Logical-sensory introvert: features of a socionic type

Recently, science is gaining popularitysocionics. Someone is skeptical about it, they say, another fashionable trend, interesting for young people, and some people consider it quite a serious and independent branch of scientific knowledge.

Whatever it was, socionics is at leastan interesting hobby that helps to establish interpersonal relationships and find out which types of people are most profitable (from a psychological point of view, of course) to contact you.

Logical touch introvert

One of the socionic types isLogical-sensory introvert. As well as it is necessary to any introvert, it is very constrained and closed. Extremely does not like large crowds of people and even more so to be in the center of everyone's attention. Logical-sensory introvert is very delicate and sensitive in communication. He never imposes his society on others, even if he really wants to. In doing so, he often needs to be listened to and advised by advice.

This type is capable of falling into aggression, if someonedoes not notice the obvious things or can not build a banal logical chain. The same reaction follows when someone touches his things: this logical-sensory introvert can not be rendered simply. Moreover, for him such behavior of friends and acquaintances is an occasion to take offense seriously. But, despite his own reactions (sometimes quite inexplicable), he himself does not tolerate aggressive people.

This socionic type thoroughly delves into theany business that is involved. Before you start work on something, be sure to gather a lot of information, learn a lot of reference literature and consult with more experienced colleagues. Logical-sensory introvert - a man who has everything is always under control. In business relations very much appreciates the subordination.

ethical sensory introvert

People of this type always have their own, often stronglydifferent from others, look at the world. Whatever happens, his opinion will not change. He himself values ​​intellectual people: he is able to forgive even some negative qualities for them.

Another socionic type is ethical-sensoryintrovert. It is able to feel pity for all the disadvantaged - both materially and physically. It is characterized by a high degree of mobility, a constant desire to do something. It is characterized by impatience. He prefers to be given as little time as possible to prepare for a responsible event: so he can thoroughly prepare, and not waste time on experiences. Moreover, he knows how negative negative emotions affect health.

sensory-logical introvert

Sensory-logical introvert, in contrast toThe socionic type described above is very slow and lazy. However, his half-awake state often changes sharply in the opposite direction: he becomes agitated and assertive. Very much it does not like, when associates try to "climb into the soul". However, people with whom friendly and trusting relationships have long been established are sometimes opened. In communication, he establishes a kind of psychological distance and just hates when someone imposes his company on him.

Socionics is a rather complicated thing. However, if you want to understand what types of people you will be most comfortable with, perhaps you should study it.

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