How to get rid of complexes: advice of psychologists

Psychology is a mysterious and mysterious science. And probably this led to its widespread popularity. Recently, almost everyone thinks of himself as a great specialist in the field of psychology, but despite the simplicity of the basic principles of this science, it still remains a mystery. Therefore, you need to be cautious about any advice, especially on the issue of how to get rid of complexes.

How to get rid of complexes

Why there is a feeling of uncertainty

Psychological complexes and the reasons for their appearancethey also studied such well-known classics of psychoanalysis as Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud. The first definition of this concept as a colored set of representations of the unconscious was introduced into the psychological revolution by Carl Gustav Jung. If in simple language, then the complex is a negative representation of a person about himself. It is, figuratively speaking, a heavy weight, tied to his leg, which prevents him from moving freely and join those who are ahead.

Interested in how to get rid of complexes, you needto understand first of all that they are a reflection of the inner world of a particular person, unique and unique. But as we grow in similar conditions and belong to the same biological species, we can note several options that are universal for all people. For example, a sense of guilt, difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex, and so on are quite common. Most often, such negative feelings appear for one reason. They are caused by an inferiority complex. How to get rid of it?

Inferiority complex, how to get rid

Mechanisms for getting rid of complexes

As a rule, psychological complexes arenegative character, but in general, their presence suggests a person's psychological fullness. People with unhealthy psyche are completely devoid of uncertainty, as they have a disrupted perception of their own personality. They do not care what others say about them, and they do not think how to get rid of complexes. But in some cases, the struggle with clinging and uncertainty leads to the development of the individual. Many successful people now started their way in the desire to become or at least seem better.

The initial stage of the process of getting rid of complexes

Psychologists claim that awareness of manThe presence of a problem is the first step on the way to getting rid of complexes. And it is equally important to establish for what reason it appeared. The most dangerous are those complexes that disturb a person for an unexplained reason. That is, it is first necessary to determine where the painful condition came from.

How to get rid of face complexes

How to get rid of complexes

Once a person has established, for what reason do uHe had a feeling of insecurity, he must assemble and defeat himself. To do this, you need to understand that people without complexes in principle do not exist. Even the most successful, self-sufficient and outwardly perfect personalities are afraid of something and doubt something. Therefore, one must think how to get rid of complexes of appearance or something else, since this is not a pathology.

In addition, a person's fear of being ridiculous andridiculous only reinforces doubts. Although, in principle, every one of us got into ridiculous situations, this is not fatal. And if strangers laugh at you, it often speaks not of your absurdity, but of their limitations.

Exercise with a mirror

The one simple thing will help you get rid of the complexesan exercise. It is quite effective in combating uncertainties and complexes, but it is difficult to call it pleasant. But this is only so long as you can not cope with unpleasant sensations. The essence of it is very simple - you need to look at yourself every day for about 10-15 minutes in the mirror and say good words to yourself. Let's say the phrase: "I love myself" or "I like myself".

On the one hand, what's so unpleasant about it? But in fact, many people with a sense of inferiority are strongly complexed. And not only about its appearance, but also its internal content. And then you will not only have to look at your own reflection, which you are unhappy, but also to tell yourself the words of love. Perhaps in the first stage you even want to cry. In this case, do not hold back your emotions, throw them out and complete this exercise by accepting yourself and forgiving.

Do not need to think long how to get rid ofcomplexes that prevent you from fully living. We need to move on to decisive action. From one theory there will not be any sense, you need to be brave and go to practice. You must believe in yourself, in that you are worthy of love and respect, and only then you will get the desired effect.

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