What is indifference: the origins, types, ways of overcoming spiritual hardness

People who ask about the nature of indifference,most often suffer from it themselves. It is because of the emptiness in the soul that the problem of indifference becomes actual for them. Arguments in defense of indifference are met infrequently: these people, rather, will be accused of callousness. But what is the source of indifference in each individual person? Is it always a negative characteristic or can it be due to external causes?

what is indifference

What is indifference?

Psychology argues that this stateakin to apathy. It is characterized by a loss of interest in what was once significant and important, bringing joy. A person loses an active position in relation to life. For example, when an ex-spouse or a relationship partner becomes indifferent, it loses its meaning once it seemed important. Earlier the connection was filled with emotions, and it seemed that such indifference is impossible in principle. But time passes, and it becomes all the same where and how she or he is busy, in what state is the health of this person, with whom he spends his time.

What people can become indifferent

Sometimes indifference is a consequence of psychological characteristics. The possessor of a phlegmatic temperament, with all the desire, can not experience such emotions as a choleric or sanguine person.

In other cases, indifference has its roots in selfish inclinations. This may be the result of education, being in a negative social environment, just a lack of ethical feelings.

indifference to man

But even a far from narcissist cancool down to another after applying any offense. His heart closes, and he ceases to experience joy, positive feelings, fully feeling on himself what indifference is. But, at least, the lack of interest in comparison with emotional pain is subjectively transferred more easily.

Charity and modern man

Residents of megacities are more likely to showindifference. Arguments can be: perpetual employment, problems, lack of time and money. However, this does not help to improve the world, in which people unfairly die every day. Of course, every person is given the opportunity from time to time to do a good deed. For example, to buy a kilogram of apples from an ancient old woman selling near the subway exit. But those who choose the quick pace of life as an excuse probably forget one important thing. This thing teaches us the Buddhist religion: there is nothing permanent. And those who earn millions today, and ordinary middle managers, and station wagons - all people come to this world and leave in the same way. Anyone who is bathing in luxury today, no matter how confident he is, may lose all or lose a terrible diagnosis tomorrow.

indifference arguments

It is said that such indifference is onlyprotective reaction. But we must agree that this burial of the head in the sand is a completely child's way of perceiving the world. All that a person can "take" with him to the next world is good deeds, a good attitude towards people.

What can be done to get rid of indifference?

It is necessary to let go of all grievances.If there is a goal to overcome indifference to a person, you need to learn to control the flow of attention, even if they were committed a very bad deed. It is necessary to be able to redirect the focus from negative to positive moments in time, to learn to notice again the good in the neighbor. Since it is usually very difficult to do this, meditation can be of great help here.

the problem of indifference arguments

Famous psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya, speakingabout the ethical feelings of children, compares it with talent. In the context of working with children in a group, it is recommended to help develop it. The same can be said about the ability to sympathize. It must be consciously cultivated, so that the heart does not become indifferent. A classic example of such cultivation is to help the poor or sick, to shelter the homeless dog.

If indifference manifests itself in relation to work or any activity, then it may be necessary to abstract yourself from the routine for a while. Or consider alternative employment options.

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