Why do people fall in love: a scientific explanation

Everyone has fallen in love for once or in lifefelt sympathy for the other (which, in principle, is inseparable from each other). And at this moment he really feels different, not as usual. There is a certain feeling of euphoria, sublimity, lightness. And any literate person knows that such a process is necessarily accompanied by chemical and physical reactions of the body. But which ones?

why people fall in love

Dopamine release

Why people fall in love is an interesting question. And there are a lot of ambiguous answers to it. But what happens in the human body during this process has long been proven by science.

First, there is an active release of dopamine -hormone, which is responsible for the psycho-emotional state of a person. It causes a feeling of satisfaction, because of what often affects the processes of motivation and achievement of goals. In simpler terms, dopamine provides a person with a desire to achieve what he needs by nature to receive satisfaction, bliss and happiness. This also applies to love. If a person feels sympathy for someone, there is a release of dopamine, which affects the desire to continue communicating with the object you like, as it brings pleasure and joy.


It's a stress hormone.Its release stimulates the CNS, increases the level of wakefulness, mental activity and energy. When the level of adrenaline rises, a person feels tension, anxiety or anxiety. In general, the symptoms familiar to almost every person who has ever fallen in love. Fear for just starting a relationship, excitement in anticipation of a response to a proposal, experiences during the first meetings, when people only get to know each other - all this is accompanied by the release of adrenaline. Hormones that cause love do not exist. But there are those who accompany it.

what is true love

How it all starts

Well, as it was possible to understand, hormones only accompany the process of emerging and growing sympathy. But why do people fall in love?

They say that opposites attract.This is not true, but just a beautiful phrase that has nothing to do with reality. It's just the opposite. Take, for example, acquaintance. The company of young people in the bar decides to get acquainted with the pretty girls sitting at the next table. They sit down and start chatting. And now a potential couple is emerging. The girl turns her attention to only one guy from all five who sat down with her friends. She likes his appearance, she seems very harmonious and attractive. Another girl notices how polite, courteous and does not allow himself anything superfluous. He, in turn, also pays attention to it. The fact that the girl is modest, shy - it seems to him attractive. After all, he just prefers such quiet individuals who can be recognized more closely alone, rather than those who open their souls to everyone at once.

But the other girls this guy canseem boring, without raisins, so to speak. They prefer the more cheerful, self-confident, with the character of the leader. Such as they themselves. Attracted souls, not opposites. Of course, people who have some differences also agree. This is also not bad - then they have the opportunity to learn something from each other. But the point is that good relations will only take shape in similar people. Because only they can understand each other, support, give advice at a difficult moment. It's the most important. After all, understanding and support are the basis of strong relationships. That's why people fall in love with those who look like them.

love and love difference

Opinion of specialists

On the question concerning why people fall in love, the Italian psychologist Francesco Alberoni gave a good answer. He devoted a lot of time to studying this issue.

Francesco assured:if a man fell in love at first sight - then he is ready to forget all the experience he had experienced before and change his life. He feels that it's time to use those opportunities that were postponed to "later". And he is ready to realize his dreams, desire and even change - if this person is with him.

Why him?Sometimes even people who have fallen in love before losing their pulse can not give an answer to this question. Although everything is obvious. Why do we fall in love with this person? In him there is something that was not enough. Perhaps it is perfect. It is pleasant to spend time with him, he makes you smile, rejoice, always cheers up, if sad. With these little things a person shows his concern and readiness to be there, to provide support and help. But this is what is necessary for each of us - just to be someone necessary and to feel reciprocity.

fell in love at first sight

How to understand the feelings?

Sometimes people confuse such concepts as love and love. There is a difference, and not the only one. A lot of them. And this should also be told, discussing why people often fall in love.

So, the first difference.Love lasts a couple of months. And it ends as quickly as it begins. But love lasts a very long time. Sometimes from the moment of dating people to the very end of life. True, at first they still do not realize that this is love. At first, she seems sympathetic.

When a person loves, then in his second halfeverything seems perfect to him. And if there are shortcomings, then they overlap with positive qualities. Or people just get used to them and condescendingly treats this. In love everything is different. Some qualities like others, not very. With negative moments, a person can not accept, and they begin to irritate. As a result, he begins to derive from himself what he once liked.

In general, falling in love is charm.A romantic adventure, you can say. And love is a stable feeling that causes a person to spend with the object of his passion all his life and every minute by his side.

hormones causing love

What do neuroscientists say?

Above was told about what islove and love. The difference is weighty. But what can be discussed about the feelings that arise at first sight? It is interesting to turn to the opinion of neuroscience scientists.

Their thoughts diverge from what they assurepsychologists. Scientists claim that love at first sight is an illusion. A man sees a beautiful woman, he likes it, and as a result, there is a release of testosterone. He has a feeling that he fell in love. The sky seems brighter, the people are kinder, and the air is fresh. Perhaps, if they are related souls, then the feeling really grows into love. Rare coincidence. But most often it's just a need for sexual relaxation and meeting your needs. Because of the strong attraction, a man and a woman begin to attribute qualities to each other, which in practice are not peculiar to the partner. Scientists call this the artificial maintenance of relations.

In the end, when all needs are met, the veil falls from the eyes, and people disagree, like ships in the sea.

why do we fall in love with this person

Ideal relationship

Each person has his own opinion on how everything should be combined in a pair. Scientists have long ago defined what is true love and ideal relationships.

Almost every couple can become happy.In the event that love and sex in them are an inseparable whole. This provides spiritual intimacy and a desire to share with your partner everything - both joy and sorrow. In addition, sex is a way to get to know your soul mate more closely, learn to listen to her desires and interact. And it's also a great way to show your feelings, love, passion and tenderness.

About sincerity of feelings

Everyone can answer the question in his own wayabout what true love is. And it is difficult for many to formulate an answer. In fact, when a person loves, he wants the other half of all the best. And he himself is ready to make great sacrifices for the sake of a partner. Often we even agree to sacrifice our principles and dreams, if only the one we love was good. And, proceeding from this statement, it is possible to answer the previously posed question. True, true love is when someone else becomes the meaning of the life of one person.

why a person often falls in love

Interesting Facts

About why people fall in love, psychologytells quite a lot. On this account there is an infinite number of opinions. So, for example, if you turn to ethology, you can see that scientists in this area call love an evolutionary advantage that ensures the attachment of the male to the female.

Specialists in the field of neuromorphology also giveinteresting definition. They assure that love is a conflict between the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. It can be expressed in more simple words. A powerful brain is given to man with very impressive resources. But also all people have a limbic system, one of the most important functions of which is to form behavior and motivations. And most people have a completely understandable desire to be needed, loved and share their emotions with someone close. Because of this - love and relationships. Morphologists are rather skeptical about this, as this desire most often takes precedence over productive activity. In general, it is also quite an interesting point of view, based on the perception of people at the level of brain structures.

But culturologists claim that love isthe basis of being. And every opinion is correct and true in its own way. One can state with certainty - there have always been debates on this topic. They will continue to exist as long as people are alive.

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