Temperament is something that everyone should know about

It's not a secret for anyone that each of us hascertain features. Temperament - this is the biological characteristics of personality. They are given to us from birth. Determine the temperament of a person is very simple. After reading this article, you can easily do it.

Temperament is the qualities of the person with whom he comes into the world. There are its following types: phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic, choleric.

Choleric temperament
A person who has a choleric temperament -nervous, obstinate, easily excitable, always insists on his own, demanding of himself and others, active, mobile, emotional, may become furious. He is always focused on one thing. In general, choleric people are leaders and people occupying high positions.

Phlegmatic temperament is inherent in a person who does not care about other people, their feelings, experiences.

He never gets upset about hisfailures. He is leisurely, judicious, attentive, stingy with emotions, does not like large gatherings of people. The walk is lazy, the facial expression is inexpressive. Can not concentrate, doing several things at the same time. He has few friends, since he does not like communication very much. In work is productive, calm.

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Melancholic temperament has a modest,Insecure person who constantly experiences because of any little things. Such people are always in the shadows, at work no one notices them. They carry everything in themselves, constantly solve some problems they invented. Yes, and they work slowly, with interruptions, because they are tired. On their face they never have a smile, a gait - fast, but very restrained, the back - hunched, the head is low, the speech is listless.

Determine the temperament
Sanguine temperament has a cheerfulhuman. Gait sanguine fast and confident. It is full of energy. Life obstacles and dislocation, it passes easily. The smile of a sanguine person never leaves his face. Sanguine is easy to climb, loves companies. He can change his mood quite often, but this does not prevent him from remaining alert and active.

He loves everything new and unknown. If he gets bored with anything, he immediately takes on a new job. May be optional.

One person can combine two or more species in different proportions.

The type of the nervous system is associated with temperament. Temperament is a psychological concept, the type of the nervous system is physiological, therefore it is impossible to assimilate them.

Melancholic has a weak type of nervous system. When overexerted, a breakdown is possible.

Phlegmatic - a man who has a strong type of nervous system with inactive processes.

Sanguine also has a strong type with strong and moving nervous processes.

Choleric has a rapidly depleted strong type of nervous system, which can lead to breakdowns.

Everyone should know their own kind of temperament.Because temperament is an important indicator of the rhythm in which the nervous system of a person can work better. Knowing it, you can determine the type of activity that suits you and choose the optimal mode of operation.

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