Some recommendations on how to achieve the goal: "I want a lot of money"

Of course, the phrase "I want a lot of money" said althoughEvery once in a lifetime every person. This is evidenced by the statistics. Unfortunately, most Russians experience a constant shortage of money, and only a small percentage of citizens lead a relatively comfortable life.

Money does not happen much

Now in the conditions of "wild capitalism"the phrase "I want a lot of money" is as relevant as ever, since it is almost impossible to exist without them: food, clothes, utilities, entertainment - all this requires money resources, and this is not a complete list.

I want a lot of money

To succeed financially today all are striving. However, not all who set a goal for themselves: "I want a lot of money" - know how to achieve it. The question of enrichment is particularly important and important for those who "make ends meet."

What are the ways to material wealth

Today there is a huge selection of tools,through which a person becomes independent in the material plane. Conditionally all of them can be divided into legal and illegal. Choosing the first option, you run the risk of being "in places not so remote". Despite the fact that with his help you can become a wealthy person in a short time, even to those who set the task: "I want a lot of money quickly" - it will not work. Remember that sooner or later even the most sophisticated scammers and scammers, eager for rapid enrichment, go to jail: seldom who can escape retribution.

Of course, such a path to wealth leads nowhere, so you should choose the second one.

Know that the task "I want to have a lot of money" in most cases is not quickly solved: for its implementation you will need to apply incredible persistence and titanic efforts.

It should be noted that in order to obtain financialwell-being, a person must learn several things: first, he must be successful, and secondly, he must have a strong love for money. It is possible that you will ask: "If I want a lot of money, does it mean that I love them?"

I want to receive a lot of money

Paradoxically, there are people,who need money, but they perceive them as some kind of evil. The fate for such a negative perception of "ringing coins" of a person, of course, does not enrich: figuratively speaking, money runs away from it "like hell from incense". This is confirmed by the popular saying: "How much money in my head - so much money in my wallet." In the sense that what amount of money you plan to receive, so much you will enrich in the end.

Have a passion for money

So, how to love money bills?There are several simple ways. First, you should take the rule of regularly recounting the cash available in your wallet. Secondly, the appearance of your wallet should demonstrate that its owner is a fairly well-off person. Also, you should ensure that paper notes are kept in one compartment, and metal coins in another. In addition, you should be careful with the money: do not put them in their pockets and do not throw them on the table in front of the cashier of the store in crumpled form.

Those who have long cherished the goal:"I want to receive a lot of money" - should not forget to express gratitude for all the good that happens in their life. This is a very important rule. Play back in memory events, when you unexpectedly "dumped on the head" of money, albeit not too large. Of course, your first thought was: "What a pity, that is not enough." Although in fact you should have said: "Many thanks to fate for such a gift."

Organize your own business and work "for yourself"

I want a lot of money quickly

You constantly say: "I want more money!"- but do not know how to achieve this? There is one useful recommendation in this regard. You should focus your attention not on the amount of your salary that you get for routine work (it does not bring pleasure), but on how much income you will receive from activities that you may be doing in your spare time. It can be an investment activity or a business. The main thing is to do what is most interesting for you! Usually people trying to become financially safe think about opening their own business. How can this be implemented in practice?

It is necessary to try to produce or provide demand for goods in which consumers are in acute need.

If they see what they need, theywill pay for it any money. In this case, no one restricts you in choosing the direction of the sphere of activity; on the contrary, a person can manifest the whole arsenal of his creative abilities (if he has them, of course).

I want to have a lot of money

It can be, for example, exclusive modelsclothes for hunters, fishermen, sportsmen. Most importantly - they must have their own flavor, that is, be original and unusual. Try to develop in the area of ​​commerce in which you are a professional. After a short while you will throw out of your head the question of where to get money, focusing entirely on your own business. The main thing is not to sit idly by, but to act! Start immediately, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Calming yourself with such excuses, you will not attract wealth to yourself.

Make your hobby turn into aprofession. If you, for example, can make exclusive furniture or make unusual sketches of clothes, you should not "bury talent in the ground", but you need to develop it regularly. Try to organize a mini-exhibition of your products: for sure you will be able to sell a couple of elegant stools. Think about how to conduct training courses for those who wish to master art professionally. Teach several master classes.

I want more money

If there is no hobby

If you do not have a certain hobby, you need to "dig into yourself" and remember what you wanted to do in adolescence.

Absolutely, you can do it.Why not go back to the "early" entertainment now and try to do it on a professional basis? If and with this you have difficulties, then use another way out. Apply for training to a qualified business coach, who will teach you to set goals in entrepreneurship and achieve them.


Remember that just because money "from the sky is notfall, and in order to have a lot of them, you need not only to work hard, but also to invest financial resources in your training. Only then will the result!

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