Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is the highest integratedform of the psyche. It is formed under the influence of socio-historical conditions in the labor activity of man, as well as in his communication with other people with the help of language.

Human consciousness has the following characteristics:

  • Self-evaluation (both in general and in individual actions). This is expressed in cognitive, emotional and strong-willed forms.
  • Displaying the world through cognitiveprocesses: imagination, thinking, memory, sensation, perception. Violation of one or more cognitive processes, as a rule, leads to a disorder of consciousness.
  • The presence of a specific goal, which has any human activity. Due to this, he is able to foresee the future, make decisions, strive forward, overcome difficulties.
  • The difference between an object and a subject.
  • Emotionally-evaluative attitude to the surrounding world, events and oneself. This manifests itself in such feelings as patriotism, duty, internationalism.

Some human actions can be estimated ashighly conscious, to others such a characteristic can not be applied. In this regard, it is possible to divide the consciousness of a person into certain levels, which can manifest both in different people and in one.

1. Low level. A person is not well aware of the circumstances, his actions and attitude towards them.

2. High level. A person understands and accepts everything that happens around. Guided by certain motives and goals, he plans, organizes and directs his actions.

Millions of years ago, in those times when the planetinhabited only the simplest organisms, there could not be such a thing as consciousness (man still did not exist at all). Living organisms could only react to the impact of the environment. This form can be called irritability. Thanks to it, some adaptation of the simplest organisms took place. This stage of development of the psyche is called sensory.

Evolution gave living organisms the abilityto feel the world around them through the organs of hearing, sight and touch. With the advent of the nervous system, they learned to distinguish colors, shape, temperature and so on. This stage of development is called perceptual.

One of the most important elements of the psyche isperception. Thanks to him, animals were able not only to adapt, but also to show inner activity. Higher mammals have elementary thinking. For example, monkeys are characterized by mental activity, which is more complex than in other animals. This stage of the psyche is called the stage of the intellect.

The development of the human psyche went much further. People have different feelings, semantic and logical memory. We can say that all forms of mental reflection have united in them into a single whole. This form of reflection in evolution is consciousness.

The development of the consciousness of a person from birth passes through all these stages in an accelerated mode. A one-year-old child is already able to consciously interact with the environment and isolate oneself from it.

For many centuries people have been interested inpsychology. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, people have learned to manage and manipulate others. Today, the management of human consciousness occurs at all levels. Constant advertising on television, in newspapers and magazines makes people do what they themselves never did.

The methods of consciousness management are strategies,used by people to achieve any goals. They are designed to replace the perception of certain things, to make a person do as the other wants.

The most popular and effective tacticsmodern politicians, trade companies and advertising agencies - brainwashing. Regular repetition of the same information makes people perceive it as their own thoughts and ideas. This leads, at best, to an unnecessary waste of money, the purchase of unnecessary things, and so on.

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