The meaning of colors in psychology: examples

What your favorite color can tell you aboutpersonality? The meaning of colors and their shades carry a hidden message from a long time ago. Experts say that the chosen color determines the character of a person, his principles, values, fears and complexes. Let us briefly discuss the meaning of colors and their influence.

meaning of colors

Emotions and color

Psychologists came to the conclusion that some eventsfirmly associated with the psychology of color, the meaning of color. So, black, gray shades carry information about grief, mourning and tears. Joyful events are associated with the brightness and violence of colors. This includes orange, yellow, pink, shades of green, blue and so on. We will analyze the meaning of colors from two positions: the characteristics of people who prefer this or that shade, and the general influence on emotions and mood.

The black

Let's analyze the value of black color.It does not always carry only a negative message. It all depends on the situation. If this shade prevails in the drawings of the child, it is recommended to consult a child psychologist. But everything is not so unambiguous. We turn to the wardrobe. It is this shade that wealthy people prefer. Black allows you to feel more important. A person who prefers black does not tend to be inconspicuous. Just the opposite. He subconsciously tries to attract attention, preferring to stay surrounded in a halo of mystery. Those who love black, like to experiment in the love sphere, and with them will not be bored in bed.


Like the black color, the value of which is not alwaysnegatively, white combines several characteristics, including, oddly enough, a negative aspect. Everyone knows that it embodies purity, innocence and openness. Also white is a symbol of freedom and destruction of stereotypes that prevent breathing freely. He acts as a symbol of equality, because it combines other colors. People who prefer it are perfectionists. They love their work with all their heart and give themselves to it without a trace. They are very open and easily recognize lies. The dark side of this color is that it can suppress and personify emptiness. In some eastern countries, where there are beliefs about the rebirth of the soul after physical death, the white is associated with the afterlife and considers it the color of eternal life. Therefore clothes of this color are worn at funerals, unlike traditional in Russia and Europe, black.

meaning of flowers lilac


According to polls - this is one of the most unpopularshades wardrobe. He represents the middle between white and black. If a person chooses it, you can be sure that he puts first of all logic, calculation, mind, and not feelings and emotions. It is considered a symbol of order and balance. It is recommended to wear it to timid people to increase self-confidence. Psychologists say that fans of the gray shade are in crisis, emotional and moral exhaustion, on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

"Gray" can help those who need it,to reassure. They are very modest by nature and do not like to stand out from the crowd. Although gray and pacifies, he can not open the prospects for the foreseeable future. It does not have an energy component for beginnings and accomplishments.


If you are constantly overwhelmed by negative thoughts andemotions, you worry and worry a lot, it's the pink that can help. It is a symbol of joy, childhood and carelessness. Those who choose it for themselves, love attention and try to stand out from the crowd. People who prefer this shade in the wardrobe are very industrious, but are touchy, tearful and somewhat naive. In the anime, you can often meet heroes, whose hair is painted pink. And this is not an accident or fiction. They are endowed with heroes who are strong, like breaking the rules. If we talk about a darker shade of pink, then we can confidently say that a person does not tolerate violence and cruelty, takes from life what he considers necessary, but does it with caution, and does not go ahead. Unfortunately, "pink" is hard to build relationships with the opposite sex. Potential satellites quickly cool to them. Lovers of pink color are often attached to the past and live memories.

orange color value


Let's analyze the value of brown color. Although it is also a dark shade, its influence is much more positive than that of gray and black. If this color prevails in a person's clothing, then his confidence in himself can only be envied. Every person in life has moments when it seems that everything is going awry, and problems are piled up like a snowball. It is on such days that brown will come in handy. He gives hope for the best. It contains red and yellow. Considering the value of brown, it is worth noting the following:

  1. A person who chooses this shade loves life, but in the first place he has a mind.
  2. In love, lovers of brown - conservatives, and in the first place they do not have a passion, but emotional harmony.
  3. It combines common sense, reliability and a great propensity for depression.
  4. Tip: going for an interview or a business meeting, choose a brown one for yourself. Fans of this color are honest, and they love their work. And this is the main thing that the employer pays attention to. In addition, the "browns" remain calm even in critical situations.
  5. Brown colors are popular in design. Gift packaging looks stylish and expensive. It is used in advertising high-quality cigars and expensive coffee, so that this shade can be considered a kind of quality sign.


Initially, this shade was feminine, and notmale, as it is commonly believed today. It is the color of tranquility, harmony, sincerity, and it is a symbol of fidelity. The blue tint from ancient times was present in the temples. It is believed that he attracts white forces and protects young children.

Blue has a beneficial effect on the heart. Normalizes the general physical and psychological state of the body. Those who love blue, usually have a phlegmatic character, they express a desire for harmony. They do not show too much emotion. They appreciate stability and security. Another interesting fact: jeans, which have become an integral part of the wardrobe, symbolize freedom, equality and unity. That's why they were so popular among hippies.

blue color value


The meaning of the yellow color is clear to all. It is a symbol of warmth, sun, joy. He dispels a bad mood, relieves blues and depression. It has a tonic effect on the body, improves mobility. The value of yellow color in psychology expresses the desire to reveal inner potential, spiritual search, inner freedom, happiness and love. Why stickers are painted in yellow more often? The written text is easier to digest on a yellow background. But do not overdo it. When it is too much, the excitability increases, and the person becomes restless. If it is used in clothes, it indicates a strong, purposeful personality and a high degree of confidence. But there is a negative interpretation of the yellow. The meaning of colors is not always unambiguous. So, yellow symbolizes death, disease and the other world, the afterlife.


The main value of orange is in heatbrightness and holiday. But it is not the only one. It's human warmth, gatherings with family and friends, fire by the fireplace, tangerines and the New Year. What is the meaning of orange for a person? People who choose this color are homely, friendly, open and warm. They are emotional and alive, they have a positive view of the world. Love life and receive from it pleasant emotions and pleasure. They are strong freedom-loving people. They have high self-esteem. Orange color symbolizes dreamers. They quickly become addicted to new things, but quickly burn out. If you need to unite people together, use this shade.

yellow color value


The value of green has long been associated withnature. This color is considered the most buoyant among others, symbolizes growth, development and vitality. He is especially venerated in Muslim countries. The Prophet is often depicted in green robes. He restores strength, normalizes the psychological state. With psychosomatic diseases, green leads to a normal state of the body as a whole. Physicians also found confirmation of the significance of green in psychology.


Aggression, impulsiveness, sensuality, passion. You do not need to understand the meaning of colors to understand that all these epithets describe the red color. Psychologists refer it to the most ancient shade of all existing. Historically, it expresses blood, fire and a burning feeling of love. Specialists say that red is the number one in popularity. Previously, only the priests and representatives of the highest authority could afford to wear it. This color can both warm up and excite simultaneously. It fills the body with energy, raises blood pressure. The person becomes more mobile. Red always brought good luck in battles. It is worn by leaders with an active mind and imagination, they like to take risks and strive for victory. They have a strong will and independent character. The reverse side of the coin is that the "reds" are often selfish, overly stubborn and cruel even to close people. Another negative property of red color is that it quickly tires, if you look at it for a long time.

black color value


The value of the lilac color is associated with the periodgrowth. When a person is not yet formed to the end and goes the way of becoming and growing up. Another value of lilac color - in the craving for self-expression, for vanity. He expresses the ease of life, openness. They are creative people, who set their aspiration to perfection with their life goal. They are very flexible and prone to improvisation. "Lilac" is easy to learn from the crowd. From them it seems that the inner glow emanates. That is how they are determined by specialists, psychologists and masters of the arts. They give others love, warmth and comfort. But lovers of lilac color tend to fall into depression, which can last a fairly long time. Despite the fact that they give the warmth of communication, at such times they need the help of their loved ones. Independently they can not find a way out of depression, or it costs them much effort. Do not endure painstaking work, which requires a long sitting on the spot. They love to invent. Out of them come out excellent writers, actors and artists. "Lilac" are very vulnerable, are inclined to understate self-esteem and are incredibly trusting. They take care of things and memories. And, both good and to those that hurt them.


The value of violet is controversial and ambiguous. Once it was considered the color of wealth and aristocracy. He expressed sensuality and passion. But the meaning of colors varies under the influence of time and culture. Violet kept a halo of mystery and tenderness. That is why many books of the genre of fantasy and mysticism form in this color. People who prefer this color are melancholic natures, with a strong sense of dignity. They are not like the others. They have a rational mindset. Purple is recommended for those who suffer from low self-esteem. "Violet" is difficult to get along with themselves because they are too critical of themselves. Still this shade indicates that a person needs approval and support. Some people negatively tolerate purple color, because it is very fond of representatives of non-traditional orientation.


Consider the value of blue. If you are going on a date, or you are in for important negotiations, and you want to get another person to you, put on something blue. It causes trust and respect. It is recommended to use it to emphasize your social status and status. What is the significance of blue in psychology? Experts believe that this shade has a beneficial effect on employees, causes a desire to work productively, motivates. People who prefer this color are straightforward and stable. Blue color gives strength to combat physical ailments, which is why it is popular in the design of hospitals.

brown color value


The burgundy shade combines will power anddecisiveness of a red shade and a propensity for philosophy, an inner core and stability from brown. He is chosen by strong strong-willed persons. They are conservative and self-confident, good organizers. In this case, such a person is not inclined to show emotions. Bordeaux color can give a man a lack of steadfastness and purpose. If it is too much, it leads to depression and depression.


Turquoise refers to cold tones. It creates an atmosphere of freshness and coolness. It is also called the color of sterility and purity. Fans of this shade are strict with others, but with them it is even harder. They like to lead and live according to strict rules. Turquoise speaks of isolation. Dark shade oppresses, in particular, if a person is prone to neuroses.

Benefits for the individual

The psychology of color, the meaning of color, as alreadyit was said that there is much to say about the character of the person, but this is not all. Knowing the messages of shades, you can find strengths and weaknesses, achieve success in business, get the long-awaited promotion, attract the right people and find a common language with others, based on their color choices. All you need to do is find out the meaning of each color. The key to closed doors can be hidden in small things. You can improve your life by just picking the right colors in the workplace, in clothes, or by arranging several items in the room.

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