Conflict situations in education

The notion of "situation" indicates thatthe conflict is still in the stage of maturing and emergence and has not yet taken acute forms, but the clash of interests of participants in the educational process is evident. Psychological and pedagogical conflict situations can unfold in the interaction of teachers and students, between educators, as well as in communicating teachers with parents of students or with the leadership of an educational institution.

Classification of conflict situations by duration and degree of tension:

1) Stormy. They are based on the personal and nervous characteristics of the conflicting people. Conflict situations are fast flowing, so identifying the cause of the collision or getting out of the situation are fast. Most often they are interfered with by an outside observer, tk. the temperamental and emotional interaction of the participants does not allow them to logically complete the clash. Conflicts are manifested between pupils and teachers, and the "arbitrator" can be the administration or other teachers of the institution.

2) Sharp. They flow for a long time, and the contradictions can be deep, stable and hard to reconcile. Such conflict situations most often occur in the interaction of adolescents with teachers who, due to their personal characteristics, were not tactful in communication, could not find a way out of the situation in a timely manner.

3) Slightly expressed sluggish. An analysis of the conflict situation shows that this kind of situations occurs when only one side of the conflicting parties is active, and the other side tries to avoid a conflict, does not go to its aggravation. They can be delayed for a long time. it depends on the claims of the initiator of the conflict.

4) Slightly fast flowing. A favorable prediction of the resolution of the situation is possible only if the fast-flowing conflicts manifest themselves in a separate episode and are not repeated in other cases. Such conflict situations are possible between teachers who find the strength and tact not to bring the matter to the stage of conflict realization. If there is a chain of fast-flowing conflicts, then there is the likelihood of the situation changing to a different kind: acute or sluggish.

Prevention of psychological and educational conflicts

Strategies for behavior in a conflict situationdepend on the stage of conflict development. At the predisposing stage of the educator it is important to exclude a number of conditions that can become provocative factors for the onset of conflict:

1) Avoidance of any contradictions and quarrels betweenteachers and other objects of the pedagogical process. Long deterrence of displeasure, irritation can, like a volcano, suddenly break through at the most inopportune moment.

2) The constant overwork of pupils and teachers.For teachers, the administration should create comfortable working conditions, have a full staff to avoid processing and increased fatigue. For the students, the schedule of the lessons and the conditions for studying should be such as to prevent all possible deviations from the norms of the organization of children's activities

3) Lack of information.If the information in the team does not have direct access to students or teachers, then there are rumors, speculation, fantasy, distortion of the true meaning, which provokes conflict situations in the organization of the learning process.

Creating different conditions for self-fulfillmentparticipants in the pedagogical process, authoritarian or conniving style of management of the educational institution collective - all this can cause conflict situations. In the conditions of an educational institution, it is the teachers who must find opportunities to prevent conflicts, to resolve them at the stage of origin.

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