Destructive pendulums and suspended state - what do they mean, and how to deal with them?

Surely every person faced such aconcept, as a "suspended state". But very few people know what it really means. Although the phrase "I'm in a limbo!" Many people use it. Well, it is worthwhile to understand what is the meaning of it.

suspended state

Destructive pendulums

In simple terms, destructive pendulums -they are structures that subordinate their influence to people, directing their thoughts and consciousness in one direction. They take away energy and establish power over them. A person who is under the influence of a destructive pendulum begins to build his life in accordance with his laws, often without even realizing it.

They surround us everywhere. Victims of destructive pendulums are applicants entering the prestigious faculty, and as a result they vainly master the alien and unloved profession. Young guys going to serve on the contract, eventually dying. Specialists who agree to attractive working conditions, but after the conclusion of an employment contract drowning in the swamp of problems. And, of course, those people who carefree and windy link themselves by marriage to a person who later turns out to be a "stranger".

the suspended state of psychology

The discovery of freedom

Suspended state occurs whena person is freed from the influence of the notorious destructive pendulums. Because, as a rule, having ceased to yield to their power, he understands that he has no purpose. So often it happens. But freedom without a goal is just a suspended state.

You can feel it.First, a person begins to extinguish all the pendulums affecting him. Conflicts, without which the day did not pass before, cease. Cares that seemed serious and important retreat. And anxiety and anxiety disappear altogether. It seems that the storm has died down. There comes peace.

but on the other hand

After the retreat of all problems,that such a suspended state. Previously, he was at the center of all events, albeit not always pleasant. Now everything happens as before, but without his participation.

Yes, there are no worries, but they are not replaced bynew aspirations. And the pressure of the external world is no longer felt, but this fact does not bring any special euphoria. The problems disappeared, but the joy did not increase. And this "pacification" begins to worry even more than the recent stress.

The suspended state can be compared withdisorientation in space. Or with the situation when a person suddenly found himself in an endless desert. The fact is that you can not completely isolate yourself from the pendulums. All life is built on them. And a self-assured person will never surround himself with a vacuum from his own environment of existence. A measure is needed here.

Cases, again, mass.One of the brightest is spoiled children. They have everything! And when they realize this, they begin to languish because they have nothing to want. Here it is, suspended state. Does this seem strange? Not at all. After all, this is how a person works: it is vital for him to always strive for something.

suspended state this

What to do?

Nothing good will bring a suspended state.The psychology of man is such that he needs to be influenced by certain pendulums. Those that will be useful to him. Do not isolate yourself from all the pendulums. Only from those that are destructive and really do harm.

In other words, we need to get rid of onlyimposed goals. From those in pursuit of which a man moves farther away from the line of his happy life. It is necessary to find the way, on which to come, it will be possible to come as a result to personal happiness and genuine success that can bring genuine joy. And it's easy. You just need to stop living imposed by someone or something, follow conventions, rules, do something, because "it's so necessary". And listen finally to their desires. To personal and individual needs. Only hearing yourself, you will be able to find happiness.

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