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The book "Mental Traps" to dateis very popular. I wrote it to Andre Kukla, a well-known psychologist and professor in the field of personal growth and self-improvement. He became popular thanks to such creative work as "Mental Traps". In this book, he collected the most common mistakes that each of us makes daily. The text will be of interest to a thoughtful reader who is focused on his own development and wants to make his life a little more joyful and holistic. The author identifies several potential pitfalls, in which we very often fall and do not even notice it.


Sometimes it happens that we forget, in what wayis our main goal. In the process of vital activity, many tasks lose their meaning as they are solved. But the person still continues to take active steps, not seeing, not realizing that they already do not make sense. The fact is that the human brain is arranged in such a way that it is quite difficult for him to immediately switch from one to another. If we have set ourselves a definite goal, then in most cases we will strive to achieve it.

mental traps

Truly remarkable and profound is the book"Mental traps." At work, we face difficult and sometimes insoluble situations, we are caught up in conflicts and numerous disputes. It is very important to count your strength and not take responsibility for everything that happens in the team. Learn to answer only for your work site. The book "Mental Traps" will help you understand yourself, become more confident and appreciate time.


It is peculiar for a person to stopthe most significant fragment of the surrounding reality. Thanks to the thinking ability, we are able to analyze, think, compare various circumstances and how we could act in each specific case. With the help of his research "Mental Traps" by Andre Kukla, it shows how obsession on something prevents to perceive real things that could benefit and positively influence the state of mind of a person. In fact, we are so fussy and nervous that we get tired much more from this than from thoughtful and serious activity.

The author says that the habit of worrying aboutthe future is so firmly entrenched in the minds of people that they often do not notice the present moment. If we were not so much obsessed with imaginary problems, life would seem happier and more harmonious. It is important to learn not to wind the situation, not to lose the presence of the spirit. "Mental traps" are just considering the problems of personal internal organization. Perhaps, while reading this text, you will recognize yourself. And this is absolutely normal.


The doll states:if a person did not make significant efforts, he would never be able to move, to succeed in his development. However, one should not resist the passing wind. All efforts are good only at certain times. When we constantly live on the brink, then we are exhausted emotionally and morally. Sometimes a person resists what could eventually lead him to the realization of a major goal. You need to be able to look ahead, analyze the changes taking place in order to accept the gifts of fate. A lot of people miss incredibly happy chances just because they resist the flow of well-being, can not let something good into their lives.

book mental traps

It must be remembered that resistancetakes a lot of energy from a person and does not give anything in return. It is better to focus on the task at hand than to constantly return to it and experience inconvenience. Experiences associated with resistance are sometimes expensive: a person is tormented by physical illnesses, prolonged stresses, mood swings.


Did you notice that at a certain confluencecircumstances, we often mentally consider situations that have not yet occurred in real life? Personality by nature is inclined to dive into experiences about things that can never touch it. This phenomenon, the psychologist writes, is called an internal anticipation of occurring events. So a person adjusts himself to a positive or negative outcome. The mood here solves everything.

mental traps at work

Truly amazing in every way isthe book "Mental traps". At work, as the author writes, we often do not notice how we act superficially and chaotically. If a person paid attention to their emotions more often, he would have the opportunity to manage his own state and even control the feelings.


If any business is unpleasant to us, most likely,we will postpone his decision for an extended period of time. Some do this in order not to think about the approaching problem any longer. Someone mistakenly believes that it will be possible to avoid emotional restlessness. The author is sure: delaying the situation in no way contributes to its solution! We all are well aware of this, but for some reason we constantly practice such a frivolous approach to life.

mental traps of stupidity that make intelligent people

Great benefit brings thoughtful personreading the book "Mental traps". The stupidities that intelligent people make, writes Kukla, sometimes so obvious. But we still continue to do them every day.


In a stressful situation, the person is maximallymobilizes, tries to do as much as possible. When we are in a hurry, we inevitably begin to err more often, to be nervous and worried. The process of acceleration starts automatically when there is an appropriate factor, which creates a nervous tension. The author says that experiences trigger the development of stress. And we unconsciously begin to drive ourselves, even if this is not particularly necessary.

book mental traps at work

The advice from the psychologist is simple: you do not need to hurry much. Otherwise, you will return to the same case several times to make sure that everything is correctly executed.

Reviews and reviews

This book has helped many people to believe in themselves,worthy to get out of various difficult situations. She teaches the main thing - be able to competently manage their own time and do not waste it. Businessmen say that they were able to increase their income thanks to a responsible approach to living each day. Thus, the book will prove useful not only to specialists in the field of psychology, but also to ordinary people who want to make their life more orderly and harmonious.

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