A man who does not like people: who is this?

A person who does not like people, feels dislike and hatred towards them, is called a "misanthrope".

Such personalities are divided into two types. The first is a latent misanthrope. People of this type obey some external authority. It could be a law or a religion. They attach themselves to a strong personality, they do not follow decency, but to their interpretation of the behavior written in the "book."

a man who does not like people
People with this type of personality disorder avoidsociety. This is their manifestation of hatred for humanity, moral values. But, as a rule, they have their own narrow circle of such acquaintances, what kind of people they like, with whom they maintain relations quite normal. They scrupulously choose their friends with whom they will communicate. A person who does not like people squeamishes with human mistakes and weaknesses.

Notable misanthropes were the French pianist Charles Valantin Alcan, American actor Bill Murray. Of course, the most famous is Gregory House from the popular TV series "Doctor House".

A person who does not like people of the second type -this is an active sociopath. He can be in control of himself for a while and be quite respectable if he is with those with whom it is necessary to behave decently and responsibly. But as soon as he breaks out of this circle, he immediately ceases to restrain himself.

what people like
The kind of abnormal behavior for misanthropesis directly criminal. Such people can be rapists or murderers from fraudulent or hooligan considerations. They are able to simply foul around others, inadequately behave on the roads, not obey the orders of the authorities.

A person who does not like people, as a rule, bylife is a loner. Rather, this was the main motivation for the disorder. To determine that a person is a misanthrope, in practice it is very difficult. But such a warehouse of personality can be adjusted. A sociopath becomes due to social alienation or in the event that a person is impatient with respect to the inherent traits of character among the majority of citizens.

There is also the opposite of such an individual.This is a person who loves people. He is called a "philanthropist," or "humanist." Such people are benevolent and loving, they are engaged in charity in favor of poor citizens. One of the most famous philanthropists, Bill Gates, together with Warren Buffett, organized a campaign called "The Oath of Donation". Three years after its creation, more than one hundred and five billionaires joined it with the assurance that they will give more than 50 percent of their capital to the organization. A special feature of the "Oath of the Gift" is that a person who wants to donate money to charity can choose which country or program to support.

a person who loves people is called
The list of famous philanthropists of the world includes:David Rockefeller - American banker, Victor Pinchuk - Ukrainian billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg - American programmer, developer and founder of the most popular social network Facebook, Mohammed Ibrahim - businessman, founder of the firm Celtel.

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