such fears there is not the slightest. And it is necessary to fight against them, if phobias affect the person's ability to act, interfere with life and cause stress. How to treat phobias? First of all, an appeal to a specialist. And the simplest way a doctor advises is to gradually and forcibly train oneself to the object that causes such irrational fear. In addition, hypnosis, self-hypnosis is used. When the phobia can be disposed of, life will become much better.

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