How to get rid of the fears and anxieties that prevent us from living?

Fear is a natural human emotion. It is closely connected with a sense of self-preservation. It is through fear that we survive in many difficult situations. But sometimes fear grows into something more, fueled by constant anxiety, begins to interfere with living a full life. Then the question arises: how to get rid of fears?

In psychological practice, this is one of the mostdisturbing human problems. It can sometimes be solved only in each specific case, working individually. And yet, you can give a few recommendations, advise a couple of ways how to get rid of fears?

The most common fears of modernpeople are: fear of darkness, fear of loneliness, fear of losing their jobs, fear of public transport, fear of flights. You can also identify fears depending on the age of the person. The maturing person is afraid of responsibility, facing such serious problems as a lack of money to pay bills. Take the same mortgage - like and good, but how much "the horror is catching up" ... The elderly person is left alone with death, which, of course, causes the strongest fear because of the unknown.

In the last statement, by the way, the path tostruggle with fear. All fears arise from a feeling of suspense, because of a lack of information, or because of negative experience in the past. Accordingly, the reason and should seek an answer to the question that concerns us.

First, we'll figure out how to get rid of fears,arising from a sense of suspense. A striking example of this is the fear of losing a job. Imagine that the worst thing you are afraid of has already happened. So what? Is it really that horrible? What can be done to overcome the current "terrible" situation? This is what you need to focus on: thinking about what you can do, not thinking about how this situation is terrible. Take for yourself the habit of not being afraid of the worst, but concentrating on solving the problem. Then part of your fears will give way to self-confidence, independence and freedom in decision-making.

How to get rid of fears that continue withchildhood? Such fears are most harmless. As a rule, they pass by themselves, because they cease to be relevant for a person. He was afraid of the darkness since childhood, and ceased after many years, when he had already moved away from his parents, which included a nightlight, and began to save on electricity, and eventually realized that in the dark there is nothing terrible, because nothing terrible happened to him really did not happen . I would like it to happen to every our fear, but alas ...

And in some situations, when fear developsin a phobia (uncontrollable fear), the question can stand more weight: how to lose fear once and for all? In this case, only psychotherapy can help. The specialist will discover the reason in your past, teach you to live with this negative experience, reconcile with what happened and learn how not to associate similar situations with the one that so frightened you.

Fear is closely related to one more emotion of a person -with anxiety. Many situations cause anxiety and this is in the order of things, with the modern rhythm of life, the social order, it is difficult not to worry for many reasons. It is bad, if such anxiety ceases to be tied to the situation and begins to manifest itself more and more often, until it grows into a character trait. To prevent this, one should also ask: how to get rid of fear and anxiety? Learn to remove the feeling of anxiety instantly, until it becomes a habit. Anxiety can be "breathe out", as psychologists say. A few deep breaths will clear the mind of troubling thoughts. A few decisive steps will help get rid of the cause of the anxiety.

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