Anatoly Dobin, psychologist: biography, activity and feedback

Anatoly Dobin is a high-level psychologistqualifications. He is an expert who has proved himself to be a profound customer. Genuine attention, genuine participation in the subject of conversation - that's what strikes when interacting with this person. From the side the expert looks very presentable and impressive. Dobin Anatoly Yakovlevich - a psychologist from God. In his work he is guided not by a template set of phrases, thoughts and deeds, but each client tries to bring to individual understanding his own picture of the world.

Anatoly Dobin is a psychologist

This person's biography is currentlyis of great public interest. More than ten years he devoted psychology, graduated from the Faculty of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. His professional career began with a center for preventive medicine, and he also engaged in family psychotherapy under the Morozov hospital. Today Anatoly Dobin is a psychologist, known to many. He is constantly invited to radio and television.


Speeches with the participation of this specialistThey are very popular and deafening success. To make an appointment with him at the reception, people have to be persistent and maximize their efforts to solve an important task. Anatoly Dobin is a psychologist who helps to gain self-confidence, to build an integral, trusting relationship with people around him. Problems in relationships, low self-esteem, questions of self-realization, stress, anxiety disorders - with all these manifestations the psychologist successfully works.

Internal resource

This is the main emphasis, which focuses on Dobyn. In fact, all of his activities are based on this issue: how to grow your inner potential to such an extent that you stop responding to critical remarks of your ill-wishers? Many people are used to living in the position of the victim. Not surprisingly, they usually do not achieve anything significant. An internal resource is the main value that a person has. This phenomenon allows it to remain an individual in various adverse circumstances.

Anatoliy Yakovlevich

In other words, every person shouldattaching inner rod. How strong it can become is just a matter of time and regular training. It is a strong internal resource that will allow you to stay strong and unflappable at a time when external events will develop just the opposite of what you would like to see. This awareness will help a person build a powerful psychological defense in response to various annoying factors.

Trust is the foundation of prosperity

Refusal of suspicion allows the individualto get closer to building a truly holistic relationship with another person. Formed trust will help to maintain respect for yourself and your partner. After all, how often people can not reconcile even elementary tasks with each other!

anatolia attain psychologist biography

It is worth paying attention to the fact that trust isthe natural state of a person striving for happiness. For one reason or another, we are sometimes deprived of it and therefore forced to build defensive behavior. Anatoly Dobin is a psychologist who teaches to remain whole and unruffled in all circumstances.

Intimate talk

Most people avoid frank conversations.It happens unconsciously, under the guidance of fear, to look unattractive in the eyes of public opinion. They are much more used to playing a role in society than to remain authentic. As a result, a person loses his true essence and acquires in return a mask with which he must constantly exist. The ability to talk heart to heart helps develop empathy and understanding of what is important and meaningful to you.

Overcoming dependencies

A happy person does not needto drink alcohol or drugs. Such behavior is the property of those who have not learned to manage their own lives and can not build harmonious relations with surrounding people. Dependent behavior can also be expressed in a strong love affection. Sometimes we commit our lives to another person without asking him if he is ready to accept such a gift.

anthony yakovlevich

If our happiness depends on anyone,then we can not be happy never. True self-sufficiency is expressed in the fact that a person loves and appreciates himself, accepts what he is, and does not try to remake.

Overcoming helplessness

Awareness of the inevitability of what is happening creates inpeople panic, prevents to see the truth. The feeling of helplessness appears as a consequence of avoiding difficult situations. Such a person is completely dependent on others, so he often turns to accusations.

Anatoly Dobin, advising people unobtrusivelybrings to them an understanding that every person should take full responsibility for their lives. Helplessness is a sign of inadequate spiritual development. When a person does not understand why he lives and what goal he should strive for, everything becomes meaningless.

advice of the anatomy of the psychologist

To overcome helplessness in anything,it is necessary to learn to understand the origins of its occurrence. A person must realize that it is he, and not someone else, who is the master of his own life. At the sessions of this specialist, people learn to be free in judgment.

Dobin Anatoly Yakovlevich, psychologist: feedback

Grateful customers often remember the goodword of this specialist after consultation. Typically, a psychologist proposes to divide their sessions into several meetings. Each reception is aimed at overcoming the subsequent difficulties. Such a step-by-step approach promotes a phased solution of problems.

Reviews about working with this psychologist purelypositive. People say that they feel true gratitude to him. After consultations, self-awareness changes, you want to immediately start acting and radically change attitudes towards life.


Thus, the advice of Anatoly Dobin, a psychologistfrom God help us to find our own unique essence, to reveal additional opportunities for overcoming difficulties. This specialist works with a variety of problems and uses an individual approach to each client.

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