Rules of communication by phone

When a business conversation is always necessarymake the impression that you have seen a professional. And this should be done in the first minutes of the conversation. The image and success of a company depend in many ways on how well communicating people are and how well they are able to talk with potential customers and partners. For efficiency of work, any employee should know some rules of communication.

communication rules

What rules of communication by phone exist

First, you should carefully monitor yourintonation. Since during the conversation the interlocutor may not see you, this does not exclude the factor that he does not hear you. Therefore, try to speak kindly. And this will be fostered by a smile and a good mood throughout the conversation. The rules of business communication on the phone mean full control of your emotions.

Secondly, during a conversationcontrol your posture. If you fell apart in a chair during a conversation, it could ruin your reputation. If you stand all the time during the conversation, then the speech will become assertive and energetic, and this contributes primarily to the fact that it will become too hasty. It is necessary to adjust to a certain pace of conversation.

Thirdly, you need to say hello. A greeting is one of the most important elements that make up the rules of communication. In this case, there are subtleties and nuances. For example, instead of "Hello" it is better to say "Good day". This expression is much easier to pronounce. And for perception it is much easier. Answer the calls with the words "allo" and "yes" in no event. First of all you should provide information about the company, and then about the position you hold.

rules of business communication by phone

It is always necessary to introduce yourself correctly.First, the one who calls. Do not name the name and position only when the right person is not there. In the event that you dial someone's phone number, then after you introduce yourself, find out about the availability of time. Only then should we talk about the purpose of the call.

The rules of communication also imply that it is not worth itto force to wait. The maximum time it takes to pick up the handset is about six beeps. After that you can stop ringing. Approximately after the third dial tone. This will save the caller's time. But you do not need to rush to the phone, otherwise you will think that you are idling at work.

Do not forget that the durationcalls should be about five minutes. Lyrical derogation rules do not provide for communication. In addition, it takes too much time. Do not stay silent for a long time, because pauses in a business conversation are not needed. They just do what's unnerving. And if you were silent for about a minute, this would be a significant drawback for your reputation.

In addition, a business call is necessarywill be prepared in advance. Do not make anyone unnecessary calls just to clarify the information you are interested in. All questions and details should be discussed right away during the first conversation. To avoid such a problem, you can create a special list with questions. It is always worthwhile to answer the questions posed. Short answers will not be able to support your reputation at the proper level and will not show your competence in the matter under discussion.

golden rules of communication
Golden rules of communication were invented just for such cases. If you follow them, then your ranking as a responsible employee will be high.

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