Harmful person - who is this?

Harmful is usually called a person representingthreat to the well-being of others. You can not hope for such people. A very harmful person sees shortcomings in others and is happy with their failures. He is envious and vindictive.

harmful person is

A harmful person is an individual who is trying tobreak even his friend. Lack of confidence and a sense of insolvency make it difficult for others to live happily. In addition, they differ in appearance and behavior. Social status, age, religious outlook, mind or education are completely irrelevant.

Why are people harmful?

Harmful in life can be and ingenious personality. Various circumstances influence this.

What are the negative and harmful factors per personinfluence, because of what it is changing in the negative direction? There are several of them. A person can become harmful, because he was traumatized. For example, someone in his childhood offended. Incorrect education can lead to the fact that people will somehow treat their neighbors differently.

A harmful person is found anywhere. One will say stuff in the face, the second will spread defamation, the third one will smile, say kind words, melting anger in his soul.

harmful human factors

During life, everyone had to understand thata harmful person is one to whom one can not experience tender feelings. In addition, there may be such personalities, the memory of which causes a migraine. Let everyone from childhood learn that you need to love others, in reality, everything turns out to be more difficult. The nature of harmful people is different, from this they are divided into different types. We will now consider them.


He is very talkative, narcissistic, disrespectful, notknows how to communicate. Such a person pours out the whole stream of thoughts to the first person on the other. He talks about everything and does not stop, although these stories are not of interest to others. Such an individual does not pay attention to the irritation or disgust of the interlocutor.

Avoiding trouble

Avoiding trouble is a harmful person - this isA creature that is not capable of protecting itself. It is best to leave him. Since avoiding trouble tries not to get involved in quarrels, he does not understand how he can hurt his other care.


This is an unreliable, secretive, self-confident, evil, obsessive person. He is looking for faults in all, he blames. Gossips love to embellish and invent stories. The personal life of gossips is colorless.

The Sad Victim

She is restless, passive, selfish, stubborn,unattractive. This nature always blames everyone. Sad victims take in the grief network, telling about their terrible life. They are convinced that the world is cruel. Nothing brings them joy.

A dejected victim always worries, making sad scenarios in advance. It is worth a little chat with such a person, and the interlocutor will feel exhausted. Because this creature will pull out all the forces.

Two-faced Janus

It is a secretive, insincere, selfish,evasive, suspicious person. He may appear affable, but he will betray at the first opportunity. This type is both passive and aggressive. Letting others know that he wants to become a friend, he simultaneously places networks.

He can not be trusted. Two-faced Janus uses credulity against another person when he least expects it. Such intriguers are only looking for benefits.


Such a harmful person is selfish, two-faced, obsequious, dishonest, intrusive. He likes to be pushed around by other people.

why people are harmful

The consumer is usually alone. He does everything only for personal gain.

The spiteful upstart

This type is distinguished by hostility, force, anger, contradiction, arrogance. He is looking for faults in others. The spiteful upstart everywhere thrusts his nose and likes to be in the spotlight.

Such people like to scoff at others, pour on them hatred. They have one desire - to destroy emotionally.


Such people are tedious, weak, selfish,sarcastic, inattentive, intrusive. The joker does not know how to speak seriously. He always lets loose good-natured jokes to his interlocutor. Such humor is his hidden weapon. It's just that he does not know how to express hostility. Because it's very cowardly to express everything directly.


harmful man it's like

This type of harmful person is not well versed inother people, unreliable, rude, touchy, devoid of imagination, bold, stupid. I hardly understand. He lets go of other dubious remarks to others, almost does not look into the eyes, he does not know how to stay in society.


He can not be trusted.He is bold, secretive, dishonest, manipulative, weak, two-faced. This harmful man lied so much that he himself began to believe what he said. Often he acts in such a way as to embarrass others. It is impossible to trust him, therefore, one can not be respected.


He considers every penny, is selfish, cussy, limited, intimidated, unreliable.

harmful people character

Such a harmful person is not self-respectingan individual who believes that he deserves only cheap and free. All the talk of the miser is reduced to money. He is so petty that he misses the most important thing in life.


This is dogmatic, intrusive, insolent, secretive,empty, nervous, touchy, quarrelsome. This person is devoted to his own convictions. With a fanatic it is impossible to conduct a meaningful conversation, because he does not want to listen to anyone. His fault-finding makes it very difficult to build a friendly conversation.


Such a person is secretive, insincere,expansive, evil, two-faced, dishonest. This is a typical manipulator. Podliza flattered until she achieved the desired result. In flattery he is very inventive. The interlocutor will hardly keep from smiling.


He is distinguished by arrogance,selfishness, conservatism, pettiness. Despot is sure that he is a perfection and can not make a mistake. He believes that others should live by his rules. This type is discriminating and very few people like. The despot tends to hide shortcomings, does not admit mistakes.


His main characteristics: narcissistic, arrogant, selfish, intrusive, cowardly.

He puts himself above all. Snob strives to get acquainted with strong personalities, to find a warm place. He turns to others with majesty, looking down from above. Snobs love attention.

Narcissus (the person in love with herself)

very harmful person

He is selfish, arrogant, arrogant. Narcissus listens to the interlocutor only if there is an attitude towards it. Communication with such a type can become a bad memory, as the conversation becomes his monologue.


It's fanatical, evil, aggressive, alert,unreliable person. Competitors use every opportunity to defeat the interlocutor. All the circumstances of life for him - a competition. You can not relax next to this type. The competitor is constantly trying to impress everyone with his superiority.


Such a person is arrogant, aggressive, two-faced,self-confident, selfish, unsociable. He does not go to despicable deeds and does not become violent. His cunning is pleasant speeches and various manipulations of people.

Such a harmful person does not enjoy authority. The mentor believes that he must lead all the actions of those around him. This type is not capable of restraining itself. He loses control of himself.

A small conclusion

A bad person is like a negative charactersociety, he has a tendency to do something spitefully, not listening to the rest, always act in defiance, try to touch only to get pleasure from his own importance.

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